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  1. Can't connect the name with your forum name, send me an email (hjszmyt@gmail.com) or PM. Also send me a close-up picture of the ET. There were three periods: the original design, the first improvement and the second improvement (current style), by looking at it I can tell you which version you have. Powdercoat is porous so moisture can get under it and starts rusting under the paint, sand down those areas and coat with black gloss Rustoleum (rattle can), the two paints are compatible. Did you buy this hitch originally, or do you have someone else's truck, some of the ETs are on second and third owner?
  2. My favorite quote by St. Augustine, " The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page". Well, the page is getting pretty boring, so I decided to turn the page and attempt the trip to Crossville with Henry and the Centurian! We will be staying in the Hummingbird Cabin again ( handicapped accessible), however it is not available until Sunday so we will be a day late arriving. It will be truly great to see all the RDBE gals again and welcome lots of new ones to the fold. We are 160 members strong as of the 2016 HDT Rally in Hutch! Happy 11th birthday RDBE gals, safe travels to all and keep the drivers seat warm:) June 2006-June 2017! Davena RDBE #1
  3. Sounds like a fantastic RDBE meeting! Thanks so much Sheri and Dale and all who attended. The FB page seems to have caught on. Our deepest sympathy also to Gail and Bonnie Quinn. I have a few recipes for the cookbook so I will assemble them and get in touch with Janet, our recipe guru'. Wondering if it would be helpful for prospective members if we posted a synopsis of the RDBE meetings here and / or the FB page. It might give more insight on what we are all about and how wonderful RDBE gals are:) A tally of those who are driving and those who drove for the first time would also be fun to start. Hugs to all, and keep that left seat warm!! Davena
  4. Hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for all your wishes. I really appreciate them:) . My cousin and I took our Mom's to a beautiful park on the ocean today for a picnic lunch and to watch all the beautiful parrots and parakeets (all green and huge) that have just arrived there from the islands.Beautiful and relaxing day. Keep my DH under control if it's possible Finally, remember Jack and Danielle ( and his dad) in your thoughts and prayers. Hugs to all ! Davena and Mom
  5. Hello Gals, The 2014 Rally is just around the corner! It is shaping up to be a great rally with new RV vendors attending and new seminars. Unfortunately, I will have to stay behind with Mom. She's not up to long distance travel at the age of 98. We drove the car up to the ECR in Tennessee in April. stayed in our little cabin again and had a great time. Donna and Carl Wagner, rally hosts, came up with creative entertainment and everyone had a fun week as usual:) Sheri Rhoades has once again graciously agreed to oversee the RDBE meeting. We are up to 130 members in our 9th year! In case you didn't hear, Sheri's husband Rocky was hit by a van in their Smart yesterday. He is OK thanks to 2 airbags. He has lots of bumps and bruises but the Smart has seen better days. Jo Ellen Gass's husband Jim had surgery yesterday, please keep him, Rocky and Pat and Mike McFall in your hearts and prayers. Happy birthday wishes to all the OCT. NOV.and DEC birthday gals. Starting a project list to keep me busy while the boys are away:) My cousins husband works with Henry and he will be going to the rally with my DH. Have a great time and I will miss seeing you all. Safe travels to all and keep on driving ladies. Davena RDBE #1
  6. Hi Gals, I heard the rally was fantastic and grateful for Sherrie doing a great job as usual. She was a born leader:) Keep on driving Alicia and glad you are training and encouraging other ladies. Did anyone get to drive for the first time this year?? As soon as I finish updating the member list I will get it out to all of you. I don't want to publish it here because it it too massive, but will attempt to email it in small batches. The last time I did it in volume I got a virus , so I won't do that again (: We are loving it here in FL on the Treasure Coast. The last 2 days the weather reporters were raving about the cold front coming, and telling people to bundle up! Guess what , it went from the 80's to 72! Wow what a cold front! It was balmy for us northerners and just delightful. Now back to the low 80's. We