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  1. You will probably get a much larger audience on the FB HDT groups. They are quickly growing (one is over 24k members) and this should easily be of interest to someone. You are welcome to post it in the HDT - Heavy Duty Trucks for RV'ing group - (https://www.facebook.com/groups/HDTRVs) HDT's - (https://www.facebook.com/groups/418646581821896) - Not sure if they'll allow it in that group HDT's for sale - https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588 (It should be allowed in here)
  2. I meant type it out completely so that bots pick it up. I don't think the bots have gotten savvy enough to put together hey my email is this + this, but the OP could figure it out.
  3. I'm interested in info and pics on the 780. It appears you can't receive direct messages. I don't want to share my e-mail type out in full publicly since bots can pick it up, but it's my username and gmail if you can send info and pics.
  4. Hi Rickeieio, Yeah, we tend to spend a lot of time here during the summer and love this area. We bounce between Salida, Poncho Springs, Buena Vista areas. My friend Scott is a rider too. We are both working on getting bikes again.
  5. It's funny to see my thread bumped from 4 years ago. Buscrusher, I don't think that person was offering up a GearMaster II, just letting me know what they were and this was 4 years ago. I almost gave in so many times to getting a Gear Master II which I think I would have appreciated, but never did. I never did see any come up used in the time I owned the truck and was keeping an eye out for them. Overall I got very comfortable with shifting the 10 spd. I would occasionally have my moments when I was rushing things or getting flustered, but if I slowed down and just took my time, I had no issues. I never did get my wife comfortable with shifting the truck and that ended up being why we got rid of it plus we wanted a pickup for a truck camper. We tried a few times and she finally gave up and refused to try again. She did drive an iShift truck at at the ECR and enjoyed it, but just decided the manual wasn't for her and wouldn't try again. I actually took other friends out and got them to figure out the basics. We sold the HDT last year and the new owner loves it to pull his very large Momentum Toy Hauler. I definitely miss driving it and I really miss hauling a 5th wheel with it. There just is no comparison with towing with an HDT vs a pickup. That 610 singled short was the perfect size for what we used it for. It was fun reading my story again about picking it up. Funny tidbit, my friend Scott that helped me drive the truck back to GA. Him and his wife decided to go full time 2 years after we did and we are actually hanging out with them right now in Salida, CO. They've had 3 RV's in 2 years and just got back into a 5th wheel after a large Class A DP. He was considering a HDT himself, but I think he's found a Ram 3500 he's going to get.
  6. We've stayed there before. Nice park and I really enjoy walking down to the river from there.
  7. You'll probably want to include the location for potential buyers.
  8. Yeah, that rust issue could be a bit of a repair for sure. Good luck on the sale.
  9. Just as an FYI, a 1999 model will be a 770, not that it makes much difference, but it is a 1st generation truck. It should be all pre-emissions though which is nice. Good luck with the sale. That's a lot of truck for that price. If you are FB user, you can probably post here in these groups for a much wider audience plus share pictures much easier. HDT - Heavy Duty Trucks for RV'ing - https://www.facebook.com/groups/HDTRVs/ HDT's for sale - https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588/
  10. Let me know if/when you decide to go Lithium drop in. I've installed a lot of BB & Lion Energy UT1300's and I gotta say I really like the Lion Energy ones. I recently became a reseller of them also so I can offer good prices on them. The group 24 size also is nice as they are physically smaller and they can do up to 150amp discharge per battery.
  11. I would agree that I would not have a dealer put in your solar. That price is definitely high (maybe not for a dealer). This summer I basically had to redo a solar system someone had a dealer install for them and they actually had done their homework and had high quality Victron parts, all the fuses, breakers, etc. The dealer handed them back a box of parts and said they didn't need all that, yet the system didn't even work when it left the dealers lot. I spent 8-10 hours cleaning it all up for them. The time it takes to install definitely adds up too. I don't focus on installs although I do them now and then, but I do solar consulting and if you think you are capable of some DIY with guidance, I offer a service where customers can come to me, and I basically guide them as they install their own system. This greatly helps you understand your system and you are doing the labor saving you a lot of money. I have my site in my profile if you want to reach out to me.
