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looking to buy an cover for my travel trailer

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We have always used a cover for our TT.  We went with a custom cover by ADCO a few years ago.  It's held up well and has the zipper access you are looking for.  If you go the cheap route the old saying of, "You get what you pay for," will be obvious.  Where outside will you be parking the TT when the cover will be on?  I ask because it's a lot easier to clean the cover when we remove it than it is to clean it while it's sitting on the TT.  Sap and bird waste will be on top of the cover and and a good long handled brush with soap and water and the cover is as good as new.  We also cover the roof A/C with a fitted cover before the ADCO goes on.  If you have those little gutters on the ends of the TT to redirect the water, use a cut tennis ball to cover the edges before the cover goes on.  Nothing lasts forever but we know when this one wears out we will be ordering another.

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thank you everyone for the recommendation. After making some research, I finally bought one on www.carcover.com the gold shield 5L RV Cover. I read only good reviews online. I will install it on my travel trailer end of march and will post a review on it. ADCO are too expensive. Custom fit one also. I went with a generic with tight up buckles front and back and underneath also. I will post update soon. Thank you everyone.

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On 2/26/2020 at 2:16 PM, sandsys said:

As a general rule people here don't encourage covers. Unless you can get them fastened 100% tight they tend to beat up your rig when there's any wind. Trailers are designed to be outside--why mess with that?

Linda Sand

Not if you do it right!  I covered our 5er with a yellow plastic tarp from Harbor Freight($39.95) for 6 months of a year. Never found any paint damage or wear marks on the 5er. I did have to replace the tarp after 4 years, due to sun rot.

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I cover my car, and motorcycle with Car Covers dot com covers and have been mostly happy with them. I have sent an inquiry about a cover for the truck in the photo to the left of this post. Will be a pain to put on and take off, but it might just help me get another 20 years out of it. 


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4 hours ago, JT_ said:

Can you provide any feedback on the cover you purchased? 

Welcome to the Escapee forums. In checking with her profile, it doesn't appear that Jennifer has been back since she made that post. Hopefully some of the other members will comment. I have never used a cover so have no experience with them.

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