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  1. Be careful! 1. The lien holder has to take the title to the court house to have the lien released. 2. the seller has to sign the title at sale time. This will take place AFTER you have given your money away leaving you at a disadvantage. A few years ago I bought a boat at the sellers bank. The bank was supposed to send me the title when cleared. I forgot about the seller having to sign. The bank sent the seller the title instead of me. Turned out ok but could of gone bad. At least get a bill of sale but best to leave with the title when buying any vehicle.
  2. From a old Snap on dealer get the Snap on set. $268.00 for NC NF and machine screw sizes. Cheep sets will cause move grief that $268.00 $464.00 for standard and metric set. Snap on DB129 $269.00 drill bit set
  3. I would buy in Florida from a local dealer. He will be a lot happier to service what he sold as apposed to an RV that came from California.
  4. X2 on where to buy jack stands. Go in most truck repair shops and you will see mostly jack stands with pins not the ratcheting type.
  5. You are right on but people need to educate themselves so they would understand the reason to wear mask. Yesterday I saw a mother and two kids. Two kids wearing mask but not the mother. Tells you she is not informed as why to wear mask. That same mother would freak out if I took her kids in my car without a car seat. I guess it is ok for the government to mandate car seats but not ok to mandate mask!
  6. Why change to Montana? Do you live in Montana?
  7. Put a frame mounted tank behind the axles. I found a manifold tank 48 gallons that I am going to mount. Then keep the 40# for backup.
  8. I was planning a trip to elkhart,indiana for some moryde repairs but the cases in of covid in Elkart have gone from 733 to 2168 in 26 days. Too much for me.
  9. One of those goldwings with a frame break! I was seriously looking at going BACK to a wing when I started reading about Honda dealers that won't work on older (10 years) Hondas. Just a fact.
  10. SERVICE! My local Honda dealer won't work on a Honda older than 10 years. Says he can't get parts. Every thing breaks down from time to time but is there a dealer to fix it is the question. Most states have a good number of Harley service centers. Lots of low mileage Harleys owned by gray haired men that thought they wanted to be a biker that are now for sale cheep. Good luck!
  11. x20 got to laugh or it will get you!
  12. Folks we should get back on topic, lighten up and not be sooo pickey! Google Covid-19 you tube songs and you will find some really nice entertainment which is what we need in this time. Even Neil Diamond.
  13. RV ROOF .com Expensive but great produce. DO some reading before you move forward. There is another rv roof but it is just rolled on so be ware.
  14. Check out haloview. They are wireless with a repeater on the roof of the fifth so good signal. Looks like the one for $369 can record also.
  15. I think you opened up a can of worms! I have the same battery tender you have. I move it from one battery to the next when charging. Some say charge all the batteries at once some say one battery at a time. This will be fun to watch the engineers on this on.
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