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  1. When I measured and compared the "inside bed height" of our 2001 Super Duty to our 2017 Super Duty there was very little difference. What is different, on the 17 - up Super Duty's anyway, is that the frame is an 1 1/2" taller boxed frame. Safe travels. 😊
  2. The deal on the Raptor fell thru but thanks everyone for your input. Safe travels. 😊
  3. We owned a 20K B & W Companion and currently have a 25K PullRite factory puck mount and we like it very much. I don't think you can go wrong with the B & W. Safe travels. 😊
  4. We have a 6 pt. auto level system and still carry one with us and use it depending on the "pull" on the front leveling/landing gear. If the site has the front legs on a long pull using the trip pod for sure helps. (We still put down the old factory rear stabilizers too 😎)
  5. Thanks to everyone for their input. We are still looking. 😊 Safe travels.
  6. We are seriously looking to purchase a 2018 Keystone Raptor 421 CK Toy Hauler. Any reviews from forum members on the Raptors and Keystone RV's in general as to build quality and dealing with Keystone if/when problems arise would be welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Love our 6 pt Big Foot auto levelers. Level and stable in about a minute is hard to beat.
  8. Sniper

    MDT/HDT Propaganda

    I haven't had to worry about those "test kits" for over 8 years now.
  9. Sniper

    MDT/HDT Propaganda

    Well if I'm ever caught hauling two cases of Dr Pepper in the bed of my old dually I should be pulled over. I'm probably up to no good.
  10. Sniper

    MDT/HDT Propaganda

    I don't suppose freightliner doing a commercial showing it best a 3500 Ram pick-up truck hauling a 20,000lb 5th wheel to the top of Davis damn would do much to increase their intended class 8 customer base.
  11. Sniper

    MDT/HDT Propaganda

    We park our dually in crowded parking lots often (I was at Kroger's yesterday and the bank drive thru with it last Friday) and in the parking garage of the convention center last month for an RV show. The length of my crew cab is more of a parking issue than the width. Safe travels everyone.
  12. Ours had hydraulic front legs and electric rear stabilizers, before we had the 6-point Big Foot Auto Leveling System installed. There is simply no comparison in how much easier it is to set up (unhook, hit a button and 2 minutes later it's level), how much more solid the stabilization, and with the key fob I simply have to hit the button and our toy hauler goes back to the same height we unhooked from. Setting up a tripod under the king pin is a thing of the past. After having one, I no I would never own another RV without it. Safe travels.
  13. We had a 6-point Big Foot auto level system installed on our 36 toy hauler last May. Worth every penny. Big Foot recommended the 6-point be installed on ours because of need to put the rear jacks further back due to the rear door and fuel tank on the toy hauler. This system is fantastic! Safe travels.
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