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Train horns

runaway parents

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Well karma finally caught up with me .  A while back I started a debate over using a train horn . Which opened up a can of worms . That I would rather not reopen again. But the  haters of the idea should get a chuckle out of this. So I was out enjoying a fine morning sand blasting my new truck bed getting it ready for paint. Wait a minute did I say  enjoying sand blasting. Any way I have the bed tented to contain the dust and over spray when painting . While I was in the tent a truck pulled up in the end of the drive way. Which was about 10 feet from where I was working and laid on his air horn. Made me jump about cracked my head on the bottom of my bed. Could not get out of the tent fast enough to find out who it was.  Dw said it was a tow truck  looking for somebody that was locked out of there car .

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I have train horns on my Pete. As a matter of fact that is only horn on that truck. My HDT will have train horns on it when I get around to putting them on.

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2 hours ago, billr said:

Love train horns! 😎 have had them for years. 

:)  Me too but we are just asking for a fight. :ph34r: Pretty soon the "if you scare me and I crash I will sue you" crowd will chime in LOL

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What would that be called in the legal world a drive buy scaring. Thought it was funny. Our truck seems to attract trucks on our little side street. normally don't see semis here . Seen a couple pulling 45ft trailers trying to make it down the street. They definitely took a   wrong turn

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I wonder if Scrap would have the switch and solenoid valve schematic for KW's that use an electric switch to toggle between city horn and air horns?

Might make a simple way to actuate train horns ...

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If you scare me with them I will hunt you down...


...and ask where you got them and how you mounted them!

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This subject cracks me up.....  You know how many times I am cruising along the Hwy 287 Ft Worth to Amarillo TX 60 MPH on the train and hear these Train Horns from 150 yards away?  I would like to have some quieter ones someday I do not need a full 152 decibels. After listening to the damned horn 30,000+ times a year for 39 yrs kind of tired of it......LOL  Whatever you do don't get caught with the real thing many are stolen and it is a federal crime.

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On 4/15/2018 at 10:20 AM, Big5er said:

:)  Me too but we are just asking for a fight. :ph34r: Pretty soon the "if you scare me and I crash I will sue you" crowd will chime in LOL

The kids with lifted pickups are into train horns - and unfortunately don't always use them with "discretion".  (As in - - residential areas to let their buddies know "Hey, I'm here, dude!")

Some cities & counties frown on them - and will cite for excessive noise  (kinda like the  "use of Jake Brakes"  prohibited areas seen in parts of NV..

The "scare factor" (causing an accident) is a real possibility - in areas where they are not normally heard......the public is used to air horns & sirens (fire apparatus), ..... so much so they routinely ignore them.

BTW - I like improved "honking ability" on almost anything with wheels.  Decibel research might be a good idea, however.



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