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  1. Thanks everyone. I was quite surprised when the Dell person said they cannot deliver to anything but a residential address. I went to the local FedEx office, actual FedEx, not Walgreens etc. She said that the Dell person was correct. But, she suggested to just put the street number of the FedEx office where we were and all should be fine. Sooo. That's what I did. Dell did not throw a fit and all appears to be good. I'll let ya'll know what happens. Hopefully via my new computer!!
  2. We are traveling and I need a Fedex package delivered. Interestingly, FedEx will not deliver to a business, not even a FedEx will call facility. They want a residential address. We don't know anyone in this town. Any suggestions???
  3. Our daughter may be spending a month in Indianapolis. Looking for suggestions on a good, safe park for a single woman.
  4. Thanks for the replies, folks. We decided to bite the bullet and get a new unit. I love the idea of a mini-split and am fully on board with one when/if our living area unit goes out. Today's bad one is in the bedroom. I had a unique mini split system 20 years ago for my garage shop in Austin, TX. I had a welder build what amounted to a large hand truck framework. I mounted the air handler to the top of the frame. The bottom plate was large enough that I mounted the condenser unit on it with a wide gap between the unit and the tall frame work. When I wanted to use it, I opened the garage door, wheeled the unit underneath it, removed furniture dolly so the plate sat directly on the ground. I then closed the door between the tall frame and the outside unit. Worked great.
  5. One of the A/C units on our 2013 Montana leaked out its oil/refrigerant. It is not leaking at the compressor, but rather near the heat exchanger. I see the oil on one of the copper lines. Can this generally be repaired? A repair would require the actual repair, cleaning, evacuating and recharging. Any ideas on cost? My dilemma is whether to repair and use for hopefully a few years, or go ahead and replace. New units are in the $1200 - $1500 range. This is a Dometic Penguin low profile unit. We are at the SKP Co-op in Benson, AZ. It gets a lot of use here.
  6. Thanks for responding, Moreno. I sold the hitch and the truck it was in. Sierra Toyota in Sierra Vista bought the truck. They might be interested in selling the hitch. Good luck with your search.
  7. I've wondered why we cannot put the waste on rockets and send them to the sun? I know there is a risk during launch but after that, outta sight - outta mind. I see eyes rolling and heads shaking but I would like to hear why this is not a viable option.
  8. I'm looking for suggestions on a telescoping ladder. 12-15feet. Any suggestions? Big variety out there in quality and cost. Appreciate feedback.
  9. We had he same question. Ended up getting a Yamaha Clavinova cvp-585. This has been the perfect solution. Been riding in the back of our 5th wheel for over 5 years with no issues. She plays it with headphones so no noise to neighbors. No environmental issues whatsoever. https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/pianos/clavinova/clp-585/index.html
  10. What you are describing sounds very similar to a traveling nurse. They typically stay in a location for about 13 weeks per stint; longer if they like it. We did that for about a year and had a ball. That was a long time before full-timing caught on in that field. I suggest you try to find some traveling nurses and pick their brains. They deal with just about every question or scenario you have presented. Full-time RVing is pretty close but not quite apples to apples. When we did it we housed in agency provided housing. It was good but were we to do it again we would definitely do it in an RV. Having said that, don't hesitate for a minute to drop in here and bounce any and all questions. As you've no doubt noticed, the knowledge and experience here is abundant and we love hearing about folks doing things a bit different. Congrats on going for an unconventional life. You'll find a way to make it work and truly will not regret it.
  11. Thanks again. I'll let you know how the project goes. Probably won't get to it for a few weeks.
  12. Thanks everyone. Great responses. To clarify, my house system is completely separate from the chassis. There are NO connections whatsoever between the house system and the chassis. The chassis remains completely stock Mercedes. After reading all your responses and other sources as well, I decided to return the BIM and order a DC2DC 30 amp charger. Battleborn treated me extremely well and I am anxious to get the new unit. I'll run POS and NEG cables from the chassis battery to the charger and then POS and NEG cables to the house batteries. I am adding a ground from the house batteries to the chassis as well. I may have some technical questions when it comes to installation time. If so, I'll again tap into your expertise. Again, thanks to everyone for your valuable input.
  13. When I built my Sprinter van I did the house electrical completely separate from the chassis. I did not want any possibility of a chassis electrical problem being blamed on my house system. The system works great. I want to install a Li-BIM from Battleborn. Because the BIM will tie the two systems on the positive side, should I run a ground from the Battleborn batteries to the chassis? If so, what gauge wire do you recommend? The run will be about 6 feet. Here are my specs: 3 Battleborn 100AH batteries 650 watts solar - 2 X 325 watt, 65v panels Victron Smart Controller 150/60tr Aims Charger 2000w Pure Sine inverter/charger
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