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  1. Sounds like a DirectTV streaming issue (as it is the only one have issue). Try searching those forums for intel. My guess is that it isn't happy with either your bandwidth or something in the pipe. For example I was having a DishNetwork issue, turned out that network gear between me and Dish was stomping on their traffic.
  2. Winching it on will be a lot less 'exciting' specially when conditions are subpar (night / rain / etc). For the SxS / quads and the one time I loaded a smart the 4500lb winch was plenty of power.
  3. If long term is the goal... The strategy for 2021 is the same has it has always been. Stocks not bonds, keep costs low and continue to fund through thick and thin.
  4. Older thread; but here is some current intel Proteus is a company, they do 110volt sensors which talk via wifi. No subscription and free txt alerting (phone calls for a fee). The cool part is that since they are cloud based if the device isn't talking to the cloud you get an alert saying that it has lost contact. I use this solution to monitor sump pumps; works crazy well as you can tell if the device is tripped or if the device isn't communicating (wifi down as example or power out as example). Here is an amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Temperature-Humidity-sensor-Buzzer-Alerts/dp/B01AQ0PZFS/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=proteus&qid=1628885789&sr=8-3
  5. steiny93


    To wash the HDT and the 5th I've used the following - scissor lift (safest and easiest as the controls are in the bucket) - skid steer with a man bucket (safe and a lot of room but you need a 2nd operator) - walked on a semi trailer next to the 5th (slick but no railing) Other then the roof you can do the rest from the ground. My vote is to just do what you can from the ground and run it through blue beacon once a year for the roof.
  6. On the HOA; the precedent concerning "selective enforcement" I believe that has been applied to HOA's not cities. Concerning the dolly; I witnessed a situation where a resident was involved in a similar issue (they couldn't have a little shed down by the lake because it was a building). So he put it on a trailer, trailer was licensed (but obviously couldn't be pulled anywhere). The rules didn't say anything about a trailer sitting by the lake (even tho a shed was on top of it). What if you did something similar (I was thinking the 4 wheeled style when they tow a car and need all wheels up).
  7. Keeping in mind a judges job is to ensure the law is being followed. Since the code says 1 RV and you have 2 RV's; what is the plan for your argument? If you are planning on an 'undue hardship' type argument I'm not sure that applies to parking regulations. If you are intending to pursue a 'selective enforcement' defense I don't believe that aligns to city enforcement, rather I believe that was HOA based. If it were me, I'd be all about trying to figure out how to get my parked RV count from 2 to 1. Is re-registration as a different type an option for either RV as example. Could you license a dolly and put it under your 5th wheel when parked?
  8. Could you explain why your license / registration / insurance would be invalid? Asking as we went through a similar deal a while back (resident of MN building new place in ND [year out]; sold MN place then stayed at lake, in RV and various rentals across the US until the new place was completed). Basically went mobile until the new place was done. Anyway, we couldn't get ND residency until we had a physical address in the state. For the duration between MN sold and ND available we left our residency in MN via a PO box. Changed all addresses to the MN PO box including our insurance and licenses. None of that behavior invalidated insurance, registration or licenses.
  9. I'd guess a grounding issue, rational being the wide impact and weird behavior.
  10. SD and ND have definitely not changed to wanting RV's to stop (I'm in ND).
  11. MSRP prices haven't raised significantly, what has changed is the % of MSRP that it takes to buy the vehicles is up. Supply / Demand in the new car market is driving dealers to sell at or above MSRPs in some markets which is a new thing.
  12. I'm assuming you are registered as an RV; if so check this out: https://www.godownsize.com/motorhomes-weigh-stations/ 3/4's down the page they have intel by state. MT and SD; no stop for owned RV's.
  13. yup, All of my vehicles have some flavor of traction control / skip control. The ones I have (BMW / GMC / Chevy / Ram / Jeep) you can disable to varying degrees (the Ram and Jeep you cannot fully disable without killing power to a relay for example). Do a google search, I'm sure you can remove the feature if you don't want it. Dave, yours has it as well, its a standard feature https://www.mycarspecs.com/car/2013-smart-fortwo-coupe-brabus
  14. If by 'actual cash value' you mean the dollars to obtain a similar (make / model / mileage / etc) vehicle, yes, that's exactly how it works. I've dealt with multiple total loss scenarios; that part is easy with compatibles. If by 'actual cash value' you mean the dollars to do all the 'stuff' you did to your truck, then no. If you want that you need to change your policy to 'agreed value' and pay a higher premium. I have this type of policy currently as well, it isn't cheap but it's simple.
  15. Keep in mind, you are not playing premiums to get a 'new' item if your item is totaled. You are paying insurance to be paid for an item of similar condition. The 'extras' you describe can be added as riders in some cases, otherwise yah, if you can't remove those items you will lose their value. I don't agree with the last part. If you had a total lose you would be paid enough to pay for a similar trailer (year / model) and a similar truck (year / model). It isn't going to be your specific truck but it will be one with similar attributes.
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