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  1. We stayed at the same place for the same parks. 5 days. Nice little town .
  2. I went to the Direct link site and purchased their unit for what you stated above. 1997 Volvo WIA, won't be going back with the Hayes units...2 of them... That went tits up. Have been using the DL now for almost 3 years or so. It works well.
  3. Our 2015 Brabus has awesome lights.
  4. chief916

    Fuel tanks

    Gee whiz.... I've played that game before too. It just didn't work for me.
  5. Forgot.....I have a Detroit 60 11.1.
  6. I had same issue about 3 years ago on our 1997 WIA 64 while camping at Myrtle Beach. Found a truck shop there and the owner and his two mechanics weni over every ground on the engine and in the dash. Cleaned them all and Deoxed. No problems since.
  7. Now that is something I would like to know...i'm right there with you on the truck age.
  8. chief916

    Neck pain

    I put Donval bags on my steer axle and Donval restrictors on my rear airbags. I leave the back slapper off on both seats. Driven from coast to coast twice with no problems.
  9. I used standard mounting rails on mine, I pull about 20/21 k. Several years now. No problems. But I am going to put a plate under it, just have not had the time.
  10. Yes it should work fine. I don't think my trailer brake lever works with this controller but it did with the Max Brake and the hayes controllers that I had previously.
  11. I believe you,. I almost lost my Volvo a couple of years back because of no fuses on the wires hooked up on a inverter. I didn't install it, it was in the cab when I bought the truck. I knew nothing about that stuff. There was a little metal brass air blower that used to blow dirt out to clean the truck and it somehow got fouled up on the lug wires of the inverter. It was night time and on a 2-lane country road. Heard some sizzling and something smelled bad. Checked my mirrors, saw flames shooting out of my battery box. Needless to say, just like John Boy and Billy.....it was a sphencter tightening episode. Got it put out thankfully but the wires were toast. Yessir no fuses. Getting ready to install another inverter but with good fuses.
  12. I saw that yesterday. Very interesting.
  13. Thanks Trimester,. Found him, So much info. I'm so glad that they have this know how. Kinda neat that he takes them apart. Tried to purchase a charger that he recommended but nothing in stock everywhere we looked. Obviously there's a huge interest in this technology.
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