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  1. I did this for several years before I went to an automatic dish. It works well, but does take a little effort to get the dish aimed properly. The only caveat is that you need to make sure the coax line going to your control box does not have any splitters in it. It needs to be a dedicated SAT IN line. You can't do it through the standard CABLE IN connection. My RV had a SAT IN and a CABLE IN so I did not have to run any new coax. As far as mounts, there are some good collapsible tripods out there or I have seen people build their own. What ever you use for a mount, make sure it is sturdy and will not be affected by wind or weather (blown around). Here is a kit from (they have a lot of good accessories for what you are trying to do). I also modified my dish slightly. I drilled out the rivets on the LNB arm and replaced them with bolts and wing nuts. This allowed me to remove one bolt and then fold the arm up against the dish to make it easier to stow in my storage compartment.
  2. I have no experience with Direct TV, so I can't speak for them. This information is for Dish Network. Dish Network broadcasts local feeds of channels on Spot Beams. These local feeds include local network channels. For example, I live north of San Francisco (several counties north) but I am still in the spot beam for the San Francisco channels. The spot beams have a set footprint. Once you leave the footprint of a particular spot beam, you will no longer be able to receive the local channels for that area. In order to receive local channels, including the networks, you will have to notify Dish Network to change your "service address" so that you will be able to receive the local channels for your new area. Many people do this through a chat session with Dish Network on line. Others do it by calling Dish Network. Each set of local broadcasts will have rules on what they can and can't broadcast related to sporting events. Once you leave the area that can broadcast Browns games, you won't be getting those games on your local channels anymore. For example, if you come to Northern California you will get the 49ers games or Raiders games (if they stay put). Hopefully this makes sense to you. I'm sure someone else will be able to explain it a little better.
  3. It is going to be a wrap. If this becomes my retirement truck, I will eventually repaint it. For now the wrap is a much cheaper interim step to make things look like they belong together.
  4. That is fine with me. Now that the pinbox is in place, this is my next project (if I can get my DW to loosen the purse strings )
  5. Ask and ye shall receive.... on edit: the pictures are all sideways so you may have to do some contortions to look at them. I'm not sure why, but when I uploaded them from my phone this is how they came out. Once I hit retirement, I may consider replacing my T2. For now though, it's hard to justify the expense and I still love the truck.
  6. There are many people who own property and vehicles in multiple states. Just because you do doesn't automatically mean you are a resident of that state. Think of vacation homes owned by individuals from another state. Owning vehicles or property titled/registered in a state is just one pice of the residency puzzle. Vehicles, however, are unique. Pretty much every state requires a vehicle garaged within its borders to be registered there. States pay for road maintenance and construction through registration fees. If they have a bunch of vehicles permanently using their roads and not paying for that use (through registration fees) they tend to get upset. Each state has a different threshold to trigger this registration requirement (some number of days in the state). If you leave a vehicle at your daughter's place in AZ on a long term basis, it needs to be registered in AZ. The insurance issues discussed above are also valid. Your insurance company will ask you where the vehicle is garaged to determine the proper rate to charge. They also need to be aware your daughter will be the primary driver. on edit: Barbaraok wrote very similar information as I was typing mine.
  7. I have before weights, but it will be little while until I can get some after weights. I don't have any Cat scales near me, so I have to wait until we head out somewhere that takes us by one. This may not be until November, but I have it on my to do list to get new fully loaded weights. I just put the pinbox on last weekend and we pulled the trailer to the lake this weekend as our first pull (I am sitting lakeside as I type this ). I am happy with it. I may have to rethink a couple of my camera mounts now that I have so much trailer overhanging my bed though. We will see. I'm pretty sure I am going to move the camera I have on my pinbox facing forward to watch the truck bed. It is fairly useless now because of the overhang blocking much of the view. My hitching camera may also get moved just to prevent any possibility of kissing it with the front of the trailer on some odd angle (highly unlikely but why take a chance).
