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Wide Open Toy Hauler


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Rick, check the location of that 13 letter manure spreader. The CFO may approve the purchase, given the almost 20% exchange rate advantage.

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I can't tell by the description, but I think that's a 53' trailer. And legal for RV trailer length is 45' in most states. Mayhaps that would be asking for trouble, besides being a pain to get into most campgrounds.


But being able to put a car and 4 motorcycles upstairs would sure be nice. We would no longer need the smart, so could lighten the fleet by one vehicle.


Susan has given the green light to start investigating alternatives to our current trailer, thus my recent questions about Newmar toy haulers.

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We were looking at something we could still keep under 65 feet long and haul more than the 12-14 ft of a normal toy hauler. Looked at some of the living quarters trailers but I did not want to have to crawl to get in/out of bed. Then a custom from spacecraft or some of the others listed was way out of price range. We ended up with a DP with a trailer and at some point will do a stacker so we can be under the 65'. I do know on this forum and the rv class A forums tons of folks are over length and never have a problem. With my luck I wouldnt make the highway at 65'2''


The other concern or question which has been beaten to death but still warrants a question is if your use is commercial or not. most racers say no but DOT does not share that opinion.



Back to lurking.....carry on

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