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How is Charleston right now


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We are at the Oconee COE CG in SC until Friday, not too far from Clemson. Deciding on where to go next. Cindy want to head over near Charleston but has seen some things on FB about it being in semi lock down with a 7PM curfew. I of course have little faith in FB. Does anyone have current info, is Charleston worth a visit at this time? Or should we head up into the NC mountains?

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John Hopkins University maintains a U.S.A. dashboard where you may search by state and county: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map

I expect the city  of Charleston also has such a dashboard on their website. Removes all speculation and opinions from your feedback.

The nation's population is getting exhausted from adhering to personal protection guidelines(some never did), resulting in outbreaks this fall of SARS-CoV-2 in many states.

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I live in western NC, have a daughter in Charleston, and next weekend am headed down there again to stay at KOA in Mt Pleasant for several nights. There is no lock-down or curfew. Charleston has been a free-for-all during the pandemic, and a party city, which gets to be more so as years go by. Popular restaurants are crowded, with people spilling out onto the sidewalks, no masks, drinks in hand, shoulder to shoulder. What was on lock-down (and remains) was the parking at the beaches because the mayors of the beach towns, primarily the one on Isle of Palms (but Folly quickly joined suit, Sullivan's is on the fence) wanted to capitalize on the pandemic in an effort to change it from a public beach to a private one, and everyone who is part of the 99% who has loved the beaches for generations has been fighting back to "save the beaches" (look up Free Charleston Beaches). It has been ugly. 

In western NC, at least in my county (in Asheville) the pandemic has been taken seriously by most everyone and lots of business are still closed. Hiking trails are open, most of the campgrounds are open again, lots of takeout at restaurants, some have reopened with limited capacity seating or are seating people outside. I'm happy to make suggestions for places to camp in the Asheville area if you want. We don't have a curfew. 

Both places have their merits! Charleston feels to me like it's crawling with covid, but maybe it's all in my head. 

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