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  1. LOL i sure will my friend. Give a shout out from time to time to let all of us know how you are all are making out.
  2. Hey Kevin safe travels and heal up. Take care. Ben....chief 916.
  3. Thats one heck of a moose bumper. Is it easy to open the hood for pre-ride inspections?
  4. Is that on the back exterior wall?
  5. I understand your logic and don't blame you. Lately I've been toying around with maybe putting it in my left maintenance bay. Pulling my interior out now to install sound proofing and will get a better idea for the relocation once I remove the bunk sheet metal which covers the maintenance bays.
  6. I did this also, only mine is horizontal with both plugs being sealed. Still when humidity, temperature are right i still get a little condensation inside. Been like this for 5 years now. Looking at ways to mount a cover over the whole thing.
  7. I agree with Jim....i had a problem like yours when down in Myrtle Beach a couple years ago. Found this mechanic shop and he put 2 of his best on it. My rig is a 1997 WIA 64 with a series 60, 11.1. they found several gremlins when they pulled my dashboard controls. Full of dust and corrosion. They cleaned everything up and deoxed all connections. Bottom line.... problem solved. They also did the same thing for all the grounds on the truck and under the hood. Best of luck and welcome.
  8. chief916


    I'm right there with you on the un
  9. chief916

    Water hose help!

    I've been putting a water/bleach mixture in my hoses for years. Pour about a pint in and then secure the ends together and flip them over a couple of times and put them away until the next time we need them. I just flush the hose out before we hook up to the camper.
  10. NOT...not.... NOTICED. I hate auto correct!
  11. Trimester....when mine failed, I called the company and talked to an "engineer". He said...."yeh, well that happens". Told me he could do nothing for me. I'm thinking I told him something about a boar hog, uselessness and mammary glands.... something to that effect. Anyway I broke bad with the Direct Link and have been very satisfied. I DO NOTICED RECOMMEND THE HAYES PRODUCT. Ben...'Chief916'
  12. Great job Bob, really very well done. You might want to put this on the Facebook page because a lot of people are still trying to figure out how or what they want to go. A lot of them don't show up here on this HDT page. Thanks for the experience you past on Ben. "Chief 916"
  13. Had my Hayes for about a year and then it went TU so I took it out. It's a pos that's still sitting on my work bench. Bought the Tucson. Did not think it would work because my rig is a 1997 Volvo but plugged it in and everything worked fine. We have been from NC to CA and back. Works beautifully.
  14. chief916


    How long did you make your handle?
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