  12. What type of Jeep? Our 2003 Jeep Wrangler does not register tow miles. It's a digital odometer and electronic speed pickup. The ignition would need to be on for it to register miles. Usually it's only cable driven speedometers like the older Geo Tracker had that registrar's tow miles.
  13. There is also currently a sale on the Lion Energy UT1300's. (105ah/1344wh) until July 5th. It's $1400 for 2 105ah Lion Energy UT1300's with free shipping in the CONUS. You can reach out directly to me for more info. They are physically smaller than the battle born batteries and have full BMS protection. They do have a basic 5 light SOC right on each battery. Comes in handy if you are troubleshooting a dead battery. I've installed several BB & UT1300 batteries in rigs and both are very nice. The one thing I do like with the Lion's is they do support up to a 150amp discharge per battery. Really not an issue if you run more than 1, but if someone is running only 1 lithium, the BB can hit their BMS protection with say a microwave, while the Lion easily handles that load.
  14. Is the Magnum 3012 inverter something you just bought or have you had? Magnum recently came out with their MSH3012RV inverter which has dual 50amp pass through to solve the issue you are talking about. If you recently bought it and can exchange it, this would be the best course of action. With this "RV" inverter both 120v hot legs pass through the inverter and both are powered by the inverter. If you've owned it awhile and it's not feasible to replace it, then the AM Smart phase selector is another option too. I've heard of couple failing from friends that install solar so not sure how robust they are for the long term? They do exactly what they need to though and allow both 120v legs to be powered off an inverter that only has a single 50amp pass through. The other option is just to look at your breaker box and decide if you can arrange things in a way that you have what you want powered on the inverter on one leg of the RV and live with that. Just be careful not to overload one leg with all the high draw items.
  15. We started double towing our Jeep Wrangler last July behind our Raptor Toy Hauler 5th wheel. With that setup we were 80ft long. We towed all over the midwest last summer up to WI, MI, MN, then all the way across Hwy 2 to WA, OR, CA. I never got hassled and really never got a 2nd look. This past Oct, we downsized to a 30' 5th wheel, but still double tow the Jeep, but now we are a much more reasonable 67' or so.
  16. Hi Kevin. I've got a 2000 Volvo 610 with a 12.7 Detroit (10spd manual) all pre-emissions with 510k original miles. It's singled short with 184" wheel base and setup to carry a motorcycle behind the cab on a rampage lift. I've owned it since April 2017 and bought it with 480k miles, so I've put about 30k on it. The previous HDT owner bought it in 2004 and had it for 13 years and put 18k on it. It was a commercial truck from 2000-2004 and accrued 462k in those 4 years. I have records back to 04 from the previous owner. I've thoroughly enjoyed the HDT, but The main reasons I'm looking to sell is I downsized from my 20k lbs 42' 5th wheel to a 14k lbs 30' 5th wheel and I'm looking at getting a truck camper also, so need a dually for that and my current 5th wheel is well within the specs of a dually. The truck had all 6 new tires in 2017, new rear brakes, new shocks, new axle and wheel seals, all new air bags, new batteries in 2018, reman steering box in 2018, new turbo in 2019 and a handful of other things I can go over with you. I currently full time so the truck is actively used and has been for the past 3 years. Dan
  17. This is a very nice truck that I've driven and spent time in and seen multiple times. It's a gorgeous truck and has the same great Detroit 12.7 that I have in mine and love. It's getting harder to find these early pre-emissions trucks with lower miles on them. The buyer will not be disappointed by this truck!
  18. BTW, this is the for sale forum. You'd probably get better responses in the general RV forum.
  19. I know the standard coupes with manual trans were flat towable. I don't see why the pacemen would be any different unless it had something different engine/transmission wise? We were gonna set our 2011 Mini Cooper to flat tow, but then ended deciding we wanted a Jeep instead.
  20. Sending you a text for more info. The 678 number could be in the Atlanta area and Dacula is a city in GA.
  21. JC Refrigeration has conversion kits to convert your RV fridge to a standard compressor model. You just replace the cooling unit and keep the actual fridge. - https://jc-refrigeration.com/ I personally just installed a GE 15.5CF classic style freezer over fridge in my RV this past Dec and love it.
  22. How many batteries and what type? How big if an inverter? That seems ridiculously high.
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