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National HDT Rally


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And the most important question of the day!!! What color are the shirts?


Hey to Gail, and thanx again for doing all this, Bill and Cec

Colors? Not sure yet. Suggestions??


Are you and Cec gonna make it this year?


Hope to see ya soon!



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Mine was going to be in the mail this morning, but the starter on the car decided to quit. Getting ready to walk 3.4 miles to the post office, just to beat you Brad! ;-) I'm pretty sure it's uphill and snowy both ways.

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Lol -wow, I think I've been thrown under an HDT at full charge. Cec asked me, so I put it out there. I'll have wear one of the Gypsy Rally tee's to match the truck.


And for a real fashion starement --

- spoiler alert - do not drink coffee or malted adult beverages while watching
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We'll be there with bells on our toes and air horns blazing! Wow! Some stiff competition for earliest HDT registration. I think someone had insider info on beginning date for registration! LOL

BTW, I think orange would be a good choice...

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Isn't it whichever one is on the bottom of the pile in the mailbox? And you're gone for a few days? Hmmm...

Jennifer (daughter) is picking up our mail daily. We told her to be on the lookout for registrations and mark the first one.

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