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What is the best mattress, foam,foam with gel, innerspring. Which brand can be trusted. I don't really trust reviews on selling sites anymore. Anyone have a good review of one here. I know most foam mattresses come from China and you never know what you might get. They say you can return but you will never get it back in that little box.

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FWIW, in our S&B we really like our mid-level Bravada memory foam - BUT there is no perfect answer that fits everyone. When we ordered our unit it came with some kind of cheap regular mattress which we did not really like. Our solution was to buy a 4" thick High density memory foam topper which has worked out wonderfully! WAY less expensive than a new mattress and is very comfortable. If considering this make sure you research the densities and such - many of the toppers are very soft - so you need to make sure you get what you are comfortable with.


As a side note, memory foam is normally considered by many to be a bit warmer than regular mattresses but we really haven't noticed that being an issue for us. Another consideration is that memory foam is quite heavy so weight could be an issue (another reason we chose to go with the topper). One last thought - if you have underbed storage and choose to go with a memory foam, chances are that your bed will not stay open on it's own. Ours is quite heavy and I had to rig up a brace.


Hope this helps!

Gene & Lisa (and Abby)

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We went with about the same as Glen. Except we got ours as a Queen short (RV Queen Size) because that was the size our RV bed pedestal was made for. The previous owners had a big queen sized mattress in it, and it interfered with moving around as we have a weekender fiver that is only 28.5 feet, not a big 36 footer like when we were RVing full time.On Amazon it cost about $250.00 with a 2" gel infused top layer on a 6 inch regular support foam base layer.


Our S&B mattress is a 10" with 3 inches of Gel infused and the rest two layers including a support foam bottom layer, and a memory foam layer in the middle. We got it on Woot and love it. His source is as good.


The important thing to know is tha memory foam with Gel layers for cooler sleeping are made to be the most comfortable on a hard surface like the plywood base in our RV, or a non-spring foundation as we have on our main bed in the house.


On edit here is a 10" RV foam I would have bought had it been available. Read the reviews on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/DynastyMattress-10GEL-QUEEN-RV-10-inch-CoolBreeze-Mattress-Queen/dp/B0097X6730/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1457823610&sr=8-5&keywords=rv+foam+mattress


Here is a 4.75 incher from Glen's Overstock if you want to try one cheap. If you really like it you could buy a second one: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Gel-Infused-Memory-Foam-4.75-inch-RV-Mattress/8830151/product.html

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I need the support of an innerspring mattress but I put a 1 1/2" memory foam topper on it and it is the perfect combination for me.

In my most recent RV though I had a dual foam mattress: very dense foam topped with thin memory foam all tightly covered and that worked, too. It really depends on what YOUR body needs.


Linda Sand

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Lots of RV's have proprietary mattress sizes. (non-standard) I spend a lot of nights in hotels. I've tried and been up all night on a sleep member that I was so sure would be the perfect night's sleep. The original Temper-Pedic memory foam drove me crazy as every time you adjust your position (i'm a roller) you have to wait for your body heat to settle it in. Been through many spring / pillow tops. I'm 5'11" 160# so I tend to leave my imprint within a couple of years. So now I just buy a middle price new one every once in awhile. Best ever IMO is the "Heavenly Bed" mattress from Westin hotels and available through Nordstrom's

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Before you invest in an expensive custom innerspring mattress (that might not be returnable if you don't like it), try these Froli springs under your current mattress (assuming you have a solid platform beneath your mattress). I have a corner bed in my Winnebago View with a curved end and it was going to cost me almost $1000 for a custom innerspring mattress, was going to add lots more weight to my RV, and was not going to be returnable (due to the custom dimensions). I noticed that new Winnebago vans were now coming with Froli springs beneath their simple 4"-6" foam cushions and that customers were raving about them, so I ordered a set of Travel springs from Froli USA directly and oh...my...god! They snap together easily, and there's no need to permanently affix them to your bed platform. Best of all, the company has a 100% money-back guarantee (and will even pay the return shipping) if you don't like them. These have been very popular with the boating community too

Here's the link: http://froli-systems.myshopify.com/collections/travel

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My rig came with a pretty cruddy 7" innerspring. Rather than going all out for a new mattress I added a 2" memory foam biofresh (true memory foam... not just a skimpy little layer on padding.) and then added an eLuxury Supply bamboo mattress topper that was specifically sized for an RV Queen mattress on top of that (which is quite plush in and of itself). Basically, it gives me quite a bit of comfort with the memory foam, but has that additional bamboo layer to keep me cool (I sleep very warm).


Lovin it!! But as others have mentioned... mattresses are certainly not one size fits all.

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Yarome, I like that idea. I have a bamboo neck pillow I love. My question is, is the topper noisy?


Not at all. It feels kind of like a thick soft cotton.. but it's not thick or "heavy" like that. KWIM? Some folks on the amazon reviews complained of it being "crinkly" at first, but I washed it before actually using it and didn't experience that.

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6 years ago I went with a Sleep Number bed, which, in my opinion is the best thing since sliced bread. My aches and pains change throughout the year and I can change the air pressure to adapt to the changes. If you go with a Sleep Number bed you must deflate it to 20 pounds or so when traveling to higher elevations, on a hot day or if the bed is located over a diesel engine.


Best of luck


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