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Found 25 results

  1. I'm researching Extended Warranty Policies. So far I've looked at Good Sam and America's RV Warranty. Has anyone had experience with America's RV Warranty administrated by Headstart Warranty Group? I'm trying to find real life reviews of their claim service. Does anyone recommend a particular company?
  2. I have received a non-renewal notice for National General basically on the fact I have to much coverage on my Truck & RV. My question is what is considered is adequate Full timer coverage and if you have umbrella policy do you have that with a separate company (Actually we are not 365 day full timers but maybe 240 days in Texas, IL, MN & WI plus other 1-2 week trips). The RV is considered as my home with liability. National General told me in 2019 they would cut my coverage to 100/300/50 if I wanted to change anything in the coverage. Previously I had a lower coverage with an umbrella but that changed when I purchased the 2014 Freightliner M2-106. My RV is a 2016 DRV 38PS3. I also have a car on the policy Clay
  3. I've done some searching but not finding much regarding policies to protect your stored stuff while full timing. Most policies require you own or rent property to cover. I've been with State Farm for 30+ years but they won't insure personal items in a storage unit if your full timing. I'm surprised this isn't a much discussed issue. When I called and talked with two different Escapee CS they indicated first time anyone has asked about it. Any pointers to reliable insurance that is not limited to less than 25K would be appreciated!
  4. Hello, I've been a full-time RV'r for over 3 years now, but recently experienced my first RV related auto accident. I'm trying to navigate this on my own using resources available online but i'm finding it complex, hoping that some of the other full-time RV'rs can help with sharing their experience. I was parked in a parking lot sitting in the rear living quarters area of my RV (Class B Roadtrek) when the earth shook. Another car had rolled back into the side of my RV with me inside it. Full damage is still in progress of being accessed, but initially visually they appear to of hit my propane water heater area, damage side fiberglass, side paneling, clipped the bumper, etc. This occurred in the state of Nebraska, a state that designates "At Fault" for auto accidents. I contacted the individuals insurance company (Progressive) and I will be working with them to resolve property damages, injury, etc. (the policy holder is at fault in these circumstances, I was parked). My RV is my primary home and my primary vehicle. Once it's in the shop, I won't have a place to live or a car to drive. Would the at fault driver's insurance company be obligated to cover these costs as well? It seems like they should have to cover this in my opinion, its more complex than just an "auto accident". Are there other considerations I should be negotiating with the insurance company? (ex; Diminished value, vehicle had a perfect record before at fault driver's vehicle hit my RV, this will drop the resale value without a doubt). What happens when an at fault driver damages a Full Time RV'r's home and only transportation? Any input is welcomed! - R
  5. Saferide Motor Club provides roadside assitance to both Escapees and FMCA. At the Escapades in Tucson I attended the presentation by Saferide regarding their offering of the Escapees Roadside Assitance policy. I attended because I had been hearing users were having problems getting resolution with roadside problems. During the presentation I was dismayed at the lack of empathy I precieved by their representative toward the audience. Because of his presentation I declined to buy the policy. My Good Sam policy is now coming up for renewal and I am wondering if there are still problems with how Saferide is responding to Escapees in need on the road. I know people have had issues with Good Sam, but since I have not yet needed to use it I am wondering if I should keep Good Sam, or if I should switch to the Escapees policy because of the price differential. Bottome line: what are some of the experiences people have had with using the Escapees Roadside Assitance policy?
  6. We are planning to sell our motorhome via a consignment company. Our current insurance provider does NOT cover while in storage or on a consignment lot. We have found this to be true of several other providers we have contacted. We were shocked to learn this. We would appreciate any advice.
  7. Hello, Called today for insurance at Progressive and Foremost for full timer's insurance and was quote $6200.00 and $5,750.00 a year. That seems to be really high for a 2010 Foretravel Nimbus and my perfect driving history. I have pulled various types of trailers most of life so I know it is not a lack of experience. Do anyone have a source for a reasonable insurer for a Class A? Edward
  8. Hi All, It's been a while since i visited last but think i've finally found one i like! (class It's has Alaska plates but is currently in Utah. It's priced around $20,000 Can anyone tell me roughly how much it would be to register & insure in California? It's a 2001, will it still need a smog test & does anyone know if Alaska registered are already smog compliant? Thanks
  9. My wife and I will begin full time RVing in July of 2019 and we could use some advice on insurance and roadside assistance. 1. Which insurance companies offer the best coverage and pricing for full time RVers, including coverage of all the contents? 2. Comparing "apples to apples," which companies offer the best roadside service and pricing for full time RVers?
