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  1. You rarely hear a camper say they have too much truck.
  2. Given the current situation I would completely disinfect both on arrival.
  3. It still reminds us that in the desert more people die from drowning than any other reason.
  4. Like most tools you rarely regret buying the best.
  5. Nobody mentioned Mercedes, we had a Freightliner with 450 HP, got 8-9 pulling really heavy outfit.
  6. jayco1

    Starter/battery issues

    Batteries are one thing the dealers are usually competitive on.
  7. Friend with class C looking to add a TPMS system. Mid price range, doesn't need extras, just basic system. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Cats are great companions and somewhat less trouble.😃
  9. jayco1

    Tinker Week?

    I think if zip ties disappeared our rig would collapse right in the middle of the road.
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