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First off be safe. Nothing material is worth your life or health. Second if the water subsides be careful of snakes and other creatures in your area. Thirdly, be sure and repack your wheel bearings if the hubs were under water. Grease usually gets washed out of hubs. Truck also if hubs were submerged. 

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Everyone is concerned about you and hoping things do not get worse.

Hopefully, neither your Teton or cars will be totaled.  If not,  you'll need to dry things out.

If I were you, I would order this fan from Amazon today (assuming you don't have something similar).

I bought mine 6 years ago when my basement flooded and am still impressed.  It moves much more air than propeller type fans and you will have much more control over the direction of the air flow.  It's only $66.



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Deja Vu all over again.  Harvey gave us 54" in four days.  This Imelda has dumped as much as 43" in two days, just ten miles west of Port Arthur in the Hamshire area.  That's more than many places get in a year of rainfall.  I know it's flat and the coast and water doesn't drain very well, but I doubt there's any place in this country which can take that much rain without heavy flooding.

Hang in there Glenn, they say all the rain should be gone by tomorrow night.

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 If there is water in the belly pan, you will need to pull it all down. Let it dry out good and replace everything you pulled down. There is insulation in there and it will not dry out.


  Hope it did not get wet. One thing I was thinking of is some axles have the brake wire run through the center of the axle. If it flooded it may have water in it. I think you put disc brakes on yours but the old wiring mave have been hidden in there. Our Teton still has electric brakes, but I cannot remember how the wiring is run to the brakes.


  Hope you saw the last of the high water.



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Glenn, sure am sorry to hear about your troubles. If I can help, just yell. I managed to get out for my trip this morning before the flooding got bad, I won't be back for a month.
You know where I live, luckily for me even during Harvey it was hi and dry. I couldn't get out but it was safe. I sure got lucky this morning, my timing was good.

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