  10. Hi, We are a couple from Australia in our 60's planning a 5 month trip around USA in May next year arriving in Los Angelos and leaving on 28th September from San Francisco. We are looking for advice on the best way to buy a small camper that we can sell at the end. I am looking for advice on insuring and licencing the vehicle. We are thinking of going to Los Vagas, Grand Cannon, Arizona Texas New Orleans, Florida, Washington, New York Main and then heading bck west to San Francisco. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jan and Al
  11. Hello, I'm finding that many insurance carriers will not cover a motorhome if no other vehicles are owned. Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions? I have a Class B registered in FL, and am about to begin an extended cross-country trip. Thank you. Jerry
  12. Jemstone


    We have been notified by National General Insurance that we will have to pay $2,000 for next years HDT policy. This includes our trailer, which National General says must be included with the truck. Is this in line with what y’all are finding? Thanks, John
  13. My wife and I are full timers in our 2018 Momentum 397TH. I got an insurance quote from Progressive that was $1900.00. That sounds high to me. What are other FT paying. We are domiciled in Tennessee.
  14. Anyone have any information for an Australian buying, registering and insuring an RV in the U.S.? I want to travel in the U.S. full time for at least a year, with the Visa permits I can get... who knows hopefully longer. I have tried Googling, emailing well known You tubers, without any suggestions or no replies, watching vlogs and reading heaps of blogs etc but not a lot out there for non U.S. citizens. Any information would be appreciated. I've read and have viewed there are 4 states I would need to get a domicile, South Dakota, Texas, Nevada and Florida, its pretty confusing and have read some conflicting reports about that. Is that applicable to a non U.S. resident? So if for example I fly into Florida and want to buy an RV in Florida, Can I use an address of a friend? Should I get a Florida drivers licence before buying, registering and insuring? What about Texas? ... is it easier for a non U.S. citizen there? It would be great to connect on here with a fellow Australian who has been through the process already. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. regards Marilyn (from Normandy France ... yes I have been living there for the past 10years ... time for a new adventure ... cant wait to RV USA!)
  15. For those that are fully employed and working from your RV remotely through a telecommuting agreement with an employer....who has insurance for their property you have, liability, etc. while you work in your RV? I need to fulfill a "homeowners" insurance requirement in a telecommuting policy that covers their equipment at my "home" from loss and liability for injury etc. This is different than self-employed or running a business from the rig. If you have such a thing, with what company is it?
  16. We are beginning our full-time journey. I and my wife are covered under health care insurance through my employer and have coverage in two states. However, what should we do for the rest of the US? Indemnity insurance? Our policy is mostly 100% out of pocket unless urgent or emergency room. Hospitalization is not covered. My premium is VERY low because I work for a state agency, so it is tough to stomach other plan's costs instead if I were to opt out of that one. Thoughts?
  17. We just graduated to full time, and found our insurance seems really high. Who do you use/ recommend?
  18. Hubby and I are shooting to be full-timing in the next 18-24 months. Just starting our research, and we're leaning toward a 25'-29' Class C, lightly used (mileage-wise), fairly recent model. We're looking to pay somewhere in the $60-$90K range, and drive around 10K miles per year (just a guess for now). Just wondering what we might expect to shell out for RV insurance. What other factors would influence the rate? Thanks in advance!! Suzanne
  19. Lately insurance seems to be burning a hole in the old radar screen so....... In the stone age I would sometimes stumble into a less than stellar aircraft project and often these turkeys were nearly impossible to obtain insurance and some were way too grim to even approach a insurer so we self insured. In the process of dealing with grim projects I came to deal with a fair amount of insurers and a couple of underwriters so recently I made a casual look-see what some of my old geezer--insurance-geeks might find out about the near past and current HDT RV underwriting issues that seem to exist now. OK like all good "Fake News" I got to do the disclaimer here........ First underwriters come in all flavors and all sizes and shapes and they tend to play their cards close to their chest so obviously as well as connected as I am I have not hacked any of the servers in their basement (or Hillerizzz) so.........what info I have been given is mostly from the RISK and Demographics side of the spreadsheet that underwriters use in their tool box. Underwriting is a diverse world and as such some smaller markets tend to be "active" and subject to sudden changes as the underwriters review the underlying risks & returns. Perhaps the best analogy to normal folks is that if you have a portfolio of investments sometimes you sell a few of the under performers just to invest in better investments and this is often the case in the small underwriter markets so a underwriter might leave the HDT RV market just to "enter-into-another-small-market" it just might be a underwriter seeking a better market. Other more obvious reason underwriters may leave the HDT RV market might involve: 1) Changes in demographics of clients 2) Cost increases of claims 3) Size of policy base 4) High profile events 5) State regulations 6) Federal regulations 7) Other So far what I have gathered is that trends have started to indicate that demographics for the HDT RV market has seen a considerable increase of younger folks buying HDT's and they tend to also buy large trailers as well. Recent claim trends tend to point to increases in costs as the total rig length and the younger operators converge in the market. Several thoughts concerning demographics seem to be summed up in that the younger operators may have better reaction times, vision and stamina but often are prone to attempting risk activities that the older operators tend to avoid so it appears that the lower risk trends favor the more mature operators. Longer length rigs often tax the skills of seasoned operators and often exceed the skill levels of the less experienced operators. Over the legal RV length limit can be a factor in defending a client in a legal action and may increase the legal defense claim costs. Perhaps the largest trend that is difficult to control is the high cost of repair of many of the larger trailers that HDT's tend to tow. Many of the larger RV trailer builders ceased to exist in the downturn and therefor factory supports and parts often do not exist so insurers are saddled with outsourcing repairs to shops that rightly must charge a lot for hand repairs to items that would be much cheaper to replace if the parts were available. Often insures will need to total a trailer these days that would have been repaired just a few years ago. Experience and operator training is a factor being considered in the trends of the HDT RV market. Unfortunately huge piles of data is compiled on class 8 trucks and so the risks of operations are well understood in the commercial markets however the NEAR total lack training in the RV markets can be unnerving to the underwriters and as younger operators enter the HDT RV market trends become more critical. The new government "trend-to-less-regulation" tends to make underwriters very nervous and a nervous underwriter is not a good thing in tiny markets like HDT RV's. Unlike most folks that have a computer full of classified data........the items above are pretty well proven by just looking around the threads on the forum(s). Maybe some things to ponder..... Drive on...........(How does my underwriter feel......today??)
