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bigfoot hydraulic levelers-love them


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Had Bigfoots installed last October. Been loving the actual "level" part of it since, as well as the ease of getting level when pulling into a spot for the night or month. As much as the stabilizers work good, you can just never get really level--it was always a big compromise on how close to level you could get, depending on the site. No problems since getting the Bigfoot levelers installed. 

Yesterday, I gained an even greater appreciation for the Bigfoots. Had a black tank valve break (open fortunately) and needed to get it fixed. The shop was telling me how hard it was going to be since the coach sits so low to the ground and how hard it would be to get in and out from underneath it, will take 30 min to jack it up properly, blah, blah, blah. Hey, want me to lift it up for you? 2 min later, even my big butt can get all the way under on a creeper.



And when you get to that "nice, flat, perfectly level spot:



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yup, six. I was torn between doing four of the big ones or the six. the six was only a minimal cost difference and they said more stable, so went with that. 

In this pic, I actually didn't want to disconnect from the truck, so just lifted the back jacks and left the fronts up and the weight on the pin. I didn't want the front jacks lifting up the bed of the truck. 

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15 hours ago, Mntom said:

I would love to have a six point system. If you don't mind, how much?

~$5,800 all in, installed at Bigfoot in White Pidgeon, MI (just across border from Elkhart, IN). Arrive night before, they have a few 30 amp plugs to run you for the night, get you in first thing, and you'll be on the road by eve. They are very efficient and do a nice job. Mine ended up taking another 1/2 day due to the way the existing hydraulic stabilizers were plumbed into the single hydraulic pump that also runs all the slides. A check valve had gone bad and was pushing one slide out when the other was coming in after removing the hydraulic stabilizers from the system. (Bigfoots use a separate pump per jack, except in the 6 point system, a single pump runs the two of the rear jacks, (so pump on each of the frint jacks and then a single pump each side for the rears, 4 pumps total.) But they took care of me and even fed the fish for a couple of days as I had to dash out of town for a biz meeting. Came back two days later and all cleaned up and ready to go. 

Not many eating options in White Pidgeon, MI, but a couple of RV Parts wholesalers that have anything and everything you ever need (scratch and dent and leftovers from all the RV plants in the area. 

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We had their single pump, four jack system put on our Hitchhiker last summer and wish we had added them from the beginning.  Ours aren't automatic, but the system comes with a remote control.  I can unhook and level in about 1 minute.  We too, had a situation in which the camper needed to be lifted off the ground and the levelers picked it up with ease.  

Like you, I highly recommend this system and the folks at White Pigeon.  

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On 1/27/2018 at 8:45 PM, Alie&Jim's Carrilite said:

Big Foot I think is the best available, but even the LCI 6 pt leveling is great.  No boards to dig out of mud after sitting for a month, and no hassle of trying to get "Close Enough" when stopping for a night.

Agree with Jim.  The 4 point system of Big Foot is adequate for Teton and a couple of other trailers out there. But the 6 point of Big Foot or the LCI 6 point  should be used by the majority of frame builders.

My older Big Foot 4 point system (2005) was just a little more difficult to use then the newer ones being installed.

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