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  1. have a accident ( not even your fault) and your insurance co can say sorry your account is void. And if someone is killed in the wreck you will wish you had a larger truck.
  2. You need to fill the trailer with your gear and the amount of water you would haul. Now go weight the whole rig at the cat scale then unhook the trailer and weight just the truck. Now you can calculate the weights to see where you are. Remember just because you can pull it doesn't mean you can control the rig in an emergency situation.
  3. If you get all the way to the tee do not just reteflon but replace the tee with a brass tee.
  4. I have a question. If you are so concerned about carbon why don't you drive a toyota prius instead of a winnebago and a colorado pickup
  5. Back to the original topic, why are we so concerned about renewable energy anyway? The world has tons of clean burning natural gas but it is still off limits. Every semi truck in America could run on Nat Gas but why not? Finally the United States loves ethanol but do you know how much diesel is used to truck corn to the plant and then truck the mash back to a feed lot to be fed to cattle? Not to mention that ethanol plants use large amounts of water. So much could be done about energy conservation but instead we focus free non polluting energy instead of making the system more effi
  6. I do some reading on Prevost sites. These guys figure $10k per year plus depreciation. That's a "Money Pit"
  7. I think it depends on each coach. Not even by brand because each floor plan is made different. Now getting a shop to even work on major repair might be another story.
  8. Sir, I don't want to argue BUT last month midwest electric lemoyne,NE I paid 41.52 plus tax for 155 KWH. Now this includes their monthly service but they can keep the rate lower by charging a service fee like most do. In Hastings,Ne I paid .12 per KWH and no service fee on coal fire electricity. So when reporting the KWH price you really need to ask if there is a monthly service fee. Again, just from my bill not off the internet.
  9. In central Nebraska my coal fired power plant electricity is .12 per KWH. In western Nebraska where wind and hydro prevail the cost is .24 per KWH. Fact!
  10. I think a lot of people are saying you need a larger tow vehicle.
  11. Sad but lucky to be alive. Sounds like he was overloaded when something bad happened.
  12. In my part of the world, Nebraska we have I-80 and a lot of rural trucks the DOT is kept busy just keeping the junk off the road. Yesterday I saw the DOT have a guy pulled over pulling a van trailer. No DOT number, no name on the truck and I bet he was more than 100 miles from home. I also bet he was not pulling his own product and probably had no CDL. Yes they are busy around these parts. Keep your rig looking nice and I don't think you will be bothered. Now get in a wreck and someone gets killed and that is another story.
  13. DJohns

    A little humor

    Now that made me laugh! Ted Cruz said it yesterday that Americans need to have fun and laugh more and be serious less. You ought to try backing into an electric fence while dragging a piece of steel. OUCH!
  14. They also have steer axle air suspension which looks interesting. Lots of people doing this also.
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