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Perhaps in the same class as those guys hauling 40' toy haulers, overloaded, with a F250 running a Powerstroke, and lifted 8" running 38"s. "Well, its got a diesel and it pulls it fine".  Till they get to the scales OR until the adjusters get a hold of that set up after an accident, that the insurance company denies the claim on because of the obvious lack of attention to the tow ratings.

It just doesnt make sense to take chances with safety.

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13 hours ago, 53wlee53 said:

How does the Ruby do on fuel with 4.10s and 35s? I have the Sport with 32/3.21 gears. Going to 35s/4.10s maybe 4.56s in a few months. Concerned at hwy speeds 4.88s will have the motor screaming.

Around 16, and I was getting 18 without the lift and big tires.  It does better in the city than on the highway, unless the highway time is at 55-60 MPH.  It's just a brick, aerodynamically, and with the lift and tires, a bigger brick.  This is my second JKUR, and I had done 4.88s on the previous one.  The motor is barely above stock RPM with the 35s and 4.88 gears.  4.56 puts the RPM slightly lower than the stock 4.10 with stock tires.  So my fuel economy went up with the 4.88s on the previous one as compared to 35s and 4.10.

I've never driven a Jeep on 3.21 gears, that sounds so low-ratio.  Is it a manual?  Is it the pre-12 model?  I've got a 2015 automatic.


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I thought the stock tires and the 4.10s were perfect.  Putting on 35s made it a bit sluggish sometimes, and on an uphill highway at 75-80 it hunts gears, which is not good.  So yours seems so tall.  I held off doing 4.88s until I started towing, then it really needs it.  Off road, the 4:1 transfer case makes the gears not really relevant.


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So far on our trip, I have seen several 40+, tri axle tpoy haulers running with a single wheeled one ton. 

I will go out on a limb that they were sold on this because it can "pull" it. I assume this ids illegal and since the LEOs won't do anything about it.. will the Ins company pay out when it is in an accident ?

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FWIW......That is a VW TOUAREG, not a Tiguan. Mid-size vs compact. Still a ridiculously large trailer to tow behind it.

Touareg's are rated for 3500kg (7700lb) towing and have a 2inch receiver with a 7pin plug from the factory(no brake controller installed, but wiring is provided). We had one and I couldn't imagine pulling a trailer half that size. Even our little garbage trailer (maybe 1500lbs) turned it into a fuel guzzling slug.

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Your correct about the Touareg tow rating. All I have to go on is the front grill in my pic. All Touareg's have a completely different grill than the pic. I could only find a grill like this on the Tiguan. 

Not a VW guy so I could easily be wrong. If I'm wrong, my apologys.

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