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  1. 53wlee53

    Value of Truck

    Utah is my 2nd favorite state. Wyoming is #1. No people!
  2. I've seen they call HDT the dark side. So I guess that makes the MDT the bright side. Welcome to the Bright Side!
  3. Your correct about the Touareg tow rating. All I have to go on is the front grill in my pic. All Touareg's have a completely different grill than the pic. I could only find a grill like this on the Tiguan. Not a VW guy so I could easily be wrong. If I'm wrong, my apologys.
  4. 53wlee53

    Value of Truck

    Argo. good idea. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Thanks!
  5. 53wlee53

    Value of Truck

    From what I understand the average RVer drives about 5k a year. So they aren't on the road much. I've seen more MDT than HDT towing 5th wheels. Maybe I look more for MDTs. The first HDT I saw was in November 08, Arches National Park. A Volvo. I think looking back it may have ben Jack Myer.
  6. Our Newmar weighs 18.6k empty. When we bought it it was 1-1/2 years old. The guy who bought it new left the dealer with a 3/4 ton, returned 15 months later with a 1 ton and traded it in on a Motor Home. He said to much trailer for the truck.
  7. 53wlee53

    Value of Truck

    I'm thinking about going from MDT with 5th wheel to Motor home. Does anyone know where I can find the fair market value of my truck. I've looked around the internet some to no avail. I've looked on a few truck for sale sites, but thats not a good reference. Any help is appreciated.
  8. When are you coming to th BR area? WE live in Walker and if its ok I would like to take a look at your rig. Thanks Wayne.
  9. They are tall! The Ruby has a much better transfer case. I've read the 3.6 likes high rpm. It's jumps on takeoff very well, can't imagine how it will do with 4.88s & 35" tires. I stuck my 60hp Kubota 4x4 tractor so deep the bushhog was on the ground and it pulled it out.
  10. It's a 2012. 3.6 auto. If I remember correctly it"s the only ratio in the sport. Might be incorrect.It works wit 32" tires but I know it will be to tall for 35s. They would work with a LS3 and a 6L80E. But then I would need Dana 60s Front and rear.
  11. Ford calls there 250 Super duty, maybe this is VWs version of a MDSUV. How does the Ruby do on fuel with 4.10s and 35s? I have the Sport with 32/3.21 gears. Going to 35s/4.10s maybe 4.56s in a few months. Concerned at hwy speeds 4.88s will have the motor screaming.
  12. I wish I had taken a pic of the hitch to see if it was a 2" receiver or a 1" with a adapter. Such a liability issue.
  13. Whats bad is he was at least 4 times the tow cap of the SUV. I doubt he could get the tranny out of 3rd gear unless coasting. My JK won't stay in OD with 3k lb behind it.
  14. I've pulled my share of stupid stunts, one if I told you I don't think anyone would believe and survived! So now I try to play it safe.
  15. I thought it was a prank until I pulled up beside it and saw it was hooked up to a weight distrubting hitch with sway controllers. I looked up the tow capacity of it and it's 1500 lb! My Wrangler JK has a higher towing capacity. I thought ya'll might get a laugh or scare.
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