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  1. Check into Donvel, it helped my truck. Robin was great to work with. Pricing I thought was fair.
  2. I agree. Ask for Robin, he has a British accent but he's lived in the US for years, and he was the one who helped me get my rig set up. Had some issues with parts on installing my front airbags but one phone call and he had backup parts in the mail asap. We took the truck and TH on a cross country to California and back and the rig handled very well. Keep in mind that you are going to hit some s@$t roads and take a bounce but I'm convinced these really helped the ride quality. Oh yeah...stay away from Indianapolis.... nothing will help on those roads.
  3. I installed airbags on my leafsprings on my 97 WIA and put restrictors on my airbags on the rear.
  4. I have a heartland Cyclone toy hauler. It's big and we switched to pulling it with an HDT. It's cheaply made and things fall apart fast. Their company customer support team ain't worth a hoot. We won't be purchasing from that company ever again. We also purchased a TT "travel trailer" last summer from Bill Plemmons RV in Raleigh. It's a Imagine 2800BH, bunkhouse, made by Grand Design. It's just me and the wife so it's not crowded, our kids are grown so it's good for us. You and your family would most likely find it tight. I tell you all of this to say that this dealership is the only one in this state that gives you a life time warranty. So... whenever we get the toy hauler out of the shop and paid down some, we plan to get rid of it and purchase a Grand Design toy hauler. We use the toy hauler for trips out west and out to Sturges. Once we pull the car or motorcycle's out we use it as a second room when family and friends show up. Also to note is that Grand Design will also will have a lifetime warranty on that toy hauler. Best of luck in your searching process. V/r Ben, chief916
  5. Ok...thank you all. Gonna get one for mine if they make it for the old WIA. Thanks for the input.
  6. Just saw a add for the Safe T Plus steering damper used on motor homes. Any body out there use them on the class 8 rigs??? I couldn't find my truck in their listing of vehicles. If you have this device on your truck, please tell me what you think about it. Ben, chief916
  7. Jim forgive my ignorance but where do I find info on my car? It's a 2015 Brabus. What denotes it being a 450/451/452 etc,etc. I really don't know myself. Thanks Ben
  8. chief916

    First HDT

    Let the fun begin....very nice.
  9. I own both the Hensley arrow with which we tow our Aspire 2800 with a 06' F-350 SRW and the wife can drive as well as the Hensley 5th wheel TS 3 hitch for pulling our 44ft Cyclone 4400. Because of the weight of the Cyclone and alot of times we carry our Smart car or motorcycle's we use our 97' Volvo WIA64 road tractor which the wife will not drive. Sure...yes they're a higher price point but we have been coast to coast several times on some really s*;?y roads and both hitches have saved our RV's. Even when we were taking some hard knocks in either truck.
  10. Jim, my truck is a 97' Volvo WIA64. My ABS module is on the inside right frame rail. I changed mine out last year just because of the age. If you change yours out, shop around on pricing. Fleetpride wanted 1700 bucks, I didn't even go to the dealership, no telling what they would want. Found a brand new in the box module on eBay for 184 bucks. Very easy to remove an install.
  11. I know your angst. It can be really frustrating. On the bright side....no DEF, no Regen, no derates, very few sensors. Most people with the newer rigs have to put up with all of the modern stuff that can really be frustrating. Hang in there. Chief916
  12. So sorry everyone.... don't know what I did to start this thread....I was trying to share info on what I went through on the gentleman who had the cruise problem in the...I believe it was a Pete. There was a lot of good info in there but it didn't work out for me. I ended up hthis aving the Detroit people fixing it. Again so sorry for this posting screw up. Chief916
  13. I don't have a Jake but now with the new ecm I leave the cruise switch in the on position even when I shut the rig down.....I forget to turn it off. But when I start things up the cruise is on but not engaged. I just set it when I get up to speed.
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