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  1. chief916

    W900 studio sleeper

    I've been looking at W900s on line. What does the letters after the W900 mean? Is that telling the size of the sleeper bunk? They're nice looking rigs but have only seen them at dealers and guys that deal in only used trucks and they're hi dollar. Also have they ever used Detroit series 60 motors in them? TIA Ben chief916
  2. Thanks to all of you. He finally found the crank screw and was able to disconnect.
  3. Thanks to all of you for your input. All this info will help.
  4. Can't seem to find a replacement heater coil for our truck in this part of the country. I was hoping some of you guys who drive the older iron would know of a place I could get one. Volvo said that the p/n I gave them was obsolete. No one around here seems to know. It's for my bunk area. Oh yeah, we're in eastern NC.
  5. No sir. I filled out a work sheet about what I had on the truck and they built the bags and all the hardware to attach and provided the air lines and the pressure gauge that's attached to my dash down and out of the way. Hope that helps.
  6. Yes sir. We drove to Sturges from NC last year and them roads beat us up pretty bad.....bad enough that it snapped the mounts on both my after market side boxes. Completely destroyed my right side box. We made home finally and I got to looking at my front suspension and all I had was leaf springs and shock absorbers. This is a 1997 Volvo WIA64 with 640 k on the frame. Researched the Donvel suspension system and called them up. Terry I believe was his name with a British accent walked me through the process of measuring for after market airbags for the front and rear bag air restrictors. Once installed we left for California for a month. BIG difference in handling and ride. The nice thing about this was that I can change the air pressure to the front airbags while I'm driving to adjust to different road conditions. Nice setup, was not expensive and it was easy enough that even a person who has rudimentary tool skills can install the bags. Many many thanks to the guys at Donvel for there assistance.
  7. Same same....Sailen 637's across the USA and back....110 psi and carrying a smart car in the garage.
  8. It looks like a stutter vent. I have several in my house but there inside my walls and under my cabinets. They help to keep positive airflow so when you flush the toilet or sink the water will flow smoothly to drain.
  9. Same question for you Rick,. Noticed any condensation?
  10. Have you noticed any condensation while mounted in the storage area?
  11. Had a friend call me that he had just bought a big horse trailer and when he went to disconnect from the truck he couldn't get the gear down. Mine are hydraulic so I wasn't much help. He said the battery's are brand new. He didn't see a place to crank them down manually. Could he find a place where he could stick a drill motor??? Said he didn't see any where to use a drill. Anybody out there care to enlighten us. Thanks Chief916
  12. Rpsinc, thanks for the comeback. I am going to go over my box with some clear sealant and see what that will do. Never thought about moisture entering through the wires.... I'll crank those nuts down and pot them as well. I Also have a can of Deoxit5 that I could spray on the exposed wires inside the box.
  13. My box is mounted on the back outside wall. For about 5 years now I've noticed condensation inside the box on the clear plastic cover. It shows up everytime when it rains. I've tried taping all the openings but that didn't help. I now have a piece of thick milled black plastic garbage bag taped over it. Thinking about relocating box into my left side storage compartment. Has anyone else done this before and if so...how did it work out?
  14. Check into Donvel, it helped my truck. Robin was great to work with. Pricing I thought was fair.
  15. I agree. Ask for Robin, he has a British accent but he's lived in the US for years, and he was the one who helped me get my rig set up. Had some issues with parts on installing my front airbags but one phone call and he had backup parts in the mail asap. We took the truck and TH on a cross country to California and back and the rig handled very well. Keep in mind that you are going to hit some s@$t roads and take a bounce but I'm convinced these really helped the ride quality. Oh yeah...stay away from Indianapolis.... nothing will help on those roads.
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