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  1. We stay at Sentinel Peak RV park. It is the only one close downtown.
  2. Going from Charlotte to OK and the easier route seems to go through Atalanta. Are there problems with Atlanta RV travel? I hear that the traffic is a nightmare and we should avoid Atlanta. Any thoughts?
  3. 40' with full length basement and amazed that we are filled to the gills. I can't imagine going full time in anything smaller. My wife says get rid of the fishing stuff. NOT
  4. Sold the house, bought MH and heading out 5/7/2017. Yes, it's Monday and we leave for a full time adventure on Wed. Heading up CA and OR coast before heading east to see our 5 grandkids who live in the Chicago area. Just put up a Facebook page "Travels with Gertrude" to keep friends and family updated on our adventure.
  5. Got the Acme and had the fabricating shop put on a swing back wheel. It was pretty heavy to move around for this old guy. The picture size was too large to post. If you want to see what we did let me know and I'll e-mail one to you
  6. Stopped for the night, very nice staff there.
  7. I get it that you need internet to put in routes etc. but what happens when you leave internet service? Does the screen go blank, is your route still available to refer to or do you need to print the route? When you are on the road you don't always have internet when you are moving. Looks like I need to be using my data on the cell phone to make this work correctly since I don't have cell on iPad or laptop
  8. Has anyone stayed here overnight? It is located just about where I need to stop for the night but it is a new store so I can't find reviews to see if it is ok to stay.
  9. DW is the one who like them. I'll tell her about the bugs.
  10. Anyone installed the cell type blinds?
  11. I have always wondered how a municipality can have a code regulating he use of private land like Same or Walmart.
  12. The day/night shades are getting to the point they need replacing. The DW, is happy since she hates them so we are wondering what others have used as replacements.
  13. Doing a lot of research as we plan on full time. In CA we have to take delivery out of the state or else we have to pay excise tax of 8% of the purchase price, so we will sign the papers in Reno. Once we sign the papers we have 45 days to register in S.D. and can take our time to go there to stay overnight and get our DL and register to vote. 30 day stay required for CCW.
  14. The DW is worried that a DP with slide hanging storage will limit us too much and is adamant that we get pass through storage. Is anyone satisfied with the storage in the slide hanging storage?
  15. Need recommendations for a tow dolly, the good the bad and the ugly of the different mfg.
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