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  2. Sehc

    Inverter mistake

    If you haven't. Put a full charge into the batteries using a quality charger from the mains.
  3. I have 400 watts of Renogy solar panels charging a 690 ah house bank. That runs a 1000w microwave, Mr Coffee, toaster, refrigerator, and a couple of small fans. I don't over do the power and am recharged to 100% each day. If no sun, I can go 3 days. but it does take much longer to recover. Then I will find a main to plug in a 3 stage charger. Battery bank in storage is Much Different than battery bank in use, if we are talking about re-charging.
  4. I will be passing thru Montana in a couple of days. Traveling 94 from Fargo ND to Billings then heading south to pick up 80 at Wells Nv. Don't know if I hit any passes on that route, but hope the weather gets better by then. I don't do WHITE stuff.
  5. If you are traveling in Montana today pay attention to the weather. The mountain passes may have white stuff on then, . Be safe,. Vern
  6. Wrknrvr


    I could try it in my service business. The other days I figured have close to 200,000 ton miles of travel with my jeep. That is it has carried about of 1 ton of parts and tools for about 200,000 miles. Just put another set of Michelin XPS tires on it. Have a good days,. Vern
  7. I'm not sure what you are asking? You could enter Skyline Drive via I-81 to I-86 to US522/340, entering Skyline Drive in Front Royal.
  8. Here are a couple of links that may help you in matching a tow vehicle and trailer. Trailer Weight Calculator, Tow Vehicle Length
  9. Today
  10. I would also get an accurate weight for the trailer and preferably, weights by wheel.
  11. Kirk W

    Fresh Water

    If yours is like most RVs, the tank drain is from a "T" off of the pump suction connection at the bottom of the tank but that leaves about 1/2" of water in the tank. Even if there is a drain that exits the bottom of your water tank, the fitting to it will cause a small amount of water to remain in the tank. You may be able to tilt the trailer toward the tank outlet to get that last bit of water out by raising one side of the RV. What puzzels me is the reason for your odor issues? I have owned RVs for more than 30 years and have never had the problem that you seem to have. Do you sanitize the RV water system in the spring when you put it back into service?
  12. rickeieio


    "Available........Nowhere." That said it all.
  13. Just be careful about the choice of tow vehicle. If it has too little towing weight capacity or too short a wheelbase for the trailer you choose it will be very tiring to drive and might be dangerous. And if you buy something used, be sure that you get a qualified inspection or you could be courting financial disaster.
  14. I used to work for a well known 'bed specialist' so I'll attempt to try and give you some info on different mattress types which hopefully, if you don't get bored to death, will help reduce some of the BS and sales waffle and help you make a more informed choice. To use a number system, all mattresses tend to go from a 1-soft, 2-medium / soft, 3-medium, 4-medium / firm, 5- firm. There are a lot of generic terms used in mattresses, mostly its sales waffle. Orthopaedic is one, it generally means its just a firm mattress. Trouble with too firm is that it will not give you the support that you need because there will be gaps where the mattress is so firm that parts of your body won't actually touch it. Memory Foam is another classic, any foam can pretty much be classified as a 'memory' foam as it springs back to its original shape once you take weight off it. An 'open coil' mattress just means that all the springs are joined together as a continual piece of wire. They tend to be quite bouncy and softer for that reason. If you share an open sprung mattress with someone who is heavier than you then you'll find that you'll drift towards them in the middle of the night. This could be because you just can't bear to be away from them but more often means that your mattress isn't giving you the support you need and gravity is just doing its thing. Pocket Sprung means that all the springs throughout the mattress are independent to each other, they all come in their own little separate cotton sleeve. Generally speaking, the higher the spring count the better for giving support and preventing the 'roll together' that you get from an open coil. Some spring counts are a little misleading though as manufacturers will put several layers of mini springs on top of the main springs to give the impression that you're getting thousands upon thousands of full sized springs.......you're not. Memory Foam - Massive price differentials in memory foam mattresses, you can buy them at a reasonable cost online all the way up to several thousand pounds for a Tempur. You do get a decent warranty with a Tempur but you pay the price. I know people who swear by them for moulding to your body and giving support and I know people who hate them for the same reason. Downside to any memory foam is that they can trap body heat. You'll hear waffle about taking the heat away in some memory foam mattresses but this tends to be because they're multi layered and have holes in them so that when you move it acts like a set of bellows. Latex seems to act in the same way but are hypo-allergenic, they do tend to get warm though. Gel Mattresses. Same principle as memory foam, some such as an I-Gel are pretty good at temperature regulation, again though, they tend to cost a lot more. Toppers - in general people tend to buy a topper because they're disguising the fact that their mattress is no longer doing its job. There are a multitude of variations of the above, combinations of springs and memory foams or springs and gels. The best way is to get yourself to a bed showroom and don't be afraid to try a load of different types. It can feel a bit embarrassing at first but that's what they are there for. Personally I'd never recommend either a really soft or a really firm but it's a matter of personal preference. Hopefully the above waffle will give you a little more idea about what's what
  15. I listen to a lot of Asian music . . . Korean uses "circles" = 축하해주신 모든 분들 감사합니다 Japanese has lots of curves = ずーっと行きたかった所やっといけた Thai uses curves, circles & accents = ที่ไหนสักแห่งเหนือสายรุ้ง Chinese looks like buildings to me = 美国文凭办理微信
  16. jkoenig24


