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  1. We have Sirius in our home, truck (To pull 5th Wheel Trailer) and car. We also added a Sirius outside antenna to the trailer so we can use our home receiver when we are in the trailer. Sure beats trying to tune different stations when traveling.
  2. I was hoping that they would be a bit lenient. The JetPack has a 30 GB limit. Fortunately we have 2 phones each with 15 GB of hotspot. It would have been a lot more convenient to just use the Jetpack. It is kind of weird that Verizon bases everything on each individual device. I guess when you have the best coverage you can be a bit arrogant.
  3. I added a Jetpack to my Verizon account about a month ago. I am approaching my data limit for the JetPack. Verizon sent me an email saying that when the limit is reached they will slow it down to 600Kbits p[er second. Have any of you had experience with it and does Verizon actually throttle it down.
  4. After killing our 15GB on both phones Verizon dropped our hot spot to 300 KBS which is basically useless. I called Verizon and they to me this is a hard and fast rule with no exceptions. A real bummer as we only had 4 days to go for until the next month. We signed up for the Jetpack and were able to get it at a Verizon Store only 15 minutes away. My question is what have been your experiences with the Jetpack? What speed does Verizon slow it down to if you exceed the 30GB limit? So far it is working great.
  5. I would look at a dual rear wheel 1 ton. The weight specifications on the single rear axle are quite a bit less than the dual rear wheel. The gross combined weight rating is not the problem(GCVW) rater the weight on the rear axle with a 5th wheel.
  6. richardbetsey


    I think that electric that is practical for RV Coaches & trailers is some years away. A lot will depend on companies that are working on class 8 trucks and how it works out in the real world. Tesla, etc) The other problem is the power grid infrastructure to supply the power needed for charging. Some utilities are already having problems withe their transmission system in neighborhoods that have a high number of electric cars. Keep in mind that to charge an electric car in roughly 8 hours takes a 50 Amp 220 Volt source. Now think of what will be needed to charge an HDT or MDT truck or coach. Without MAJOR improvements to RV park electrical systems it would not be possible. Such improvements could be in the 100 of thousands dollars for an RV park depending on size. There are many questions both technical and financial before large scale use of electric trucks will become mainstream. I may be off base and but I really feel that the HDT, MDT Coach future will be hydrogen fuell cell vehicles. One last comment that maybe a bit political would be solar power only works when the sun is shining. I hope you take my comments as more of a technical look than a political stance.
  7. Thanks for the information. I will pass it on to my neighbor
  8. Your truck looks great. Keep up the great restoration. Question for you. I have a neighbor that has a coach with either a Cummins 8.2 or 5.9C in it. Does you mechanic (True Blue) work on Cummins in motor homes.
  9. Is the picture the new one? Or is it the 2017? Great seeing you at the NHOG Rally in September. Looking forward to seeing the inside of the new one.
  10. Your other option is to subscribe to the Distant Network service from Dish. The 4 networks are out of Los Angeles. It is a bit involved and you have to prove you have an RV. They only work with Dish Wally's or VIP 211 Receivers. You will have to call Dish to set it up. Be warned it is a drawn out process.
  11. In regards to the earlier comment about weight. Not only do you have to take the weight that will be on the truck (Gross vehicle weight rating and the weight on the rear axle) but the weight on the trailer axles. From what you say you will be adding significant weight to the axles on the trailer. You need to see what the axles are rated at. Keep in mind that it is very easy to overload them when the trailer is stocked up. Most trailer manufactures don't give you much room to add weight to the axles. Bets way is to have the trailer weighed and see how much extra weight you can add safely.
  12. Glad to hear you were successful. We live in Las Vegas also. I would question your assumption that you do not need a CDL. In Nevada if your truck is over 26,000LBS GVW you need either a CDL or Non Commercial CDL. Also if your treailer is over 10,000 LBS your either need an endorsement on your regular license or a CDL or Non Commercial CDL. It sucks but Nevada lately is doing a lot of copying of California laws.
  13. Starlink is a great idea. I got an email today about it from one of my computer magazines. While it could be great for the RV community there is a possible hang up that Elon Musk talked about. The issue is the receiving antenna. (1) As it stands now if it were available it would hvae to be installed professionally in a fixed location., Not gointg to help RVs much as it stands now. (2) Elon said the key will be making it affordable. Presently a receiving antenna is in the $1500 to $2000 range. On the plus side look at what his Tesla cost when he first released it versus now. Bottom lime is we are probably a long timed away from Starlink being affordably available for RVs.
  14. We have stayed at Valley View RV Park in Island Park, Idaho. It is a great park with plenty of room for larger trailers & HDT vehicles. Thew park is about 20 minutes from the West Yellow Park entrance. The website is: https://valleyviewrv.com/
  15. I would spray Dry Lube on the gears. One is "WD-40 Dirtt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AJX7LMS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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