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  1. 1. Yes I use it and refer others to it 2. Access is with iPad only
  2. I still have my MCU2ap gas mask that has a screw on charcoal filter, so if I attach the cone HEPA filter from the wife’s Dyson V8 vacuum to the inlet of my gas mask filter, I’m good to go. Bonus is that I have hundreds of hours practice wearing it, minus the additional filter of course. Roy
  3. Chad, building a trailer plug tester would be fun and another tool to have and loan is always handy. Roy
  4. We plan to be there on the 11th and I am happy to help. Will do some you tube exploration between now and then.
  5. It appears to be fixed and we are registered. No hotel for us this year! YEAH!!!
  6. Thank you Purple Tractor and Dan for your insight. Docj, The regeneration process is crucial to maintaining the life of a softener. When the resin bed gets loaded up it cannot function
  7. Good morning, I am looking for opinions on RV water softeners. I read this article https://www.rvweb.net/best-rv-water-softeners-reviewed/ and On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable RV Softener has excellent reviews but I would like your insight and experiences in this area. Roy
  8. Packnrat, I am a licensed property manager with several of my own rental homes. I would encourage you to call a local reputable property manager and get them to give you an opinion of value for your home and see if there are other expenses you may not be aware of that will effect your bottom line. If the numbers work, ask for references from other owners they represent and look them up on social media. We will start our full time life in 15 months and even though I have been a landlord since 1999, I will hire a property manager when we hit the road. Having someone local to deal with issues and receive the eventual 2am phone call is worth the 10% of rent that I will pay them for their services.
  9. This chart is from the Volvo brochure on the ishift 2612 transmission that shows gear ratios for overdrive and non overdrive version.
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