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repalce shock struts on Hood Volvo 770


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large windstorm blew the hood open last nite.Been parked and wasn't latched .Pack rats a problem so leave hood open at times to keep 'em away.

I got it closed but it broke the struts So went out look at damage when it got past center opening it came all at once.Couldn't hold it.Kinda stunned me but all OK..used a comealongl to get it closed.Damn things heavy and I ain't what I used to be.

Wondering how to get those struts on.I mean how to get the hood open enough to do it and not fall against bumper.Thanks

2001 Volvo 770-2003 travel supreme36

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The struts just "pop" off and on. Kind of a ball & socket arrangement. Pop em off with a screwdriver. Pull one, extend it, measure center of ball to center of ball and head on down to your local NAPA or Total Truck Parts store, buy a pair & head home for a simple install.

Paul & Paula + Daisy the amazing wiggle worm dog...

2001 Volvo 770 Autoshift, Singled, w/ Aluminum Bed - Toy Draggin

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2013 Smart Passion

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Thanks all.Looks like have get a helper to hold the dam thing up to fasten struts.

As Darryl suggested...I'll order online  probably from anythingtruck..When the hood is down all the way without the struts the struts are about 6-9" from the ball studs.Can't see anyway to prop it open  to hook up struts.A helpter it will be..

take care

2001 Volvo 770-2003 travel supreme36

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