moved our RV from the campground to a storage area. We both say that our new home is like being on vacation every day, so I'm not sure when the A1 will be on the road again. Member Updates: Heidi will be in the TN area for a while where Bob is doing contract work. I sure hope she gets her back fixed before they hit the road again. Bonnie and Gail Quinn are in Gulfport, AL for November. Chris and Vern have arrived back in Bushnell, FL and are frequenting our favorite Lickety Splits Ice Cream shop. Cindy and Jeff Brett are heading down the east coast SLOWLY (not at our express speeds) and will be joining Chris and Vern in Bushnell. Connie and Marv Marcy will be heading to Key West for the winter and Robin and Jim Hicks are heading that way also. They were in Daytona the last I heard. Don and Fannie France made it safely back to their stix n brix home near Phoenix after a 7000 mi trip to the east coast, Canada , Florida, across the southern gulf coast to AK, OK, KS and AZ. By the way, her family in the Philippines were thankfully, 200 miles north of the devastation. Many of the gals are back in Retama at their winter hideaways. I miss you all, we had such a fun time when we were there. Rod Lappin and his new Spacecraft is headed to FL and the McCorristons are in Christmas, FL. Surely, I'm missing someone but will try to update more often. We have a lovely campground 6 miles from us and would love to see anyone heading to the east coast of FL. Good luck Janet on selling your house and hope we can get together the next time you are in Oak Hill. We will be flying to NH for Christmas and New Years and can't wait to see our kids and grand-kids again. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and very Merry Christmas. Safe travels and keep on driving!
  7. A big hi to all the RDBE gals in HUTCH! The day I put Henry on the plane to Wichita was less than desired! Locked my self out of the house, (Kechup keys sitting next to my purse, so picked them up and out we go, oops, trucks keys don't fit car, nor does it have a house key on it, fortunately my cousin 6 miles away had a key and rescued us.) the NE PATS lost, I have a black screen on my computer, (still a mystery, using Henrys' behemoth) and the milk went bad, but had a new one on hand. Really hope today is better. Perhaps it's an omen that I should be there enjoying the rally with all of you!! I truly hope you all have a good time, enjoy meeting the new-bees and inducting them into the RDBE Gals,and the Kansas winds don't blow you away. Once again I appreciate Sherrie leading the RDBE meeting and the next new member will be #119. Maybe you should assume the role permanently . Thanks much Sherrie! The Vandenbergs are camp hosting over in Ocala at Whispering Pines CG and said they may come for a visit in the next 2 weeks. Cindy and Jeff Brett may be heading this way in search of a winter CG hosting position, and I believe Chris and Vern Penner are headed this was from Montana. Don and Fannie France were here from Wednesday to Saturday and are now moseying toward Orlando, Atlanta, Arkansas, New Horizons and then to their new home in AZ. Don't think they will be there before the rally ends. If anyone comes to FL we would love to see you! Our home is on the east coast in Port St. Lucie, 45 miles north of West Palm Beach. It's 70 to 80 degrees all winter, there are Elks & Moose Lodges, and a very nice Passport America CG within 6 miles of us. We have already introduced them to HDT's, that's where Kechup is sitting until Oct 20 when she goes to storage. (Port St. Lucie RV Resort, Jennings Road PSL, FL) There is an Outdoor Resorts Motorhome only Park , as well as a basic but less expensive , no amenities other than the view, CG called Pitchfords, opposite the inter-coastal waterway. Last but not least , I want to send special hugs to John, Abby, Emily and Claire Springfield! We had such a fun time with them this summer! Mom sends her best to everyone and I will be looking for updates and pictures from the rally! Hugs, Davena
