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  1. https://www.big-rigs-rv.com/Home.html
  2. lockmup68

    HDT with HD Trailer

  3. So when you are plugged into a 30a, is that just charging the batteries and you are running everything through the inverters? How's the 220 mini split operate if you only have 30a? Planning on a 3 cassette mini split, 220v, 1600 watts max draw on heat pump and 20a breaker required for the unit But there are a few places we like to go that only have 30a hookup. Assume Solar/batteries would make up the difference if needed.
  4. and 24/48 is much more efficient than 12v. Especially if you are using dedicated 24/48v devices.
  5. That is why it says COLD MAX PRESSURE on the tires. Heat increases the pressure. If you want to keep static tire pressures, you have to fill with nitrogen, but the minute you add air, the pressures will fluxuate with temperature. So then you have to haula nitrogen tank around with you.
  6. agree, power cord reels are game changer. Also hanging blocks, like Bill Moriarty made. But a 5th wheel will always be more work than a coach, put it in park, hit the jacks is less work thank hooking/unhooking 5ver. But the room/storage in the 5ver is much more than a coach.
  7. lockmup68

    HDT add ons

    I have an Onan mounted on the truck with a separate "house" bank of batteries on the truck. The onan charges the truck and house bank of batteries and the banks are isolated and also able to jump between. We stayed at a harvest hosts a few days ago. There was another family there and I told them I had a residential refrigerator and needed to keep the generator on over night (inverter acting up) and would they mind. He said, "crank it up and let me hear it." I said, it is running already. Being under the truck, and being an Onan Quiet diesel, i think it is much quieter than even a single honda 2000i. And plumbed into the truck tanks, have 250 gallons to run it a long time. Also, if you do it like this, I have a 50 amp outlet, 30 amp outlet, as well as 20 amp outlets. I have run my trailer with 2 acs and another trailer with 2 acs at 95 degrees outside no problem. Also, have a transfer switch and plug into shore power to keep the batteries charged as well as run the fridge and AC in the bunk as our guest room, or to keep the truck warm/cool before leaving the next day.
  8. maybe I'm missing it in this thread, but where do I plumb in an air chuck input to plug the truck in to keep it aired up? Do I have to hold the trailer release in to get it aired up each time?
  9. The guy who did mine and Jonesn2Travels had them bent up. Lots of steel shops around the area and they have MASSIVE presses. Took them less than 10 min to bend them up. Was very impressive and I kept wondering how many fingers/hands/arms have been crushed over the years.
  10. lockmup68


    I went through a few, finally found nexar. Super easy to use, auto starts, synchs to cloud/phone if you want, etc. https://us.getnexar.com/?u_source=Google&u_campaign=&u_adgroup=ALL-KLARNA-ON-NX-Brand&u_keyword=nexar&u_device=c&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhb36BRCfARIsAKcXh6HPOPc4GN-k9ksuwAjFkzU8R2wUkdyYL28S2HEUGPXIFsDmYECUo-waAkE0EALw_wcB
  11. This. no carpet at all in our house. and on your slides, you will need a 5/8 subfloor (if you have level slides with the carpet.)
  12. clear housings also promote algae since sunlight gets in. Don't know where I know that from either,.
  13. I ran brake signal from jackaloppe and separate power distribution panel hot/ground to that hayes.
  14. from Facebook group: Matias Serrata is with Amari Serrata . 14h · To all my Houston friends and any others that might be in harms way or in the path of the Hurricane. If you need a place to evacuate to with your RV, I own Boss RV Park located in Tilden, Tx and I have plenty of room to get you and your family out of harms way. It’s a bit far and a little over 3.5 hours west of Houston by Choke Canyon State Park, but definitely out of the cone of the Hurricane. DO NOT WORRY about the rates. There is NO PRICE worth any life and therefore I would waive any fee until the Hurricane passes and you can safely return home. 361-318-8007
  15. https://www.grainger.com/product/10W841?gclid=CjwKCAjwkJj6BRA-EiwA0ZVPVmaZCFBGNAf4pqSzAv_UwuxcEogvF6o842bMU6oZd1F5DQ9IpZe49BoCcrQQAvD_BwE&cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&ef_id=CjwKCAjwkJj6BRA-EiwA0ZVPVmaZCFBGNAf4pqSzAv_UwuxcEogvF6o842bMU6oZd1F5DQ9IpZe49BoCcrQQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!264955915814!!!g!438380054125!&gucid=N:N:PS:Paid:GGL:CSM-2295:O78QB0:20500731 I have this one I use when parked for longer periods away. Lately, I've just been cranking it up and letting it run at high idle for 30-45 min if I can't take it on a drive, at least every two weeks.
  16. steel on steel. Charlie will steer you right.
  17. As Henry said, those two wire runs need to have a wire in them and then tighten them down to keep moisture out. I'd also recommend running a bead of silicone across the top and down the sides about an inch between the cab and the lexan.
  18. Will try to get some today. Need a wash. I have some from the trial run before we hung the fenders and sheetmetal, but want to show it all shined up! I probably should do a full build series.
  19. Youngs does all the hitches under its Pop-Up brand: http://popuphitch.com/our-products/et-hitch/ Or just call Jack at RVHLifestyles, they are not too far from Young's and are there a few times a week.
  20. we run Nitto's on the JL, 40s and they are quietest off road tire I've ever used (including KO2s). x2 on the Michelins for road tires. Great tires.
  21. congrats. For hitch mounting and bed, Charlie @just4funmotorsports in Lindon. Just finished my bed re-do, picked it up from paint today and on the road tomorrow. He also just did Jonesn2Travel's new 780 frame extensions and hitch/lights/etc. a couple of weeks ago. Tell Charlie I sent ya. Shannon
  22. Go to Dickson County. Williamson county is terrible and way more expensive.
  23. Teton scottsdale is 2 bedroom with bunks. XT4 is four slide model, but they are rare. And 12 year old Tetons, are typically more than your price range, depending on condition of course. Shannon
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