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Happy Holidays to Everybody

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Happy Holidays!

Hello and happy holidays to one and all! I am getting ready to log off of the computer for the remainder of the week and start to relax over the next 3 weekdays and 2 weekend days. I put my turkey in the brine last night, in a cooler and covered it in ice. This will let it thaw out slowly and as juicy as can be for roasting on Thursday. This year we are limiting it to me and my wife. It will be relaxing, we won't have that feeling of OH $h!t the turkey is up to temp and we still have 45 minutes before people come over or that awe F&^K everybody is here and it is still 20 degrees under which means quite a while longer and the people "IN Laws" are here drinking my beer, my wine and liquor and becoming impatient. 

So this year I don't have to share left over meat or stuffing. I am sure by next week I will have had all of it I can stand. 

I hate this virus. I hope a vaccine comes out soon. I miss not being with my family and friends.

I wish everybody the best! 

Please stay safe, well and happy.


Cory Ossana - Vegas Teacher

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18 hours ago, Mark&Bonnie said:

Happy holidays to you Cory. All is well here in Kansas. Kids grandkids and mothers coming over for thanksgiving dinner. Small crowd. When you come home next, give us a shout. We are over in Arkansas City. Not far away. Maybe we can meet sometime. Mark and Bonnie

Hey is Jefferson elementary school still around? I spent a year or two on Stanley drive. My dad was a firestone, store manager there. We came to town at the end of my kindergarten year and left after I had finished the first grade. I had a teacher named Mrs. Percy. She would be about 60 now. We used to go to Winfield, Wichita,  and Ponca City. I will sure make it a point to let you know when I am in K.S. again. Happy holidays.

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