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  1. Long overhang-weight of tow car? You need to decide the what before I can comment on if it a good choice. I can say I drove a Snap on tool truck for 13 years. Being fully loaded for every mile driven your cost of repair will be high. Things wear out faster when fully loaded.
  2. My EMS is mounted in the rig not at the pedestal. The first thing to see power is the EMS so I should be OK?
  3. Would the progressive industries EMS-LCHW 50 prevent 240 v from going through coach?
  4. I got the information from the postmaster who called the sending postmaster. You need to watch your!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. I know this is late but we got our package by Dec 24. I got the information from our local postmaster after she called the Detroit postmaster.
  6. Have you ever been audited by the IRS? They attempted and would have if my taxes would have been self done. You want a tax accountant in your corner when going up to these people. My opinion only, not having an accountant is like doing a LLC over the internet without a lawyer. When things go south it is too late to go get a professional. What you saved will be eaten up by fees getting a new professional up to speed.
  7. My wife is getting "arriving late" issue right now. The package hasn't moved in Detroit since Dec 8. The local postmaster called Detroit and they said there are truck loads of packages waiting departure. Many people out with covid but the fact their drivers are all union they can't hire any part time help.
  8. Does your kitchen faucet pull out on a hose? If so, there is a screen between the faucet and the hose.
  9. So now that you brought the ET hitch into to conversation has the failure been fixed or identified or was it operator air?
  10. I carried a Onan BFA 4000 watt on the back bumper of a Snap on truck for 185000 miles with no problem. Make sure you keep the air cleaner serviced as there is lots of dust behind the tires.
  11. x2 on hearing from to people that made the hitch that failed. Damage control or more bad reviews. I will say with my ET that nothing moves inside my rig, up front or in the interior.
  12. 511 then enter the state abbreviation. Lots of cameras, traffic speeds,road conditions, etc.
  13. I wonder how many folks would still be in the camper at -20 to -40?
  14. When I bought my 2017 new New Horizons it came with three sheets of plastic. If the sheets are not under the rollers it will make marks on the floor.
  15. lappir It is sad. Some people don't get it that some of us don't do the censoring Facebook.
  16. What is the weight of your fifth wheel? Something sounds wrong.
  17. Raise the deductible. insurance companies love to sell low deductible policies. Listen to the guys on this forum with the knowledge.
  18. The continental coach on this sites classified section. Lot of coach for the money.
  19. I would call the Honda dealers service manager to see. My 04 cr-v with 280k has never done this.
  20. I have had trailer life and there motorhome mag. They used to be informative but kept getting worse. There used to be a classified section but the same thing. I did not renew.
  21. Did you get the system that remoes one leaf spring?
  22. Thanks to all who responded. Looks like I need to get my rig weighed to set rear tire pressure. I check my tire temp this summer with heat gun, I can tell you the fronts run about 130 and the rears run about 117 on 90 degree days. I will check ride height. Truck only has 40000 miles so seat is not worn out but wife only weighs 108 so that could be the problem.
  23. Thanks for the advice folks! I guess I will have to do some experimenting. Is there a ride height on volvo trucks like on motorhomes?
  24. I did not engage brain. I meant steer axle.
  25. I have a 2014 Volvo 630 factory single. I can't remember the WB. The problem is the harsh ride. My light weight wife gets a pretty rough ride going over bridges etc. Has anyone ever converted the steer axle to air ride suspension? I think Hendrickson makes a bolt on kit. I would like the ride of a diesel pusher which I know is dreaming but maybe something softer than what I currently have.
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