  20. We are preparing to begin full time RV living at the end of March '17. We are liquidating just about all household goods but planning to put into storage some things that cannot be replaced if we decide to go stick and brick again. Do any of the companies that insure RVs and vehicles for full timers offer insurance that would cover items in a personal storage facility? Has anyone on the forum found a company they would recommend? Thanks in advance
  21. Help! We just received notice that Blue Sky will no longer cover RVs. We need to find a replacement company that works well for full timers and has liability coverage. We have an umbrella policy that will be invalid without liability coverage on either a house or an RV. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my recent disaster with everyone and make sure nobody else makes the same mistake! Last month, I brought our recently purchased Chieftain (Ford V-10, 35U chassis) to the dealer for the infamous defective reverse gear transmission rebuild that every one of these will eventually suffer from if you didn't take advantage of the recall. The wait time on the rebuild was 8 weeks+, but they offered free storage, so we left it in their secure yard. Well, as we have always done while in storage, we dropped the comp and collision from the insurance policy... BIG MISTAKE! As you have all probably heard, LA suffered yet another round of flooding, and of course, our RV took on water above the dash for over a week. Please don't make this mistake! We have been RVing since 1979, and every time we have stored our coach for more than two months, we have always dropped the comp and collision, but never again! Worst thing is, I just retired, and my wife is following in February. We had our entire first year already planned out! Not sure what we're going to do now, at this point... -Rich
  23. We are about to buy our first RV!!! Yeah!!! We are soooo excited! We will be full timers as soon as our house sells. Now we are looking at getting insurance so we will be prepared with it when we pick up the rig, hopefully later this week. What insurance (including roadside/towing) do you all find to be the best to work with and offer the best coverage for your motor home and toad? We have compared some prices but the service, when needed, is a better indicator of a good company. What have been your good/bad experiences? Thank you!!!
  24. Hi Everyone, I'm preparing to live and work full-time in my Winnebago Rialta HD and so far I've talked to 2 insurance agents who told me that I need to have insurance on another vehicle besides the RV, since even with full-timing insurance on my RV, it can't be my only auto insurance because I need to have another car for commuting to work, using a drive-through, etc. I explained that I work remotely, don't need a commuter vehicle, and have a small 21' RV that can go and park almost anywhere, but they said there is no way around this rule. Fortunately, I haven't gotten rid of my car yet. My question is--do I absolutely have to keep, store, and insure another car that I don't need and won't use, just to maintain RV insurance, or is there a way around this? If I have my RV insurance through a different company than the car insurance, can I just sell/donate the car and stop the insurance after securing the RV policy, or will that car insurance cancelation impact my RV policy somehow? I'd really appreciate any insight from anyone who knows about this or has been through this before. Thank you! Calvin
  25. I'm preparing to live and work full-time in my Winnebago Rialta HD and so far I've talked to 2 specialty RV insurance agents who told me that I need to have insurance on another vehicle besides the RV, since even with full-timers insurance on my RV, it can't be the only vehicle I have insured, because I need to have another car for commuting to work, using a drive-through, etc. Even after explaining that I work remotely, don't need a commuter vehicle, and have a small 21' RV that can go and park almost anywhere, they don't seem to understand that I really don't need a toad or commuter vehicle, and said there is no way around this rule. Fortunately, I haven't gotten rid of my car yet, so I can insure it and store it, but that seems like a waste of $ and space. Some suggested that I get a scooter and insure that. While that's a better option that would be cheaper and take less space, it would still be a waste and hopefully something I can avoid. Does anyone know if there any way around this rule, or any insurance agent/company that will insure a class B RV as the primary and only vehicle? Also, could this be a workaround--if I have my RV insurance through a different company than the car insurance, after securing the RV policy can I just sell/donate the car and stop that insurance, or will that car insurance cancelation impact my RV policy somehow? I'd really appreciate any insight from anyone who knows about this or has been through this before. Thank you!! Calvin
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