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I'm spending way too much time looking at differences between Wholesale Warranties, and America's RV Warranty. Had many dealings with "WW", but that policy is ending. They have two different Underwriters, Viking and now TruWarranty. In 7 years we have not had an issue with Viking. They are both expensive, but our 7 yrs of coverage was well worth it in the end. And we all know how things just aren't built the same anymore. So does anybody have experience with ARW??? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Rocky & Sheri Rhoades
'01 Volvo 770
2016 DRV Mobile Suites, Houston
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I bought this or something similar but have never used it . I’m now trying to cancel and get some of my money back . Have been trying since January. Called warranty company and was told I have to go through dealer where I bought our 5thwheel. Told them I was selling 5thwheel and didn’t need warranty anymore. They said send a bill of sell to cancel. Told them I haven’t sold it yet and just didn’t need it anymore. Finally thought I got that straight and two months later nothing. Called again and they ( the dealer) said they need bill of sale showing I have sold it . Told them again it’s for sale but not sold yet and on the forms I was sent there was a box I checked saying I did not want warranty anymore. Called the other day and still waiting on warranty company to reply . So since January I’ve been working on this . Sure glad I didn’t need to use the warranty because they probably wouldn’t have paid . Was initially told by dealer to make up a false bill of sale and dated it when I started to try and sell my 5thwheel . This was so I could recoup more of the initial warranty money back . I didn’t want to be dishonest about it so I’m still waiting on some refund . Good luck if you need to deal with AWGS .

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