  8. Hi ya'll RDBE gals. I did not drop off the face of the earth, we have just been soooooo busy with lifestyle changes I haven't had time to check in. I try to keep up with friends on Facebook. We are currently in NH until August 13th when we have a 26 cu ft. PENSKE rental truck scheduled to haul our stuff to our new home in Port St Lucie, FL. Yes we will be full time residents of Florida! We bought a lovely 3 BR, 2 bath, pool home in April, loaded our STUFF from the RV into it, replaced appliances, did a few small repairs and then headed for NH. Our summer has been totally consumed by packing, sorting, tossing, and of course building a half dozen ET's and 2 trucks! That's a hefty order. We are also trying to spend time with our sons and grandchildren so our departure won't be quite so painful:(. That is the most difficult part of the move. We plan to come back for Christmas and then a summer vacation here when the kids are out of school. With this 100 degree heat all last week, that FL pool at 88 degrees is very enticing to get back and enjoy it. Our RV is stored at the campground we stayed in and Kechup is on guard in our driveway! Our neighbors kids are waiting for a ride in Kechup:) Neighbors are waiting for the open house celebration. Mom is thrilled with her own large bedroom and private bathroom. (4 months in the A1 was pretty cozy for 3 and the sofa bed for us was wearing thin). We are thoroughly enjoying having Heidi and Bob Springfield and kids visiting us. Yep Bob has learned to build an ET and knows where Home Depot is. The children are rebuilding our spring fed stream and have enjoyed swimming in our lake. Their new custom Spacecraft is unbelievably gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it! If they make it to Hutch you will see how beautiful it is. I believe my DH posted pictures (or will be ) of the interior of their rig on the alternate forum which he is now on. I received a nice email from Chris Penner yesterday. She is enjoying Montana, and we look forward to getting together again in FL. Our plans for Hutch are still in limbo. We always look forward to the rally and enjoy seeing everyone but will have to see how things go as it gets closer. Anyone planning a trip to the warm EAST coast of FL please be sure to check in with us. You all are always welcome Safe travels, Hugs, dds
  9. Hi all! Mom and I are doing the girl thing here in FL waiting for my DH to arrive. Signed up for the ECR today and an RDBE meeting is planned:). We are site 307. Next to Pat and Ken. No cabin this year. Hopefully my DH will get out after the nor' Easter hits fri and sat. Suppose to move from SKP park to Pt St Lucie Sunday! Oh we'll snow happens:(. Happy birthday to all the February gals! Cheers. Davena
  10. Thank you all again for the wonderful birthday wishes. Danielle has one coming up and even tho she says she stopped counting, she can still celebrate and have a fun day! Happy Birthday Danielle and enjoy the Maple Cream:) We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family at our sons house. My sister and I cooked and everyone had a nice time. Don and Fannie France dropped in at Sumter Oaks to join the Thanksgiving celebration. Kechup and the A1 were "thrilled" to have a familiar "siting" when they arrived in the site next to us. Thanks to Vern taking pity on the New England sludge, the A1 got washed, so she was not embarrassed when the "Black Dude" arrived! Henry's first chore (after putting our hitch together and re-installing it,) will be to apply a coat of wax to preserve Vern's hard work. I may have to lend a hand on that project. Well, Saturday I was not in a cooking mood so ordered up a pizza. From the time I called to 15 minutes later when I left to pick it up, a BLIZZARD moved in. The ground was covered with snow, the winds were howling and it was frigid. The drive over was not horrific as the wind was still blowing as a tail wind and leaving a few bare spots here and there on the road. BTW our road is all curves, hills and goes around the lake. The return trip with my little pizza in hand, was bad. Zero visibility, head winds with blinding snow and roads now snow packed with ice. NO pizza was worth that trip. On the interstate there were 30 cars off the road and just a mess. A couple hours later all was well. That's New England for you. My signal to get out of here. All week there will be intermittent snow showers. The weathermen are seldom right and that is the only profession I know of, where they still get paid for being wrong:( I hope that JW had the re-build done by Christmas, Rachel and Tricia get settled in their new rig, sticks and bricks houses sell soon, Bill and Cec get their insurance issues resolved, Don and Fannie, and Danielle and Jack have a safe trip back to CA and TX. (What does the ground say to the earthquake? Ans.You crack me up!) Hugs, Davena
  11. Hi Mike, While you are in Lake Havasu City, if you are looking for an interesting day trip, take the drive up to Oatman! Only in the daytime, in the Smart and in good weather tho. We spent many years visiting in Havasu when we owned property there. That was my favorite place on earth! I envy you:) Hugs Davena
