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  1. Yeah well, just wait until you hear what most people think about shock collars for children...
  2. I run a small phone company, and I personally wrote our 911 processing software. Nearly every place in the country can have an "address" assigned to it, and it just helps to think about how first responders may get to you. It can get complicated. An acre parcel is easy to address, a house on 60 acres in the middle, can be harder. Rural residents are encouraged to buy "911 address" signs so that responders can find that, and it provides directions (Southwest 1.2 miles to residence). https://www.collincountytx.gov/gis_rural_addressing/Documents/Display.pdf Cellular 911 is getting better and better, so if you have service, that could be the best bet. Note that you can do a 911 test call. Dial 911 and say "this is not an emergency, this is a test, is this a good time for it?" If they say no, hang up. If they say yes they will read back to you your location and info on their system. Here's an instance of one of our semi-rural addresses (details changed to protect privacy, you can't actually look it up): 307 E, AZ-68 F, Payson, AZ 85541
  3. The military has nothing to do with this, and you know it. There's no right to keep and bear in the military, and nothing about the second amendment has anything to do with the military. But you know that.
  4. Because they incorrectly assumed that every rational and intelligent person would know that buying and selling are an intrinsic part of "keeping" which is also a component of "bearing." Nobody had any idea at that time what contortions anti-gunners would make of plain and simple language.
  5. Keeping and bearing is exactly the very definition of owning. The other three are different, required components of bearing.
  6. Yes, exactly. You only deploy the booster in super low signal situations. And then it really shines.
  7. I've never had the booster make a bad signal worse. It will definitely cause issues with a decent signal, and may make it worse. It should only be used when needed. We are totally dependent on the internet for our jobs, which is to manage servers, so basically we're connected 24/7. We notice when things work or don't.
  8. I have the Weboost car kit, which is the same electronics as the RV kit with a different antenna. I got a free cell/wifi/GPS antenna from a friend and will add that some day. But so far it has worked great as is. I just stuck the car antenna on the trailer roof and ran the wires in the door.
  9. I'm talking about the AT&T Mobley plan, not OTR. I'm only interested in the Mobley plan because it's so cheap, and AT&T is only my backup carrier. I rarely need it. T-Mobile and Sprint are completely useless for me.
  10. Currently I'm at the "either cancel me with no penalty or fix it" stage. But I *am* using an unauthorized device, outside the ToS. They haven't told me that, but they can know if they look.
  11. The Mobley plan no longer exists. If you have one and make no changes to it, then it will stay. But if you change anything on the account, they will bump you off and refuse to give it back. Ask me how I know...
  12. Yes, of course. Same as a TV van is a commercial vehicle. There will be a day, probably soon, that the Youtubers will have to comply with all the stuff that a TV van has to.
  13. There are 120v and 5v USB adapters. I have a 5v version, since that means it can also work from 120v using a generic USB power adapters. Maximum flexibility. $10 on Amazon.
  14. Now my Mobley stays powered up at all times, and is draining the car battery. What fun.
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