  8. I will give my vote for Voyager cameras. They are high quality and easy to install. I have two on the truck: one at the hitch and one at the license plate. I have four on the trailer: rear view mounted up high, one on each side and one on the pin box facing forward. I also use my cameras while driving. The one on the pinbox allows me to see cargo on the bed of the truck to make sure it doesn't shift while in transit. I am rethinking this camera now though since I went to the short pinbox from RVHLifestyles. Now there is a lot of trailer overhang in front of the pinbox that restricts the camera vision some. I may move this camera to the back of my cab up high. The camera on the rear of the trailer allows me to watch my Jeep when I double tow it. I can't see the Jeep in my truck mirrors because it is narrower than the trailer. I will also give a vote for the TST TPMS system. I have had both the 510 system (on my last 5er) and the 507 system (on my current 5er). I liked them both a lot, but I prefer the 507 system with the pass through sensors. It makes it much easier to adjust pressure when needed or to verify pressure with a quality gauge. I also like the replaceable batteries, although in a little over a year I have yet to have the need to replace a battery.
  9. GFI

    Maggie, what bobsallyh is describing and what your are describing are not the same things. What you did is correct, putting the white wires on the side that said white and the black wires on the side that said black, etc. This would be all you have to do to make a standard receptacle work and pass power to additional receptacles down the line. There is an additional step, however, with a GFCI receptacle. What bobsallyh was explaining is that a GFCI receptacle has a supply side and a load side. The supply side is the breaker fed side and the load side is the wire that feeds all the remaining receptacles in the line. Imagine the GFCI receptacle is two different plugs connected in the middle. One of the plugs is the supply side and the other is the load side. You have to feed the "supply" plug on the receptacle from the breaker and you have to connect the "load" plug to the wire going to the remaining receptacles in the line. If you reverse these two connections, the GFCI receptacle will not pass any power down the line. The GFCI receptacle should have some additional labeling on it to indicate which end is the supply side and which end is the load side. I am going from memory here, but I think the top plug in the receptacle is usually the supply side and the bottom plug is usually the load side. Make sure you have the supply and load wires connected to the correct ends of the GFCI receptacle.
  10. I was trying to remember the name of this park. My sister lives in Parker, CO and goes there regularly. I have been by as well. It is a nice little park.
  11. I just had one of our bikes at work towed. We have a dedicated motorcycle tow vendor we use. He has an Amerideck platform on his truck that is really nice and makes it super easy to load a motorcycle. Here is a video of one in action. I have no affiliation with them, but I have seen them in action up close and personal and like how they work.
  12. I ordered a second one the other day. I did it mainly as a back up to my primary one. I also recently got a text from ATT notifying me I was getting close to my 20 gig unlimited limit and once I passed that point I would be subject to de-prioritization (not throttling). I figure with a second Mobley waiting in back up, I can swap over to it if need be to avoid the de-prioritization if it becomes an issue.
  13. If you live in CA and your vehicle is garaged in CA, you must register it in CA. You cannot register it in any other state - it is illegal. You may get away with it for a while, but it will eventually come around and bite you. It may be as simple as a registration ticket, but it could be a lot worse - think fraud. CA does not like it when they think you owe them money and you have not paid - think registration/license fees and sales tax (on new purchases).
  14. Jim & Alie, Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope everything works out to your satisfaction. As we talked about at the WCR, we are really happy with our DRV. I think you guys will be too. I hope you find the right one for you in a timeframe that works. I just put the short pin box on our DRV that RVHLifestyles is marketing. I haven't pulled it anywhere yet, but I like how it sucked the trailer up a little closer to the truck. We'll see if it makes any difference in fuel mileage. With my 2 axle trailer, pin weight wasn't an issue, but I am trying to keep my overall length as short as possible.
  15. Any time. I won't be at the national rally. Getting back to Kansas (or Tennessee for the ECR) is a little rough coming from CA and still working full time. I will eventually get to both of them, but it might not happen until I retire. Maybe you can make the WCR next year. Its a great group and not nearly as far for those of us on the west coast. If you are ever up in Northern CA, I'm happy to meet up. I work in Sonoma County and live in Lake County (northern Bay Area).