  12. An addendum to the windows post. We have smaller windows that slide sideways and have a locking latch release which I really like. They are easy to use, clean and they lock. On the big windows, we have a slide release and the windows lift up. I have trouble with the releases and would prefer something else. Our previous RV's had crank out windows and Jalousy's on another. These were nice because they could be open with out rain coming in. The only drawback was the thread on the handles wore out after a few years and had to be replaced, but no big deal. I am seriously thinking about remote control day night shades in the kitchen and living room. Feedback on how well these work would be interesting. Davena
  13. Good morning gals. I hope you will join me in remembering and thanking our Veterans on their special day today. I am gratefull and pray for all those who have served in the past and those who are on active duty. My stepfather was a WWII veteran, my brother-in-law is a VN Marine veteran and 2 of my cousins 4 sons are currently serving one in the Marines, and 3 in the Navy. Another is retired from the Navy as are many of our friends. God Bless all of you and stay safe. I woke this morning thinking about the contents of past RDBE pages where we sent birthday greetings each month! Pat McFall often beat me in getting her wishes out first! I haven't been on line for a few days and low and behold it has been revived! I want add my sentiments for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE NOVEMBER birthday gals. Another year more senior makes us a year wiser:) I am watching the destruction and dilemmas on the news in NY and NJ where we have family (Staten Is.) and friends. We drove through that entire area (on our way back from the rally and FL) just 2 days before Sandy struck It is unbelieveable how ill prepared they were (are). As resourceful Americans, individuals are setting up sidewalk grills cooking donated food to feed people and just today a privately donated tanker truck is arriving at 10 am with gasoline. Escapees Chapter 3, (New England) Charter Member and dear friend Esther celebrates her 93rd birthday on Nov 13. She lives in Long Island and is homebound. Firemen wanted to evacuate her after her home flooded but she refused! A fellow Escapee has been checking on her and we pray that she is okay. Until recently, she travelled solo in her Roadtrek visiting family and friends along her route. A fiesty gal for sure. It sounds like many RVers have arrived at the their winter destinations and others are en route! Safe travels to all and stay warm and safe. We plan to enjoy the holidays with our kids and grandchildren and then head to FL the first week of January. The A1 needs some TLC so this winter will be dedicated to her beautification. Thanks to all who are using the RDBE site and to help us stay in touch! Now that we have unpacked and settled, I will finish updating the member list and minutes and email it out to everyone. SKP Hugs to all! Davena
  14. Addendum FYI: Our fastest departure with our assigned chores inside and out including hookup and leaving was exactly 15 minutes! We leave the RV fully stocked except refrigerator. However, leaving a rally, is a different scenario! The inside is usually all ready to rock n roll, and waiting patiently while DH is finishing up chit chats, checking this and that, and then getting to his check list of TO DO's. It took days this year :) LOL
  15. Cute, I love the cough syrup! We are safe as are our 3 sons on the NH seacoast. We only had minimal affects from Sandy, about 20-30 mph winds and rain last night. Winds were worse when we left Kansas at 40 mph gusts! We are about 100 miles inland (NH VT border) and the storm tracked just south of us westerly. Others were much less fortunate and we pray that they will be ok. I talked with Jeff and Cindy in Harrisburg, PA and they are fine. Pat and Ken Carruth became the grandparents of twin grand daughters (Hope and Hadley) last evening at 10:30 and 10:29pm. They were born by C section and both weighed 4 pounds plus. Pat and Ken have their RV packed and will travel from IL to OH tomorrow and stay for the next couple months! We thank everyone for their concern. Jackalopee production is in full force and the van is finally unpacked as of today! Another round of intermittent Thunder-showers will come thru tonite but