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  1. redcrzr


    Anyone else using a tcs card? Apparently after hearing of the TDS discount card I inadvertently applied for the tcs card. It is similar in that it offers discounts at certain stations, however I believe the main difference is that you need to preload the card rather than use it as a debit card, as does the TDS. I have preloaded but have not used it yet. Hoping to see similar savings. Todd
  2. Missed it. Any other gatherings planned for Yuma. We'll be here until 1 Feb. Todd
  3. We do the same. Didn't work for us. All 3 doors opened up. Large container of applesauce spilled from refrig to freezer. Not a pretty site.
  4. We have found it difficult for us not to have long term reservations in the southern parks. Because of our 45' toyhauler & HDT we find it to be challenging to find parks that can accommodate us. Many parks have chosen to either pack in as many trailers as possible or have not upgraded to the newer & larger RV's. Our next winter tour will take us into AZ for the first time. We had to commit to a 3 month stay or some of the parks wouldn't guarantee a site. I suspect that we could have opted to do as some & taken a short term site but my comfort zone is for knowing I'm not go
  5. Merry Christmas to all. Todd
  6. It's been 3.5 years but I'm pretty sure you need to use the address that you used for your proof of residence. In other words, the place you overnighted in to establish what SD considers is your address. We used a campground address. I've been known to have CRS so hopefully someone who has recently been involved in this situation can confirm what I believe to be true. Todd
  7. redcrzr

    Purchasing Fuel

    One of us will take a credit card in to the cashier & indicate a $3-400.00 credit to get the pump turned on. Kind of a pain but it works. Todd
  8. I started with through the wheel with D rings on either side. My car had a tendency to move around more than I cared for. Went with over the wheel with tread blocks. Not sure how you're using through the wheel. Have to look at Jacks 's website to see if there's something new out there. I've had my tie down system fail on 1 or 2 wheels in the past. Roads don't seem to be getting any smoother. Todd
  9. As for the OP, we have an older Volvo with the D12. Put a lot of money into the motor. I understand that's not common. It usually takes a Volvo garage for some of the engine work but I've had repairs done at Ford dealerships & many other independent shops. Moresmoke nailed it when he said, find a dealership to work on your truck 24/7. I've been to truck shops that said to get in line your next or can you bring it in tomorrow? Yesterday I had a rear bag leak. Drove down to an independent truck shop with my car & was told to go get the truck, I'll put a guy on it. Todd
  10. A couple of years ago I drove up to a roadside check. Tried driving by with the other traffic but the guy with the flag waved for me to pull over. I was pulling my camper & had "Private RV" on the truck. When I got up to him he decided to wave me through. I won't start any arguments about why that particular time I was waved through I can only assume it was because if we are properly licensed, we are not prone to these inspections. Todd
  11. Larry & Donna Bitter/sweet, for sure. Great that you found a buyer & more than that, you are able to provide to your family what truly matters most. Best wishes. Todd E
  12. I hope someone that has one might chime in. At first glance I don't know how the electric wiring that's mostly in conduit & inside the walls of a trailer is going to do better than a roof mounted antenna. Todd
  13. We are first time "Winter Texans" in the lower RGV area. Our park filled in right after the 1st of Jan. & as people move out others fill in within a day or two. Been looking at other parks in the area & seems as though they too, are full. Todd
  14. You're right Glen. I had a bad experience with a small solar charger this past summer. 4 "dead" batteries. I need to buy a better system. Todd
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