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Duelly and 5th Wheel Try to Outrun Police


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They could have been transporting something illegal thinking no body is going to suspect an RV. Still pretty stupid try to escape and evade in that rig. Looks like on the 5thW held up pretty good. Might be good in the advertisements to show the quality. ;)


The pictures look like the same rig but the second looks like it was backed up or something.


Note the sign in the first picture. They may have been over the 8ton weight limit.

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Can anyone find some details about this? I've tried searching for RV chases and can find nothing. Well I did find that apparently there are a lot more RV police chases than I thought! :) I would like to know why folks run from police in an RV. Just doesn't make sense. They are big. They are slow. And they are somewhat difficult to control. There has to be a good "back story" in this somewhere. Thanks, Dennis

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I asked a question at a Dodge dealer today and the salesman practically said the same thing. Of course no one seem to be able to answer my question. :mellow: I think I caused some confusion :blink: so I asked at a Chevy and a Ford dealer and got more confusion :o. Now I will ask here in another topic or thread so as not to hijack this thread.


See topic- dually spare tire- Mar.20,2015

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Reminds me of the time I was stopped by a sheriff's deputy in MT. on US 2. I saw him coming towards me and slowing down, so I just pulled onto the shoulder and waited for him to turn around and get to me. When he walked up he was laughing and said you'd be surprised how many try to get away or ignore the lights.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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