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  1. Do you have a picture of what the switch looks like or possibly the tech data on it like temperature range, N/O or N/C contacts, etc?
  2. I would think that post number eight would be sufficient:
  3. Dave, can you get the other three bolts out? If so, pull them then you can rock the seat and base in order to put something under the base to lift it and cut the bolt or possibly get enough pressure on the bolt to screw it out.
  4. You mean the water dies not flow out of the spout and comes up where the spout pivots? That would indicate a couple of things. One would be the "O" ring(s) on the spout have failed, and two, the aerator at the outlet of the spout is plugged. That would also explain why the water comes out of the hot and cold knobs. Try unscrewing the aerator and see how the faucet acts. You may need to clean it like the shower head.
  5. First thing that comes to mind regarding the shower head is to unscrew the hose from the head and check for water flow. If you have decent flow there then try soaking the head in vinegar or even some CLR. What do you mean by this? Tom
  6. X2 for Millers. They cut my fulltimers insurance cost by about 1/2.
  7. Um, you guys realize that this thread is over 4 1/2 YEARS old, correct?
  8. Yea, I know what you mean..........😑 Just not articulate with a keyboard
  9. My trailer came with a residential fridge along with a 1000 watt inverter and two 12v batteries. During the day traveling I do not turn the inverter on and at the end of the day everything is still frozen. If we are planning on boondocking for the night I turn the inverter on. I wouldn't like an RV fridge anymore. My freezer gets so cold that a bottle of 40 proof (20% alcohol) froze solid!! Yes, I like my drinks cold.......
  10. First of all, Welcome! Sounds to me like your compressor is about dead. Something is failing inside the compressor and it is pulling way to much power to try to start. It probably shut down from the overload tripping and wouldn't restart due to current draw. I don't suppose you checked to see if you could put your hand on the compressor when it first acted up? It was probably quite hot.......
  11. Hopefully it would be like mine. It leaked from the git-go, but fortunately water was running under the flange and down the roofing material and dripping in the tub. Poor calking job..... It got fixed real good when a new roof was installed.
  12. Alan, a quick search found this: https://vanhorntruckparts.com/goodyear-1r12-615-air-bag-1r12-615.html Also this place:https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=16472 And this one: https://www.stengelbros.net/1R12-375-Goodyear-Rolling-Lobe-Air-Spring_p_1793.html
  13. I second Miller. My one ton and fulltimers insurance got cut in half by going to them, even though it is the same insurance company that I had before.
  14. I'm still kicking Al. I will be in your vicinity in September. Maybe we can get together?
  15. One question I have is where did the leaf(s) break? GENERALLY if the spring broke at the center bolt the ubolts are slightly loose. If the break is just outside of the ubolt overloading is the culprit. Like I said, these are general reasons......
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