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  1. Thanks all.I don't boondock other than a quick nap at truck stops.I am using this thing as my residence,due to some lifestyle changes....All good ideas tho'. Would like to get into the mechanics of install..Thanks all
  2. Norcold shut down fromovertemp.going to Residential any advise appreciated. 2003 travel supreme 36 4 slides.Fridge in Kitchen slideout
  3. Thanks all.Looks like have get a helper to hold the dam thing up to fasten struts. As Darryl suggested...I'll order online probably from anythingtruck..When the hood is down all the way without the struts the struts are about 6-9" from the ball studs.Can't see anyway to prop it open to hook up struts.A helpter it will be.. take care
  4. large windstorm blew the hood open last nite.Been parked and wasn't latched .Pack rats a problem so leave hood open at times to keep 'em away. I got it closed but it broke the struts So went out look at damage when it got past center opening it came all at once.Couldn't hold it.Kinda stunned me but all OK..used a comealongl to get it closed.Damn things heavy and I ain't what I used to be. Wondering how to get those struts on.I mean how to get the hood open enough to do it and not fall against bumper.Thanks
  5. Thanks Scrap,You nailed it as usual...appreciate you taking the time...the large one Pressue check for Air dyer is leaking at seam where top and bottom screw togheter...Thanks again
  6. Seems like F gauge goes down pretty fast actually both go down close to same.Valve on middle tank is leaking where the two parts are joined,try to tighten 4 screws are tight.I assume this is PPV. Although there are two valve gizmos on tank.The leaking one is much bigger than the other.Will try to post a pic of the one leaking where two parts are joined.Can this gizmo be rebuilt or new one the way to go.Can't show the pic.This thing is about 4" overall high.has a 3/4 inch +- diameter 3inch tall cylinder on top.The smaller valve? has a red cap like device on it Sorry about no pic. Click For Full-Size Image.
  7. Thank you.Seems that way just need to do a little more digging..
  8. Thinking about a tankless water heater..Does it require city pressure or will RV pump be enough when needed?
  9. Thanks I'll order and O ring kit and give that whirl..Kinda in the boonies here 37 miles one way to a Napa and 56 to walmart. Maybe Amazon Th No good took the wabco apart no O rings couple rubber gaslkets.Checked their web page couldnot find a repair kit .Thsnks was worth a shot
  10. Thanks I'll order and O ring kit and give that whirl..Kinda in the boonies here 37 miles one way to a Napa and 56 to walmart. Maybe Amazon Thanks again
  11. Replaced Air bags on rear as one was leaking.Found the WEBCO leveling valve leaking also.I had one ordered some time ago.They are different and bracket came with new valve.Ordered from Gator using vin#.Any hints on replacing.Don't think the lines will reach new valve.Extend them with coupler and line?.Am back in NM high desert.Limited tools.Couldn't break nuts loose holding air bags so took it to nearest shop(general repair) they did it...The rubber dealies on end of control arm are shot.Will order an new one,but first get valve on....Any ideas or anyone suggest some.Thanks
  12. Thanks Glenn,didn't know about them. Looks neat already purchased standard one.They show 2 dealers in Denver area.One qut them the other only sold the whole enchilada for $2200. Little more than I want to spend.But thanks....
  13. Any idea what kind of putty to use to seal up around hot water heater.Stuff on there is sure good .Still sorta pliable.Need to find local in Big Box store....Thanks in advance
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