no concern. OK here goes a couple additions to the joke fest! WHY WASN'T ANY FOOD LEFT AFTER THE MONSTER HALLOWEEN PARTY? EVERYONE WAS A GOBBLIN ! WHAT DO YOU CALL AN ALLIGATOR WITH A VEST ON? AN INVEST-I-GATOR Alanasue, your package will be coming your way probably Thursday. Glad to hear your project is progressing. And horse sitting ? The addition of new skills may be helpful in future adventures! So happy to see that more gals are discovering the RDBE website. It can be a lot of fun and helpful at the same time. I received an email from Dorcas and Dan Dick and they were really touched by the card that our HDTers signed and sent to them from the rally. They thank everyone, are doing well and really miss everyone. Now waiting for DWTS elimination night:) Stay safe. Hugs Davena
  16. We finally made it to the Escapees Park in Bushnell, FL Will head back to NH late tomorow or Thursday. Will update details later!!!!! Thank heavens for Vern and Chris! SKP Hugs. Davena
  17. Glad to hear AlanaSue and Bob made it to JW's facility and the re-do is progressing rapidly! Good luck. Rick and Alana left Hutch just before we did today, but noticed they were missing (I believe) brake lights. We suggested they visit Louis HDT repair in Inman where we took our truck and they did. Louie took them right in, did some rewiring and off they went safe and sound. We checked on Dale and Marks lonely rig and all appeared just fine. The winds today were incredible up to 44 mph gusts and pretty constant. There was a huge dust storm on I-35 S causing zero visibilty for 2 miles. It resulted in a 35 vehicle pile up and closed the road. They said the police had trouble finding the accidents it was so blinding. We had to take a detour that altered our route considerably. So we are down for the night on I-40 E and will head south on I-71 to pick up 82 E tomorrow morning. Chris and Vern are almost to the panhandle. Good timing! Look forward to seeing you all next year, hopefully on time, and be safe. Keep on posting! Hugs ddshjs
  18. Oh dear Jack, a mini uproar has been created! We know LOTS of "the testosterone bunch" curiously peak and lurk on the RDBE thread, however there is an expectation that contributors possesses as certain level of ESTROGEN to actually post on the thread. All lurkers are cordially invited to post their E-levels on the thread to earn posting privileges. Please understand, NO offense to any guys, but the gals vociforously and in large numbers reminded me it is their RDBE thread and we only have one. Good night from WINDY SW Oklahoma
  19. J & V, As soon as you have a chance let us know that you arrived safely back in WA and how your son is doing. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs, ddshjs
  20. It is fantastic to see all you gals testing the waters on the forum. It truly does become addictive, ie the "testosterone bunch"! I really hoped to spend more time with all of you but arriving late and exhausted from 1688 miles in 3 days took its toll. I heard Danielles (and Jacks:) seminar was excellent and I caught the end of Dales new seminar which was also great information. Since many of you left we had a tornado/severe thunderstorm warning till 10pm, it went 20 miles south and just north of us, Henry, Mom, and I went to Yoder and passed three huge pastures that had totally burned caused by sparks from the train that was held up in Yoder, the remaining group last evening enjoyed a happy hour at Bagleys and a pizza party then topped it off with THE debate. We got our truck back today, a day earlier than expected, so we will be heading out tomorrow morning (we never leave really early:). We have been blessed with one new battery and clean terminals, 2 new injectors and valves all re-adjusted, and they replaced the broken o ring that caused a low oil pressure sensor reading that prevented the jake brake from working. Sooo, we are a little lighter in the pockets but Kechup is ready to rock n roll. We are heading to FL to the Escapees Park in Bushnell where we will store the RV and trailer for Nov and Dec until we return. Chris and Vern will be a little behind us. We will drive the Caravan back to NH to build some more ET's, look forward to Cindy and Jeff Brett coming to NH to pick up their Sonshine Express and its new look, enjoy the holidays and then return to FL to thaw out in the sunshine. I understand the national rally will be the same week next year. Remember the East Coast Rally in the spring! I look forward to seeing JW's revised look for the Guthries truck