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  1. Ask for Robin at Donvel. He can walk you through with all the info you need. Im very pleased with the way it helped my ride. 1-800 - 411 -1726 Cheers Ben
  2. Yes i did my steering axle and the rear bags.
  3. chief916


    Bingo Richard. I agree with you. Once they can figure out the feasibility of how to package it and apply it but I don't believe it will happen on our watch. Ben
  4. Kevin, I've done it both ways. The first time I had them come to me. The service call and install was close to $300 at that time. The second time while I was replacing my brakes and greasing my bearings I threw everything in the back of my pickup and dropped them off at a local tire shop. I don't change my tires out much cause they wear like iron. They time out before they ever fail. Ben
  5. Thanks to all of you who took the time to pass on your knowledge. This person seems to want us to move on. I'm good with that and respect that. I'll do my homework and keep you posted. Ben "chief916"
  6. Jcussen, I've looked at Renogy, Dekota and Battle Born. Are they not all the same? Or is it just a matter of preference?
  7. Chad, I can see how quickly I can be overwhelmed by all of this. Thank you sir.
  8. Nwcid, wow.... Thats a lot of info to wrap my head around. Gonna continue to research and whenever the weather clears, ill get out and do a energy audit to see what I'm dealing with. I just finished an article about AGM Renogy batteries. I'm gonna have to really think this thing through like all you fellas are telling me. Thanks to you and everyone else here, I'm extremely grateful for everyone taking the time to educate me. DW and I are sincerely impressed at the knowledge that is presented in the thread. Again, thank you.
  9. Randy can this be done using a 100 ah battery and a 2200 watt inverter and solar? Maybe even 2 100 Ah batteries. What brand is your mini split?
  10. Ok..... now you got me 🤔🤔🤔🤔 thinking. To be sure. Wouldn't a 100 ah at least run a microwave, couple of fans, lights and/or TV? I'm trying hard to get onboard with solar electric but the cost you just mentioned puts me right back to where my mind set was 5 years ago. Is it really really worth it?.
  11. This is good info Lou...thank you.
  12. Chad, my toyhauler is a 2013 and the TT is a 2019. I believe they both have some type of charger onboard. We've been gearing up to try to go solar for about a year now. When we do travel we usually go 3 or 4 times a year and we stay out on the road for about a month at a time. We often times discussed having a way to run the air conditioner when parked in a Walmart parking lot for the night. I bring a small genny along when in the TT but i think it not practical etiquette to fire it up in a parking lot. The DW and I are willing to go the LiFe approach to see if its a good alternative. I
  13. Ok fellas. Thank you to all of you for your inputs. My head is abuzz with all this info. Once it gets warmer I'm going to go out and look at my charges on my stuff and get back here with the info. Just finished up looking at the Battleborn site. Will be looking at Renogy and Lakota as well. I'll keep you posted. V/R Ben. "chief916"
  14. Thank you for this info. I will check this out.
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