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  2. I have just ordered a very pricey LiFePO4 battery to go with my 160 watt solar panel. Now I want a MPPT controller and I was hoping someone here could confirm this is the correct controller for the battery and panel. I believe it is the correct controller but I would like a second opinion please. The charge controller: https://fazcorp.co.nz/collections/mppt-s...v-ml2430-1 With a MPPT Bluetooth Communication Module so I can monitor the solar system from my Amazon Kindle: https://fazcorp.co.nz/collections/mppt-s...ies-bt-1-1 Solar panel: Standard power: 160 Watts Maximum power voltage: 17.8 Maximum power current: 9.0A Open Circuit voltage: 21.1V Short Circuit current: 9.5A LiFePO4 battery: Nominal voltage: 12v Capacity: 100Ah Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.4v Operating voltage min 11.5 V - max 14.8 V At 80 % DOD Optimal discharge current < 50 A Charge voltage: 14.6v
  3. Apparently I either misinterpreted what I read or misremembered it. That's been known to happen when I'm tired and our apartment's fire alarm went off at 6:40 am today even though there was no fire. Sorry if I confused anyone. Maybe I should go to bed now. Linda
  4. The motto of this organization is "caring and sharing" so that's what we try to do here. I hope everything works out well for you. I think your family will love it once you get on the road. Linda
  5. Public places aren't going to risk illnesses because of the water. Along with the national forests, the national parks also regularly test the water.
  6. If you have Directlink brake controller and it is set up for this, pull the trigger or brake actuator to lock up the brakes.
  7. When we get different rv’s we use it in the driveway for a few days or a very close to home camp ground in case something does go wrong
  8. There are also COE campgrounds on the lake. If you go there Lindsborg is an interesting little town with a number of things to see and do.
  9. Kenopolis lake is nice, some say nicest in Kansas. https://ksoutdoors.com/State-Parks/Locations/Kanopolis
  10. I goofed my the purchase date, DW informed me I bought the previous desktop in 2002, the present one was bought much later, it is an HP p6-2350 if you want to see the specs online.https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03531729 I bought a HDD transfer kit, will arrive Friday about the same time as the new HDD. I thought about W10 having corrupted stuff, I've made a USB to download W10 from that website you linked, or could I simply do a clean install if the old copy is corrupted? BTW, I'm no longer using the desktop JIC I need to use it for something like clone it, since that computer has room for 2 HDD's. Are you guys tiring of my amateur drivel yet? My 77 yr old brain doesn't work so good these days=outdated processor.
  11. What do you do to fix this?
  12. All belts, filters, and fluids should be REPLACED. You need to know what you are starting with and the best way is to start fresh! Batteries, what is their age and what is their electrolyte status - check with a hydrometer, then make sure they are filled. Tires - how old are they? If older than 7 years replace. Otherwise, make sure they are filled to the proper amount based upon the weight of your coach. You have had it weighed, right? If not, that's another To-Do for your list. Wait until you've driven it a little bit to see what the shocks/sway-bar feel like. Check your electrical cord for any sign of discoloration. Check water hose for leakage around fittings. Check waste hoses to any pinholdes. You do have a multimeter, correct? If not, get one. Toilet, does the bowl hold water. If not, think about getting the dump seal replace. Water pump, does it easily move water around and shut off when you close the faucet. If it keeps going, you've got a small leak somewhere. That should get you started.
  13. The battery I purchased has a charge voltage of 14.6 I think I'll look into buying a charge controller that is definitely for a LiFePO4 battery, The PWM controller I currently own does have a lithium option but it doesn't specify LiFePO4. So I'd have to gamble on it being compatible with LiFePO4 batteries, and I'm not willing to gamble.
  14. All this feed back has been amazing! I feel like we are going into this better prepared thanks to all of you.
  15. For western Kansas, Lake Scott State Park. Just south of KC/Olathe is Hillsdale State Park. They should be reopening after the 4th. We should be at Hillsdale before the Rally. Ooops! I have to get signed up!!
  16. Hi, We just bought Class A RV and wondering what needs to be checked before first trip. It is 2002 Itasca Sunova on Workhorse chassis. Since I'm very new to RVing I desperately need your advices I have some experience with light car fixes and somehow handy, so prefer to start with something I can do myself before hitting professional shop. Here are few thing I would start: Oil and other liquids check Brakes - is it possible to check on my own? Tires - do you recommend to install TPMS? Thinking to replace stock anti-sway bar since they started to use 2 1/2" from 2003 - does it worth the effort? How to check if I need new shocks? I think somewhere should be a good checklist for this kind of things, appreciate if you can point me there. Thanks!
  17. Can you contact the seller and make an inquiry?
  18. I think you are mistaken. The source of their data is the USGS. From their own website: The link I provided was to the Protected Area Database (PAD-US 2.0) of the U.S. Geological Survey. The app does have some added features such as linking to Google maps and putting your location on your screen. Their website includes this statement: .
  19. Prices are available on individual state's websites, they are for my state anyway. That means you do some finger-work on the keyboard though.
  20. That's pretty cool. We always used a dish pan instead of a litter box. Much less kicking out from the deeper pan and we never had trouble with a cat getting too close to the edge thus missing the pan. Takes up less floor space as well which is a good thing in an RV. Linda
  21. While that used to be true, Technomadia has found a better source of data and updated the app appropriately. The old data only promised to be correct within 1 mile. A mile can be too far off when looking for a boondocking spot. Linda
  22. Apply parking brake when stopped. To start moving apply a little throttle till you feel it start to grab release parking brake and you are off.
  23. Ha! Same thing happened to me. I opened it by bending it until the screen cracked. Then I tossed it in file 13. I suspect the battery died from lack of use on my part and would not recharge properly.
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