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Welding supply truck crash - or - Why not to Tailgate


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Have you wondered what would happen if a delivery truck carrying hazardous materials such as oxygen and acetylene welding gas cylinders had an accident in front of you?

(The picture freezes for a short time in the middle of the video, but resumes after a few seconds)


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Pretty spectacular. The tanks cooking off reminds me of other things cooking off. I am amazed that people try to get a better view in spite of the risk involved.


That following to close is one of my #1 pet peeves. Told this before but in the late 90's with my trailer hooked up on I-40 a truck hauling a small p/u on a ramp passed and pulled back in front of me then the little truck took a jerk and rolled off in front of me. I had already backed off or I would have been toast.

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It appears that many of those cylinders were acetylene as they were exploding and catching fire.  Most gas cylinders at welding supplies have inert gases, not flammable, but those pose a different hazard, in that they are often filled to 2000+PSI. So, if filled cylinders, they are a projectile hazard.  Easily penetrate concrete of block walls, so people are not a match.  The gas cylinders there will continue to burn but also are carrying about 200+PSI.  Still a hazard but more in terms of fire.  Used to own one of those businesses and there is a great need to be careful and safe.


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Pretty scary for sure.  Our highway cruising speed is 60 MPH.  This was a recommendation from a long time full timer.  His logic, which I agree with, was that at 60 everyone else is pulling away from you so it's easier to maintain a safe following distance.  Better fuel mileage, less stress, increased safety.  

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