and with the ET added it should be a level ride Hope Dale and Mark enjoy his reunion and glad the Church's made it home safely. Sherri & Rocky, Gail and Steve, Norma and Wayne, and the Bagleys and pups all left today so the Jennings and the Szmyts are enjoying the solitude of the KS Fairgrounds until tomorrow when we give up the watch. We didn't have time to talk about our RDBE Calenday but maybe next year! I will get the member list updated when I get home and email it out! Congratulations to the gals who drove for the first time! You were fantastic! Gail and Steve did a fantastic job and we all appreciate their hard work and new ideas. Bingo, Jack Daniels, fine wine and light fixtures all have impacted the HDT world! Fun time was had by all and everyone be safe wherever you may be. Till we meet again! SKP Hugs, ddshjs aka RDBE #1
  21. I would bet that a lotta gals are getting ready to head to Hutchinson! We have been working on the "roadworthy" portion for weeks since our rig sat for the past year! NEVER again! Still have to hook up new batteries, put a few pieces of fiberglass back on that were off for the axle repair last spring, and install a new compressor for the Primus System. Vern will be happy to hear that tidbit. MY plan is to head out Tuesday, but my DH may not have the same agenda We will be driving the car and Kechup since my Mom will be coming with us. Nope the hydraulic lift to the truck didn't get to the top of the list yet. This will be her 2nd rally and she is looking forward to seeing some of the gals from the ECR and more. She was 96 in June! I look forward to seeing you all at the 7th ANNUAL RDBE meeting! On a sad note, Don and Fannie France left here after a fun visit a little over a week ago to visit their son in NY. Don's Mom had not been doing well and they left NY and arrived back in Toledo with time to spend a day with his Mom before she passed on Wednesday. Our sincere sympathy and prayers are with Don and his family. Safe Travels to all, Davena
  22. Rachel and Trish, Nearly everyone that is a member joined by attending the RDBE meetings at the Rallies. It is at the meetings that we discuss the purpose, our goals, create friendships. and promote the HDT RV lifestyle. I update the membership list once a year and "attempt" to send it out prior to the annual rally so that everyone has an opportunity to do any updates that are needed at the rally. I am working on getting that list out. We have passed the 100 member mark. I will be happy to email the prose, purpose and goals to you. It would be great to meet you at a rally so you can meet the ladies and share in their activities. Regards, Davena
  23. That is a great idea. For those coming to the rally could bring them and when we do the Gal RV Tours which I assume we will do, be sure to point out the unique and creative things you have done in your coach. Look forward to a fun time and seeing everyone again! Davena
  24. Trying to get the rig ready for the road. Got the carpets cleaned today but found a couple leaks that weren't there before One more thing on the list and one deleted. Cindy and Jeff Brett are arriving Thursday for a few days. Can't wait to see them! Their big yellow truck will be adorned with a new wonderbed within the next couple weeks. After they leave Don and Fanny France will be landing at "Birdsong" for a visit. This has been an annual stop for them! What fun. Will do one final check for errors on the member list then out it goes. If you have subjects you would like to discuss at the RDBE Meeting let me know. Ideas are always welcome. For those of you who attended the East Coast Rally you will remember Donna and Carl Wagner who did such a great job organizing the entire week. They will be flying into Maine within the next week or so to enjoy a trip up the Maine coast from Portland to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I'm sure they will get their fill of "down Maine Lobstah". The Escapees Chapter 3 Annual Lobster Fest Rally is also this week. If you haven't been to New England, this trip should be added to your to do list! Not sure if Donna and Carl will make Hutch but it is always fun to hear about interesting places our gals have visited. One concern for everyone is the escalating cost of diesel and I am hearing that some HDTers are cutting back on their road trips. Gas here in NH has gone up 35 cents a gallon in the last couple weeks. $3.33 to $3.65 like an out of control rollercoaster. Safe travels!
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