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  2. We have a 2008 Newmar X-Aire toy hauler. We bought it in 2014 and are the second owners. We have had to fix a few things, floor in one slide, replaced all sky lights, minor caulking repairs, upgraded to 6 point BigFoot leveling system, converted the electric over hydraulic brakes to air over hydraulic, and replaced the tires and wheels with 17.5 set. I guess the last three, most expensive items were really upgrades rather than repairs. We looked for a long time before we bought this unit. My check list of desires couldn't be met by any of the standard builders, unless we went full custom. I'm "fiscally sensitive", aka "tight", so we found this unit with Mor-Ryde axles, Dexter brakes, and Newmar built their own frame. It also has paint, no vinyl to peel. We give up living space to have a garage, but we only use it 8-10 weeks a year. Hopefully that will increase since we've both retired.
  3. There is a signature block and I can see it fine. You may be on a platform that doesn't display it or you'v got them blocked somehow.
  4. If you don’t mind staying about 30 miles east of Yuma, there’s a nice Passport America associated park called Copper Mountain. It’s out in the middle of nowhere so not a good stop if you need to shop in Yuma, and may be too far east depending on where you are going in California. I don’t know if they have pull-through sites, I’ve only stayed in their back-in ones, which are huge, much wider than normal. It’s typical desert, no trees. I’ll be there tonight and tomorrow. Otherwise there are tons of campgrounds in Yuma, but haven’t stayed at any of them. There’s an Encore Park that looks really nice, I’ve driven past it occasionally. I’m going to be staying with a friend of mine there (he has full hookups) from the 18th-21st, I’ll do the trip up to Vegas in 2 days.
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  6. We just bought an RV lot and had someone come out to install our extra dish(backup on a tripod) onto a column. He couldn't install it on the column(we have side covers and they were in the way) but just set up the tripod and lined it up for us. No comment about not being allowed. I have never heard that one before.
  7. Um, there's no signature block on your post. Linda
  8. Nicely done. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person. We’ll get the seat heaters wired up no problem. I’ll show you how I did mine and then we can see f that will work for you.
  9. docj

    gulf coast camping

    It all depends on where you are relative to the sea breeze. For example, we stayed at Port Aransas for 4 years at a waterfront park where the sea breeze was almost always strong. Rust and salt scum were a serious problem. But at our current property in Rockport we are ~2 miles from the water and there's enough of break in the wind that we have far fewer problems. So I think the answer to the OP's question is that it depends on how far from the coast he's planning on camping.
  10. Yes, you should be concerned. We had to hose down everything every day to prevent rust and still got it on our bikes.
  11. we would like to camp on the gulf coast for a while. should we be concerned with the salt air or fog?
  12. Mark, thanks for the info. A long time ago, I was told, by someone I trusted, that I shouldn't use nickel based when installing stainless fasteners into aluminum parts, because you want dissimilar metals. Apparently that was false, or was it because of the aluminum?
  13. The basics of our MH is in my signature. We bought it in April 2013 through Camping World, on consignment. The first owner became too ill to use it, so it sat parked in his barn from 2008 until it was moved to CW to sell in 2013. It has always been stored in our RV garage when not in use. I bought an extended service contract at time of purchase due to the MH not even being started while in storage for 5 years. The ESC more than paid for itself during the 3 yr contract, all expenses were for the chassis portion, no claims were filed on the chassis portion. Other than scheduled maintenance, the only parts I've bought were broken exhaust manifold (common on ISC engines) and a lift pump(usually fails due to gaskets incompatible with biodiesel) We have been throughout most of the U.S. and CA maritimes with this RV. We have been diligent with upkeep and normal maintenance, as a result we have never been stranded, broken-down, or had a flat tire _yet. Although it has only one (living room, kitchen) super-slide, it is enough living space for two people. That slide positioning was important to us because we wanted to be able to live in the MH without opening the slide when necessary - and we do. If anyone has questions about our MH, I'll be happy to converse by PM. Thanks for beginning this thread Kirk!
  14. Racingjunk.com has a few, scattered around under different subheadings.
  15. RandyA

