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  1. I thought it was because they used better FERTILIZER?
  2. ceciltguitar Probably the best answer to your question is: The more rural, the more conservative, the better off you are to be able to do pretty much whatever you want: within reason. You probably can't do stuff that is going the bug your neighbors, for example, set up a Branch Dravidian Compound, let your Black water fun off into the creek, etc. Many places you can do what you want, up to a point. The closer you get to finding your "Walden Pond" then you can determine just what their dividing lines are. I grew up in a pretty nice area, BUT the wind blew most of the time. The people left you alone, but if you needed help they would provide it, unless you were a JERK. If they don't leave you alone, chances are you aren't high enough up the mountain or far enough our in the desert. Keep looking. You'll find it! Blessings!
  3. Good article! Where do you normally buy your filters "on line". I was astounded what they cost me this year. I had been buying them from an acquaintance that has a filter store, but I really think he got to me this year!
  4. Bullard's beach state park is at Bandon-on-the Sea, Or. and is a beautiful park. It has a wonderful, unusual lighthouse just across the river from Bandon. Also, DO NOT MISS Tillamuck where the cheese/icream factory is. We Loved Oregon, of course we are from the dry part of Texas, so it was a great difference. ENJOY!!
  5. Welcome to the club! I too use Gas Buddy. Great app. If you have questions about whether or not you will fit, I suggest that the thing to do is to CALL the station. They will tell you the height of their canopies, how tight their lot is and even which pumps are the diesel pumps. If we are apprehensive, my DW will get out and help me watch from the outside so I don't run over anybody or anything. We use our phones to communicate. HINT: most of the time they are on the outside pumps. Another HINT: go on to the roof, lay a board horizontally on the tallest feature of your roof, (normally an A/C unit) and literally measure from the bottom side of the board to the ground. THEN write on a tape-writer, or a label, then put it on your dash, your visor, somewhere you can see it in a hurry exactly the height of your rig. This way you know what it is. You might even add an inch or two to adjust for a rock in the drive. It IS all scary at first, but you will gain confidence as you gain experience!
  6. Welcome to RVing!! If you will GOOGLE: The RV side of Life part 1 & 2. I know that this is s "foreign Language" but if you will study these, you will soon pick up on this new "language" and be speaking it fluently in no time. Good Luck, and DON'T be afraid to ask questions! !
  7. We have Volunteered at Goose Island S.P. in Rockport, for 4 years or so. Rockport, Texas is were Harvey went ashore. The Mayor came out and said that 30% of the houses were totally obliterated, and that about another 30% were damaged to the extent that they would have to be torn down. Many of the businesses were blown away also. I have been told that many parts of town still don't have electricity or other utilities. We have also been told that a number of the RV Parks are running, but they look nowhere close to what they had in the past. Most of the organizations mentioned already are or have been operating there. We are going to Goose Island to Volunteer again in February and March. They stated that they had sustained a great deal of damage, but that they need us to help operate the gate so that other personnel are freed to do other tasks. If you are interested, you might contact the Chamber of Commerce, and they can direct you to the proper people. (361) 729-6445
  8. I also have really enjoyed my X2. I have just started having some trouble with a spastic problem of the Satellite signal dropping out. We will have been set u for days on end; no problem. Then all of a sudden WHAM! No Signal! Talked to numerous technicians, no solution. Then I talked to a really smart young lady that even spoke English! She listened for a few minutes. She asked if I had the cable plugged directly in to the receiver. I confessed that I didn't. She said that the pass-through plugs they make for the cables is not "stout" enough to handle the voltage that drives the X2. I ran the cable straight through to the receiver, and "Wa La!" No more problem. I think I might change out the weatherproof box on the O/S and put some silicone grease in the connections.
  9. mysticmd: I don't know whether it quite squeezes in under your parameters, but I would really like a new NEWMAR King Aire. Or maybe a new 2017 would be alright. Tell Santa that I have been pretty good this year and I would be EVEN BETTER if I got this wish! PS: I don't want the bill that comes with it. Please.
  10. Like they say: Easy come, Easy go. In their day they did a tremendous amount of business.
  11. Don't know whether they are there still or not but there used to be a BIG Chevy dealership in Hempstead, TX which is not too far from Livingston. They did a tremendous business with lots of fleet deals. You might check there. This was about 20 years ago or so.
  12. We Volunteer at National Parks, state parks, church Camps, etc. Talk to people, check campsites, give tours, etc. We have also this year "Work Camped" at an RV Park, working in the office. "Boy! What an eye opener." We get a campsite, electricity, laundry money, and $ 500/month for 25 hours. As I said it is an eye-opening position. The rest of the time we just bum around.
  13. You might go on the RVServiceReviews.com and fill out a review. This is how OTHER RVers ca n separate the Sheep from the Goats.
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