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  1. There is no requirement to get a recertification. Obviously once an HDT is singled, it can no longer haul what it is rated for because it has lost the capacity of the now missing axle. It would then be limited to the lesser of its capabilities (the two remaining axle ratings) instead of the factory sticker ratings. When going down in capacity, the remaining components become the limiting factor. When going up in capacity, the factory sticker (rating) is the limiting factor (unless it too is updated).
  2. I guess I have been lucky then. I haven't had to extend any wires yet. My library of work isn't quite as big as yours though.
  3. Whoever you have do this work needs to be a licensed up fitter who can issue a new GVW tag for the vehicle. If you don't get a new sticker, you will still be limited to your original weights legally (no matter what modifications you make). You also need to do some serious calculations on weights and balance. You will very easily overload that 10k front axle if you aren't careful. Even with a new sticker and the modifications, you are going to be asking a lot from that drivetrain. You will definitely be going slow up any substantial grades. Hopefully you will be okay with that.
  4. Adding a sub panel for the inverter is relatively simple. First, figure out where you have space to install the sub panel. Ideally it would go in as close to the main panel as possible. Second, identity which circuits you want to power with the inverter. Typically in a whole house set up, this would be all circuits except high amperage ones like the air conditioner(s), electric element of water heater, electric element of RV refrigerator, converter (if leaving in place as back up to inverter/charger), electric dryer, etc. Third, physically move the desired circuits from the main panel to the sub panel. This is why you want the sub panel as close to the main panel as possible so you don't have to extend the wires of these circuits, just move them. Fourth, install a new 30 amp breaker in main panel and run wire from it to the AC input on the inverter charger. This can be a single pole ore a double pole breaker, depending on the capabilities of your inverter charger. Fifth, run wire from AC output side of inverter charger to input breaker on the sub panel. The inverter charger, obviously should be mounted as close to the batteries as possible and connected with the proper gauge wire. The wire run from the main panel to the inverter charger and then from the inverter charger back to the sub panel is really the only new wire you need to run in an ideal install.
  5. They also make a tool to reach and remove the caps. It looks like a screwdriver, but the end has a small cup on it that fits over the valve cap. The end holds the cap through friction and allows you to unscrew the cap and remove it, then reinstall when done. Any auto parts store that carries heavy duty truck parts will have one (or most truck stops also).
  6. I bought a set at Camping World for my truck. The ones for big Diesel Pushers fit perfectly.
  7. My uncle has close to 2 million miles on his W900 with the same engine/trans combination. I've driven it too and it is a nice truck. Congratulations, if it all works out.
  8. Have you added a second panel in your wet bay for access when dumping tanks? I'm considering doing that in my current 5er.
  9. If your HDT is titled as a private truck and you approach a scale that has a sign saying "All Trucks Must Stop", you must pull in and stop. If your HDT is titled as a motorhome and you come across the same scenario, you do not have to stop. This, along with insurance issues in some states and registration costs are the reasons most want to title their HDT as a motorhome.
  10. As Garth said, there are no tolls on the roads, just on the bridges. The Richmond/San Rafael bridge has a toll northbound on 580 and is an easy drive for any type of vehicle. You may get stuck in traffic, depending on the time of day you come through the area.
  11. The Hershey PA show is the largest in the country. If I could only go to one show, it would be that one.
  12. Hopefully it works out. We'd be happy to have you at the WCR.
  13. You are talking my language with this style bed. Of course you'd have to be willing to put one on my lowly T2000. Being a CA resident and having no plans to leave anytime soon, I really want to keep my overall length under 65'. With a 42'5" trailer, that means keeping the truck short. Of course your straight down pin box will help with length issues too.
  14. I don't remember the exact length of my Dually, but it was around 22 feet something. My HDT is right around 24' bumper to bumper. I can park my HDT in a regular parking stall if I can hang the back bumper over a curb or grass or something.
  15. I agree with Roger that a built in Onan is the best way to go. It gives the most options for use and auto start and etc. However, it is a fairly expensive option unless you get lucky and come across a used deal. I put an Onan 6500 commercial two phase generator in my new trailer and prefer the convenience over the various Honda portable configurations I have used in the past. The Hondas (or Yamahas) are definitely cheaper and are good at what they do. It all comes down to what convenience level do you want and how much are you willing to spend. They will all do the job.