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Leaking storage door

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I have posted before on here about one door leaking to front storage area. I have caulked, pulled outside trim and thought I had found problem. Well noticed rotted wood around frame of door so I removed the door today there was no sealant ever put inside door to opening. Well removed all damaged wood and replaced with good.  Right much damage. Should I caulk inside of door frame or use butyl rubber? 

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On 4/12/2023 at 6:48 PM, GlennWest said:

yes. Rebuilding that door frame was quite a job. Had to cut down 2X4's to fit in there. Could have bought some 2" boards 

Been there and done that on our first rig. Good job finding it and fixing it.

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11 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

There is a reason it is the cheapest sealant on the shelf at stores.

What stores do you shop at? My local Lowes has DAP Latex caulk for $2.62/tube whereas the GE Silicon is $11.98/tube.

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Good silicone is not cheap and it works very well the first time it's used. You can get cheap versions of silicone, but it's watered down junk and shouldn't be expected to perform at the same level. There are better choices for boat and RV repair, such as 3M 5200, etc. Jay

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Silicone will not adhere to "rubber roofs or EPDM." For roofs Butyl rubber caulk tape first between roof and flange of vent, pipe, A/C, or skylight. Then self leveling caulk over the top for more strength and UV protection

For Windows I found best to use butyl rubber caulk and Parr Bond along the top and radius' then stop. Parr bond stays flexible but does yellow over time. However it can be removed later with a plastic scraper. If the window has a foam gasket order one for it.

On items silicone does stick to it is forever. If applied incorrectly and not smoothly it can cause leaks because you can't tell where the pin sized holes are.

Always check the manufacturers websites like Dicor, one of the leading manufacturers of EPDM and TPM RV roofing membranes, and your RV manufacturer if you are not sure. I have found dealerships that had bad advice and repairs and great advice and repairs.




Never use silicone as a sealant on an RV roof mage of EPDM or TPO materials.

However, in other areas like where the manufacturer used it other than the roofs this little video will help you pick the right one for your job other than on the roof.

If you are going to roll a sealant over the whole roof go to the Dicor rubber roof manufacturing website site for that.


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