    I don't think a "Truckla" will have much of a carrying capacity. Interesting concept, though.
  17. Chad can you put me on the email list for the photos? I am still a bit disappointed that we were called away at the last moment. Thank you
  18. We made it home late this afternoon. We took two days to get home with a stop over at a friend’s new place on the way. We had a great time at the rally and I really appreciate the comments and kind words. I also appreciate everyone who lent a hand setting up and breaking down and also those of you who put on a presentation. I couldn’t do it without you. We are already looking forward to next year. For those of you who want to mark your calendars early, the park has blocked out Monday June 15 through Monday June 22 2020. If we don’t see you on the road, then hopefully we will see you there next year. For those of you that attended the rally, if you have any pictures or anything else you would like to share with the rest of the group, email them to me. I will put everything together and send out links to all the attendees (hopefully this weekend).
  19. My odd experience; it was night time and I was in a Walmart parking lot. My solar panels were charging my batteries; apparently, their lights are that strong Linda Sand
  20. Thanks Dennis it is not under the cover. Leaving for vacation tomorrow so just ran a wire, fuse and switch from the battery and will deal with it when I get back.
  21. Oh we can't plug them in today. But neither could we connect at all until we developed a browser. Today the US is way behind most first world countries in broadband deployments. Many states are no longer interested in supporting the cable and broadband DSL monopolies that the big ISPs had passed at the state level. The big conglomerates have abysmal records in customer service, and they carve out one town and another gets the next and so on. The one thing we all agree on is that we don't have enough broadband. StarLink, may well be that solution. Or we may indeed have the next generation or two witness another mass extinction. These are seminal times simultaneous to technological extinctions as newer and better tech comes and resets the bar. Just being able to discuss and cuss online is amazing in itself. It was just a couple of decades ago the telephone companies had a total monopoly and threw it away by balking at the cost of laying fiber. Hindsight is 20-20. Foresight is rarer. I enjoy this point in time on the continuum of human life, tech, and knowledge. And the amazing increases in weather and seismic anomalies makes for entertaining challenges to preconceived notions. My sons at my age and my grands will see changes we can't conceive yet. I'm only 67 and my sense of child-like wonder is tickled by the reality of commercial rockets and developing space tourism. All things Musk is directly involved in bringing to fruition. I made a bundle betting on him once. I hope the Starlink division does an IPO.
  22. Hay all we had a great time again this year. More activities and some new people. In Beaver Utah heading out tomorrow for So Cal to sign the sales papers and get our last hair cuts with our girl of 24 years. Amazing how the little things about going full time touch us. cant wait until next year D&L Scott
  23. I would start looking at floor plans, you are describing a basic Class A. The only thing I would add is acces to refrigerator when stopped without taking slides out. It would be easier if your toad was towable 4-down which limits you as to what toad you can have. Escapees has a Boot Camp to teach you the basics. It is offered across the country at various times. I have heard it is good to go to prior to buying your RV. If you are buying used make sure you get a good inspector to look it over. We have a 2015 Winnebago Vista Gas and it has everything you want. Ours is 36', you would probably want shorter.
  24. The following is from Battery University. During the constant-current charge, the battery charges to about 70 percent in 5–8 hours; the remaining 30 percent is filled with the slower topping charge that lasts another 7–10 hours. The topping charge is essential for the well-being of the battery and can be compared to a little rest after a good meal. If continually deprived, the battery will eventually lose the ability to accept a full charge and the performance will decrease due to sulfation
  25. I am confused. I received an email with this addition to this thread: " "We have had DirecTV at our home in Idaho for over 20 years. We called DTV in February and asked if we could change our service address while visiting Arizona for a couple months and use one of our home boxes in our RV to get locals while we were there: they said no problem. I could only give an approximate address as we were not staying at an RV Park: they said no problem. Everything was fine, we had Arizona locals and had a great trip. Problem is our account was migrated to ATT a week before we got back. We called to tell them we were back and to put the service address back to our home and billing address....no go. Not only have we lost locals on our boxes in our home, we cannot add or remove any programming to our account. This thread is over a year old and 10 months since the last post, yet here I sit today with the same headache as you all went through last year. I've called multiple times and spent countless hours over the last three months with no solution." I can't find your entry that matches this addition. Do you have a problem or not????????
  26. To add to the mix, My inverters are connected directly to the batteries so no protection from the truck, however, the inverters shut off at 10.5 volts. Steve
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