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  1. Yes it should work fine. I don't think my trailer brake lever works with this controller but it did with the Max Brake and the hayes controllers that I had previously.
  2. I believe you,. I almost lost my Volvo a couple of years back because of no fuses on the wires hooked up on a inverter. I didn't install it, it was in the cab when I bought the truck. I knew nothing about that stuff. There was a little metal brass air blower that used to blow dirt out to clean the truck and it somehow got fouled up on the lug wires of the inverter. It was night time and on a 2-lane country road. Heard some sizzling and something smelled bad. Checked my mirrors, saw flames shooting out of my battery box. Needless to say, just like John Boy and Billy.....it was a sphencter t
  3. I saw that yesterday. Very interesting.
  4. Thanks Trimester,. Found him, So much info. I'm so glad that they have this know how. Kinda neat that he takes them apart. Tried to purchase a charger that he recommended but nothing in stock everywhere we looked. Obviously there's a huge interest in this technology.
  5. I agree with Jim and Wilma. I have a yard tractor that was doing the samething. Carried a old hammer that I would use to unjam whatever was sticking. Finally removed the starter and took it in for overhaul. Around $120. The shop mechanic said it was pinion gear jamming.
  6. Wow.... someday we're gonna there. Sounds like a good time.
  7. Thank you Sir for your input. I will check this out.
  8. Chad.... I think I sent you a PM.
  9. Did you use a solar panel to charge? What have you been powering with the two bats and for how long. I really appreciate your input.
  10. Researching ion batteries. It seems from what I can tell is that there are several companies that can be mistaken for each other. Case in point...is i Renogy or is it Renology??? I'm looking at upgrading my batteries and starting small with solar panels. Talked to a young man on the phone yesterday from battleborne. He said he would get back with me....so far... not heard back from him. But would really like to know more info, especially if if its Renogy or Renology. Tia Ben, chief916
  11. chief916


    Seven years is my max on all my tires...even on my toy hauler. Sailun tires on everything. Great tires.
  12. Just had all my water hoses replaced and my bunk heater core tested and cleaned. The truck is a 97 Volvo. Figured it was due.
  13. Ask for Robin at Donvel. He can walk you through with all the info you need. Im very pleased with the way it helped my ride. 1-800 - 411 -1726 Cheers Ben
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