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  1. Bruce T is right on. I traveled internationally for 30 years. Whenever I'd return from a trip abroad someone would ask what was the impressive country I'd seen. Without hesitation I'd say USA. Then I'd ask have you seen the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Patriarchs in Zion, the Rockies, fished the trout streams in Montana or Appalachia,etc. Some would quickly realize they did not have to travel far to see some of the most beautiful sights on earth right here in USA. Our National and State parks are treasures waiting to be discovered.
  2. I understand now. Thanks. I'll check it and reply.
  3. I've checked and cleaned the battery ground on the chassis. It looked fine. Please explain how to check the battery across a light.
  4. Ok so I just checked my 50 amp cable ground and it is fine when checked as Kirk suggested. While there I looked at the wiring going from the main body to the slideout and noticed the 2 coax cables going to the entertainment center is in a 5/8" corrugated wiring loom along with several 12v wires. just wondering if this is good ptactice?
  5. Great replies. Thanks. Yes battery is connected and shows 12.7 volts when the shore power is off. The problem occurs at home and at campsites so I don't think it is a shore power problem. Not sure how to test my 50 amp power cable on the camper end for ground but I'll look into that. With a previous camper I had an led light that created a similar problem but when I replaced that one light all was well. Thanks for all the input.
  6. I have an idea. Next time I'm camping and have access to cable I think I'll hook the campground cable to my "satellite in" at the outside compartment and hook my Tv to the satellite output terminal at the entertainment center. Based on our tracing (and a Keystone schematic) the satellite in cable goes directly to the entertainment center. This would bypass the entire Wineguard switch and all the other related coax. If that is successful it would be one more reason to replace the Wineguard switch. Am I thinking correctly?
  7. Thanks Ken. Is the trap or filter something you put on the coax just before going into the Tv or is it before going into the Wineguard antenna switch?
  8. We have a 2016 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel we bought in May and are still learning about certain details. Our last trip was first time we used heat and it worked fine. However when the furnace fan cuts on TV reception goes bad. Screen may freeze up or pic goes off altogether. That was on cable. When I got back home I tried it on antenna and same thing. Also happens when the bathroom vent fan is turned on. I had my local TV service man out and we traced all coaxial cables (and labeled them) and we put on all new crimp on terminals. We also tested all the cables with 75ohm test caps and we d
  9. I hope I don't need a surgeon that is listening to music and starts playing the air guitar while yielding a scalpel!!!
  10. Yes I'm looking at one with a remote. The bath and the bedroom are at the highest point so I may put it in the bath to replace the noisy one.
  11. Where is the most ideal area to install these vent fans in 5er? (Living room, vs Bath vs bedroom). If I install in the living area I'd need a step stool or chair to reach it to operate manually. In the bath or bedroom no problem.
  12. You're right on Denny I did that and it helped but the repeated crimping every time the slide was returned looked like it had compromised the pipe so I have a new one coming. Kirk when I found this it was after I'd tried to ignite the gas with the slide in after returning home and before hooking to shore power (still thinking about electrical issues). I could hear the igniter working and realized the problem was no gas. I slid underneath to look at the gas supply lines and there it was. Every time before when I'd tried to run it on gas it would be when we were packing up to leave
  13. Thanks to all for your input. The problem is the flex gas line was being crimped when the slide was closed. I removed the zip ties so the line could flex and it works fine now. I'll try to attach a photo.
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