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  1. I second what Rick said.
  2. Great pictures. Gonna do our best to be there next year. Mark and Bonnie
  3. 'Welcome to the dark side. Enjoy. Keep checking here and learn. Mark
  4. Rick. We have Farm Bureau insurance. Our policy states the same 150 miles. Talked to my agent this week. He assures me that this is only a stated mileage to keep costs low. He states that I am covered no matter where I am at. At this point I trust him. The farm policy keeps us pretty reasonable. My agent is my neighbor, and a trusted friend. Not sure this helps, or makes any difference. Hope to see you at the rally. Mark
  5. Woke up to 18 degrees here in south central Kansas (Arkansas City). Cooled on down to 14. Got back up to 24 this afternoon. I am ready for spring. Mark and Bonnie
  6. Thats so sad. I met Dave a couple years ago at the national rally. We have the same model truck. A good guy, and great to talk to. Our thoughts are there for his family and freinds. Mark and Bonnie
  7. Sorry for bad spelling need new computer.
  8. No problem. Deer run contacted us about 10 minutes later. We have reservations. Thank you for all that you do. Mark and Bonnie. Can not wati to see everyone,
  9. Can you post the dates so us poor working stiffs can schedule it. Thanks Mark and Bonnie
  10. Cool. Congratulations on getting the truck. Cant wait to see it all together.
  11. Dan. Did New Horizons figure anything out today?
  12. Cory. Jefferson is still there. I remember going to the Firestone store. Happy Holidays
  13. Happy holidays to you Cory. All is well here in Kansas. Kids grandkids and mothers coming over for thanksgiving dinner. Small crowd. When you come home next, give us a shout. We are over in Arkansas City. Not far away. Maybe we can meet sometime. Mark and Bonnie
  14. Dave. Have a speedy recovery. Bonnie and I will be thinking about you. Mark
  15. Good to see you all again. Keep in touch and safe travels.
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