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SD vehicle registration question

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We've signed up for the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service and have our new SD and TX addresses. We will be in Rapid City next month to get a SD drivers license and register a truck. From there, we plan on driving to FL, picking up our Class A. 

Does anybody know if we can register the new motorhome remotely or do we have to show up in SD in person? We would love to travel to the Northeast first and do not plan being back in SD for a while. 

I know I can ask next month over there, but thought I ask here first in case anybody knows. 

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3 hours ago, Ranger Smith said:

Usually escapees and or other mailing services will register it for you if you send them the paperwork. They will drop it off at the county office like they used to do for us. Then they would just mail the us the plates with the reg card. They do charge a fee for that service

I know other mail services do this, because we had our SD mail service handle vehicle registrations.  However, does the Escapees mail service in SD handle vehicle registrations?  I'm not sure they do, so best to contact them to inquire.

All the forms you need are available online, so you *could* handle the registration yourself, but it would be much easier for someone familiar with the process to do it for you (for a small fee, of course).

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If you print the registration forms off the South Dakota dmv website and sent to them, they will call you when they get them and you can pay tax and plate fees over the phone and they will sent to you. It’s the easiest registration we have done. Registered and new trailer in December and a hdt last July and changed the title to motorhome all by mail. 

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I have registered  my Class A, Jeep, and Harley in SD by mail. The Jeep and Harley with the help of the selling dealer. Escapees does not, I believe, assist because the address in SD is not set up to actually handle that. Some folks who use other mail forwarding services like America's Mail Box will pay an extra fee and have them do it, but save your money and do it yourself by mail and phone. 

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1 hour ago, Larry Burkett said:

Just a general question, but does the state of South Dakota hold your original title to your vehicle when you register there, or do you hold it?


South Dakota holds electronic titles , until a hard copy is requested AFTER a loan or lien is paid off . 

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