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ET Sr Hitch Install


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Hi all,


I am in the final part of deciding on which HDT to purchase. I will of course be putting on an ET Sr hitch. I called them and the closest "authorized installer" is in New Hampshire (I am in Long Island NY). Is this something that my truck shop couldn't do? Also, depending on where I get my truck, (Oregon, Georgia or Michigan) I may want to drop it off somewhere and have it singled mid and have the hitch installed. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Any truck shop that has done frame repair or frame modifications can do the work. The key things are can they safely handle the weight (750 pounds), forklift is the right tool for that, having a magnetic drill reduces the time to drill mounting holes in the truck frame significantly reduces the time of installation. But installs have been done with large hand drills.

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Bring the shop you are considering pictures from the ET site showing what it looks like and how it is mounted. The shop doing your singling should be able to handle it and you probably have to wait till that is done anyway. As ddshjs advises, they are heavy so you would want it shipped direct to the shop unless you have a forklift yourself.

You could always come to the ECR rally and see if you could talk Henry into doing an install there.

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Check out http://www.hhrvresource.com/

for much more info on HDT's.

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I know a guy who has installed several ETs for guys. Shipped to him or you haul there. He also can single and do what ever you need. He is in Canada about an hour from Buffalo or 2.6 hrs from Mich.


If that's an option send me a PM and I can send info to you for him.


Cost is good and with the CND $ so bad now you save about 30% on the dollar.

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Fellow Long Islander here. I'm in the Huntington area. I'd check with Axel Anderson in Medford. Heard they're pretty fair and do everything including bodywork for trucks. Huntington Brake & Equipment might also be good. As mentioned above, bring some pictures. It's always nice to "be there" making sure the result is what you were expecting. -Steve

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I for one will second Henry& Tom and the fantastic work they both do at the rally, they did mine last year at the ECR and very grateful they did, but as Henry said it will be nice to attend the BS sessions instead this year!!!!!!!!

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I happened to know the Old Goat personally and know that he holds advanced degree in BS, I'd say at least Masters if not PhD. But he also operates on the principle, business before "pleasure", he will gladly shorten his attendance to various BS sessions, if there is a soul at the Rally with a powerfully need for an ET

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Glen, your ET is happening, most part are in,

The best way to hoist an ET is a three point method. we temporarily remove the two rear bolts holding the stop plates and replace them with two hoist rings. The bolts are 1/2 inch so you will need two 1/2 in rings. (use rings, hooks are not as safe)



1 1/2" strap has plenty of lifting capacity, establish two cross lifting points by bringing it to the center again.



Go under the upper dogbone shaft and over to the center again and ratchet.



Do couple of small lifts to see if the hitch balanced and flat, might have to shift the straps a bit here and there until the hitch is nice and flat. Anything that can lift 750 pounds works, engine hoist, fork lift, bucket hoist, overhead hoist, tripod,

Even front of Vern's Jeep.



Yah, it's probably strong enough. Now we ponder the next step.



We didn't dare to move the hitch lifting contraption, so we backed the truck under it. Note the backup lights on and precision guidance by Vern.


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Ouch, Prayers for you. I'm 59 and right knee bothers me. Stairs gives the worse pain. If it comes to completion early shoot me PM or email. Builder should be finished with truck first or second week of January. His words. Will let him install hitch.

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I have a 2011 Volvo 730 singled mid, 230" wb, 30' overall front bumper to end of frame, ET SR hitch, with room for Smart, did not need to extend frame.

2011 vnl730 D13 435/1650 I-shift singled mid 2015 Keystone Raptor 425ts 2015 Smart

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