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Onan Diesel Generators


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We are contemplating a new trailer and I really would like a diesel generator this time around.  The Cummins/Onan units are very quiet and long lasting (when taken care of) from what I hear.

Does anyone on the forum actually have one of these?  Am I correct that is has a little Kubota engine in it (which is a big plus in my book)?  What are your overall thoughts on these?



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I've had two and my experience has not been good. The Kubota engine is great. Both generators had a problem with the rotor and repairs are extremely expensive. Both had the same problem and neither had very many hours. I'll not consider another.

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My Super-C has an Onan 8K Quiet Diesel genset with a Kubota Diesel engine which has been trouble free over the 6.5 years I've had it (I have had it serviced three times when my rig was in for its' "annual").. Are you  aware that Cummins recently entered the market with "small" portable inverter generators? They range between 2200W to 4500W. They are gasoline powered which probably means you'd have to deal with two different fuels (I understand some people would not want to deal with that). I expect the Cummins products will rival Honda and Yamaha inverter gensets.



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If you look closely at the new small Cummins Onan Invertors, you will likely notice they look like the Westinghouse generators.

I also notice the Harbor Freight Predator is exactly the same. 

This would not discourage me from purchasing one, but I suspect a Chinese manufacturer selling the same gen set to multiple different companies with different options for each.

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I am going to go with a Kubota generator when I upgrade. If Onan has a Kubota engine then It kind of makes scene to me to just get a Kubota.


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We have a 12.5kw Onan in the motorhome.  Currently has just shy of 700 hours on it.  Only once did it act up.  It would start and run for a few minutes then shutdown throwing a service needed code/light (tried several times as we were running down the road as this kept happening).  Once we stopped, the air filter was a little dirty, changed it as we had a spare.  Checked all the electrical connections then fired it back up.  Ran just fine since then.  Since then I change the air filter now with every oil change and the fuel filter every other oil change.  Have not had a single problem since.

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Have read in a few forums about problems with the inverter on a couple of the Onan QD 7 and 8 kw models. Cummins/Onan have them in stock but they are very expensive to replace.


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i've had a couple onan generators (gasers) in toyhaulers; inlaws have had a few diesel onans (about 5) across a bunch of different motorhomes


All in all, we nor they have had issues with the onan generators.  It was a pain to get service items (needed the serial number to get the correct filter as an example).  But no issues so to speak.

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I have an 8kQD with about 1200 hours on it. Works great. Had a board go out on it and had to replace the entire head, new design now that is more serviceable. Mine is a 2011 model. Plumbed into the truck tanks and sits on the truck.


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