    Air brake issue

    Charlie, pressing the "ESC" button on the wiper stalk should temporarily silence the warning buzzer. Probably too late to bring that up since you are back home. I can't imagine driving 70 miles with that thing screaming - it would make one crazy!
  16. Yesterday
  17. the extra on the motor home are sat enclosed by winged also steer safe extra carpet in the cab full body plaintext ent system video camera system hydra level jacks auto wheel aluminum frameless window dual plane air sleep system queen rest easy dualctl power roof vent skylight roof vent infotainment car gps siriusxm interior upgrade package the lounge has power recliners and foot rest hate to give this up but age and health is time to make a change thank jim
  18. We are fulltiming in our 2004 Alfa Gold 38' fiver that we bought new in October of 2003 at Earnhardt's RV in Mesa, AZ. when we started to fulltime. It took us about 18 months before going fulltime to decide what we wanted. Now you have to realize that we had RVed since 1974 so we should have had a good handle what we were going to need. First, a 1974 Viking tent trailer, then a 1976 Prowler travel trailer, and the 3rd, a 1988 Terry travel trailer. All of which served us well. After about 16 months of comparison we had narrowed our selection down to a Hitchhiker Champaign and the Alfa. Both were sold at Earnhardt's lot, so we only needed to walk about 100' from one to the other. When Alfas's were being built there was always a love/hate relationship from owners. We have always liked ours. Storage galore, layout that works. You also have to realize that I am the repairman on this unit. Never have done anything but normal maintenance, no stuck slides, no landing gear issues, etc. Never been back to the factory or a repair facility. We did have a warranty problem with a Carefree Slide Cover Awning and an Atwood stove problem. Never bothered calling Earnhardt's or Alfa. Just dealt directly with Carefree and Atwood. Folks ask us when we are going to a new unit. Ain't gonna happen unless this unit should get totaled. Too much "fluff"' and useless stuff on new units and basically all the vendor supplied products are the same as 16 years ago! Some of the issues we see while on the road with new units are unbelievable. A couple of years ago while parked in Island Park, ID. a group of 3 motorhomes came in from the FMCA rally in Gillette, WY. One parked beside us and he and I started a conversation about their travels and the rally. During the conversation he mentioned about problems while on the trip. He had a 5 year old motorhome, while the other two couples HAD to have new coaches before leaving the east coast. One new one had it's first problem entering Kentucky and the other made it all the way to Indiana before issues arose that had to be taken care of before continuing on the trip. His older coach already had the bugs taken care of. This Alfa has been all over the West and Alaska. Many people that are familiar with fivers call the Alfa's flattops because of the straight back roofs which really opens up the inside.
  19. Thanks Kirk. I wasn't sure if they existed.. Appreciate the help... Ian
  20. Generally - Driver licenses and RV registration have reciprocity in the USA and Canada. Vehicle weight and dimensions do not.
  21. Rick. Back in my nuclear days. We always used nickle based on stainless fasteners. Even in the aircraft engine business today, nickel is what we use on all of our stainless fixtures. Mark
  22. Looks like your right in front of us. We just spent 2 nights at Davis Mtns State Park and heading to Las Cruces today. We will stay in LC 3 nights, then one night each at Picacho Peaks SP, AZ and then somewhere in Yuma before heading onto CA. I highly recommend the Boot Camp. We did it in Nov '18 at Livingston & learned a ton. Maybe we'll catch up in Qsite.!
  23. Jaydrvr


    I have a dual purpose Volvo shorty, used for a million miles of work and also to pull our fiver. I've also had an MDT.. I think, in general, you'll be less than satisfied with the compromises inherent in the MDT choice.. What is gained with using an MDT over an HDT? Maybe six inches of overall height? Clearly I'm biased, but I fail to see any advantage in choosing the MDT over an HDT. Jay
  24. Hmm. I always thought the copper based was generally for high heat. I also thought, you never use nickel based with stainless, and his fasteners may be stainless, or some nickel content. Where am I going wrong?
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