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  1. BMW X5, 10 quarts of LL-01 oil and a filter, $102 is the cheapest available online, just the oil in town is north of $130, filter is $20. The truck next to it is an EcoDiesel, $75 is the parts bill for that one.
  2. How are you doing an oil change for $25? The last oil change I did was north of $100 just for the parts, on a silly little SUV.
  3. Slow crank can be from - reduced juice to the starter - bad starter - increased load on the starter Typically it is batteries or connections. I have had starters behave in this manner when they get hot (crank slow when hot but fine when cold). Just got rid of a supercharged jeep that was horrible for this, it ate starters like tic tac's; but with all the exhaust work done to it their wasn't a great fix available. Vegas, a hard crank will not be impacted by fuel delivery. Rather a fuel delivery issue could cause an extended crank. (Assuming fuel delivery didn'
  4. Some intel The Cummins ISM in the HDT operates with 4 batteries, but the Cummins ISL (used in a pile of motorhomes) operates with 2 batteries (in-laws have had a few of them). In-laws current motorhome has one of the large Cat engines pushing their current motorhome, it also operates off of a pair of batteries for starting. In all of those motorhome applications the battery box only supports a pair of batteries. I personally have spent a lot of time around the larger motorhomes, I haven't experienced issues with any of them starting on a pair of batteries. But I hav
  5. It is amazing what a clay bar will pull out of paint, I really like how buttery smooth the paint is afterwards. Doing a bar procedure plus 3 pass correction on an HDT in the heat isn't a small amount of effort, nice work!
  6. The 5er in my sig is a couple trailers ago, that one is 13' 4" tall at the tallest point. In the pic the HDT looks very similar in height but I believe it is more like sub 11ft tall. I can probably find some pics of the various setups, PM me your email address and I can send over what I can find. When we were shopping I didn't want a full height HDT. The rational was when bobtailing I didn't want to worry about height issues. I'm 6'4", I didn't desire a taller sleeper, but their was a few times having a shorter HDT would have been a good thing (tree lined streets in small towns for ex
  7. We started out with the HDT at one hitch length, then changed the hitch location to accommodate a 3rd quad or a smart car. Basically, moved the hitch rearward about 30 inches. Anyway, the maneuverability of the rig with the hitch in the extreme rear position was significantly better. I didn't feel the attached length was much of an issue, rather the ability to turn and turn quickly was the issue. Having the hitch behind the rear axle made turning much better. If I could do it again, I would have kept a similar deck size (quads / smart) but then single the HDT as short at possi
  8. steiny93

    Ohio insurance

    FYI on Progressive My local agent who can write Progressive (and who I already had Progressive as a carrier) couldn't cover my HDT but the non local agent was able to cover the HDT. When I received the paperwork my local agent's Progressive policies just said 'Progressive' and the other agents policies said 'Progressive RV'. When I asked my local agent about it he said he didn't know what 'Progressive RV' was, but he wasn't able to write those same policies. Anyway, the end result for me was that my RV policies which I had before on 'Progressive' dropped significantly in cos
  9. The second response really nailed it; 215" isn't a short wheelbase, and the newer pickups turn really tight. The 610 in my sig is 230"; it turns significantly less tight then the Ram that also pulls the 5th wheel. Of all the places we've been with the HDT the turning radius never prevented a trip or parking in a spot. We did have some tight maneuvering and many forward then back events. But yah, 215" isn't going to turn like a pickup.
  10. steiny93

    Ohio insurance

    Not sure if this helps you or not. But... we were with Blue Sky Insurance (844) 747-9320; which was in Ohio, Copeka I believe. They changed their policies around a bit so we switched away from them, but they were great to deal with on the HDT and I believe they offer those policies again. I'm not in Ohio, but that is who we used for coverages for a few years before switching to Progressive RV.
  11. If actual is 1/2 of what that article described, we should all buy stock in that fledgling company. $15k to add to a truck then they produce $13,500 a year in sellable CO2; that's a great place to start from. Infrastructure will be an issue (like where to dump the CO2) as well as who will use the CO2. But if the science is sound, it could be a game charger for the future of diesel in the over the road truck space. The last section about the possibility of a carbon negative fleet is a great tag line.
  12. To the OP, there is a lot to like about the HDT route and not to divert the thread. But if power is your only compliant, have you looked at power adders? If it's the later 5.9 vintage (newer then 2004) you can significantly increase torque without killing dependability. (we still have a 5.9 in a pickup which has only been used for pulling, at 100 miles it had exhaust and a tune applied, dyno's over 1000ft/lbs. It now has over 250k on it today, typical load is about 35k (farm truck moving bales). The negative is the engine braking; you absolutely don't get anywhere the same as with
  13. exactly We try to be within a few thousand one way or another; but it can be quite the math problem some years. As long as I'm not paying penalties I'm happy; returns can always be leveraged against the first quarterly.
  14. Wash it really well, use water when you clay bar it. Also, don't start on the hood, start where you aren't going to see it every time you get in the truck, do the hood last. You can always start on the roof to practice. Doing an HDT by hand is going to kick your butt and the results will be less then what you can get power tools. Do a few youTube searches and go from their, I'm guessing after an hour by hand you'll be looking pretty hard at the buffer :). Oh, and if you can do this inside or under shade.
  15. Hey Cory, The orbital buffer is 'safer' as it doesn't spin in the same pattern vs a regular buffer when does the same circle pattern. You can do paint correction with either but with an orbital its very difficult to burn paint. When I detailed we didn't have orbitals, they are usable just don't stay in the same place and don't get to aggressive with the cutting compound. Harbor does have an dual action orbital that people really like, its cheap. Not sure on the vinegar idea, I'd vote for cutting compound and a dual action orbital.
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