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  1. Let it be known far and wide that a traction control fault will keep the trailer brakes from working with the brake peddle. (On my truck) They will still work manually. The brake controller acts like its not getting a signal that the truck is moving. Now we know.
  2. I think what you plan to do will work fine. Just be sure to have the on board tank tuned off.
  3. Since the RV was in the street, I tend to think that it was not an electric heater. Perhaps some kind of liquid fuel heater??
  4. We have an air filter in the living room and one in the bed room. They help a lot.
  5. I have electric over hydraulic disc brakes.
  6. It "feels" like the trailer braking has been reduced since the fault lite came on. There is not an ABS lite fault shown. If I spin the wheels on a gravel road the fault lite will flash. I have driven for a long time before this feature came out so I am not in a hurry to get it fixed, but if the fault causes reduced trailer braking, thats not good. I will have to get it scanned I guess.
  7. I have a traction control fault light on all the time. I feel that the trailer braking is reduced.
  8. Anyone know if a traction control fault will affect the trailer brake function.?2011 F350 4x4 DRW.
  9. I found a Tee-Pee RV in Canada.
  10. If it helps to have the fan run all the time try it out. Cant hurt. The hardest thing is getting to the fan switch on the top of the condenser.
  11. There is always Walmart and other grocery stores.
  12. All of the gov offices are closed. That means no mail, phone or internet contact if there is no one there. 😞
  13. When you have said what you want to say and left a phone number to call "if interested", what else is there to say?
  14. I just do not understand the infatuation with the idea in the first place.
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