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  1. Darn, now we are in Page Arizona traveling for the summer, and without the map I'll be lost! You're right we are all slowing down from that historical meeting in Q way back then. What a ride it has been. We now have a winter place in Yuma and just got a summer place in Chimmicum, Washington. We are not there this summer as we have been traveling in the Colorado Northern Arizona area. We will be back in Yuma the first of Sept. Thanks again Jeri and Dave for keeping the site active so many years. Part of the adventure. Steve
  2. Looks like I need to make one more post!
  3. We really loved the map. It added so much to the adventure and we could show others another facet to the full-timing life. Thanks to Jeri & Dave!!!
  4. We sure enjoyed some of the old group visiting us at our new winter home in Yuma. Jeri & Terry, Janice & Jerry, Mary Jane & Tom came in and relieved us of our "rib supply, and we had a great time catching up with everyone. Interesting how our group has evolved from the class of 08 beginnings that first January in Quartzsite. We have bought and sold motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers. Have bought and sold trucks, cars, and summer/winter homes, but most of all we have made lasting friendships that we never would have experienced if we had stayed in our "sticks and bricks"! You newcomers to the full time lifestyle enjoy, it gets better all the time. Steve
  5. Hey Roger, how about them Packers!! I don't know if I can take many games like that!! Yahoo!!
  6. Roger Roger Roger, what good news!!! The Beave was an anchor around your neck for sure! Hope you can get something that will let you enjoy the lifestyle without all the "towing"!! We are still here in our winter home in Yuma, but will probably hide from the heat next summer. We just wanted to know how bad it would be (yeah it's bad) but only July and August. Now it's starting to cool off a bit in the evening so things are starting to look up. This place, Fortuna de oro, has activities all summer and about 36 people stay here all year round, so there is still some things happening. It is nice to have the golf course to ourselves at $5 a head, and Carol plays tennis twice a week (early morning) so it's not too bad. One thing is we can always drive over to San Diego (three hours) and take a break from the heat if we need to. I did get a new smoker, and it works great. In a month I may need to actually light it to cook something. ha ha Take care guys and good to hear from you. Steve Oh yeah, go Packers, Sooners, and OKC Thunder
  7. How about the fan, is it running? My fan failed a few years back and caused the unit to quit.
  8. Jerry does know a few "choice" words.
  9. We are both playing a lot more now! Still can't get the fool thing to go in the right direction all the time. I remember what you said to the ball when it didn't go right for you and have been trying that to see if it will help.
  10. Hmmmm, seems like I've seen you two sneaking around Yuma!!
  11. Ok, we were up to date and you sure snuck up on us!! So that part works great!! And Marsha, you get well ya hear!
  12. We have a tubing group here also. We went for the first time last weekend and had a blast. They have it every Saturday on the Colorado river with a couple of vans leaving from the park. After the float, they all go to breakfast in Yuma. We had 15 floaters last week so we'll see how it goes this Saturday. Steve
  13. We are still here in our new digs in Yuma. Today a group from the park went to the Colorado river and floated a couple of hours. Seems they do this once a week during the summer and then have breakfast afterwards. 15 people showed up and we had a blast. The water was not too cold (after the first dip) and the current is old people slow!! Been pretty quiet around here with all the winter people gone, but we still have some action. The truck had a problem though. It started going into 4x4 by itself. Just driving down the road and all of a sudden it shifts into 4 high. It's that 2008 Dodge Dakota that we have towed for the last 6 or 7 years. A day or two later we had to use the 4x4 in some sand and after we finished it wouldn't shift back into 2 wheel drive. Seems the electric motor that does the shifting burned up. AArrrgghhh Nothing that a thousand dollars won't fix. Oh well, it's been a great truck for 130,000 miles plus being towed another 30,000 or so I guess I can let it off the hook this time. Dodge fixed it in one day and loaned me a vehicle to drive so I guess it was not all bad. I do hate being "shiftless" though. 104 here in Yuma today (but it's a dry heat) ha ha. Hope everyone is doing great. Steve
  14. Nice shot Joe, hard to get the timing right on those big baby's!!
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