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This Guy has Some Stones :)


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Pretty clever but most likely a good Photoshop.


True. The drop off has been altered and the trailer added.. the pixelation "halo" is pretty obvious, but still darn funny. ;)


It may have never been photo documented before, but you KNOW there has been some yahoo.. sometime.. somewhere.. with enough suds under his belt... that looked up to some similar hillside and thought, "I could make that!".

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That is a great Photoshop. They use to take Airstream trailers on early "caravans" and you can find some real pictures that are almost as scary.




The Caravans even went to foreign countries -


however, Wally Byam deserves way more credit (and intelligence) for route selection than the altered photo.



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If it is as old as it looks, maybe not literally Photoshopped. More like two negatives laid over the top of each other after a lot of work getting the right shots. The old graphic artists did things like this all the time--way before computers.

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was anyone else reminded of the movie " the long long trailer " starring Desi Arnaz and Lucile Ball



Exactly what my wife and I were thinking!!! We love that movie!!


And this also brought back some very bad memories (now they are funny)many years ago I was bound and determined to make it up to a campground wayyyy up in the mountains right beside a beautiful lake...in a wore out dodge Caravan pulling a pop-up...my wife was so scared that she and the kids got out of the car while i maneuvered around the last couple of turns!!! I made it...but my wife was not happy for a while!!!!

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