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Rick & Alana

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Yes folks, we are in fact loosing the war on drugs. However,...........I cant say much as have a personal friend that was in a very, very bad motorcycle accident about 40 years ago. Took many years to physically recover, but....................well, he changed his name, then went on a efficiency campaign for a several years (when he was allowed to drive) and completely gutted his car and made all sorts of plywood drag reducing car body parts for it. Not a good thing. The human brain is an amazing thing. But it does have it's limits.

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The Fed Reserve is somewhat concerned with the "fine-line" of Inflation vs DEflation and the FL/bus/RV guy is just doing his part to fight DEflation with his price set where it is......


Scary thing is that Craigslist has a lot of "buyers" and with a little dickering the "unit" will sell..........parking is no problem ......it will be the "Queen MH" in parts of Quartziteeee........

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A bit off topic, but I was at a car show last Wednesday, and this "Jewel" pulled in toward the end...most everyone around flocked over to see it..

Was a ~49 Mercury 4 door, fenders literally hanging, no interior, and so on.

Had a big diesel with turbo in it...

To each his own I guess...




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Obviously the Merc is the toad for the tandem Ford in the image that Phx posted....... the same patina......methods of a kluge............


Maybe the BiG power in the Merc is so that two drivers power-up in the steep roads and the toad pushes the big "house car".......... is what they call them in California..........


That Merc could be a real chick-magnet in Quartziteeee.......

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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