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  1. To get 3 quads to fit I had to push the hitch about 34" behind the rear axle. (I could change the hitch between short and long via changing out the brackets; so towed a lot between the two). Toyhauler was just north of 4k of pin weight with the garage empty. The HDT wasn't out of spec on the weights (front / rear) axle in either config. The trailer did track significantly better with the hitch pushed to the rear position and backing was much more responsive.
  2. steiny93


    The rational for using a different checking account to fund TSD is if their is an error or issue with TSD. By having TSD tied to a different checking account (with fewer dollars in it) limits your liability if TSD makes an charge that you don't want to occur. Couple things I learned about this pattern 1) Don't have overdraft protection associated with the account; if you do the not wanted charge will go through and you'll get to deal with your bank vs TSD (or what ever service its associated with). 2) Close these accounts when you are done with them. In my case, I had an old P
  3. steiny93


    Oil, filter, fuel filters, greasing and a visual inspection on our 610 was running just under $230 at our local Cummins dealer. I really couldn't complain about that price at all and it was nice to have (even if it was a cursorily) a look from another set of eyes.
  4. Glad your moving the right direction, injuries really suck.
  5. I didn't do any seat work on the volvo (it came with new ones). but I did install a new leather interior into a ram pickup on my own. It was pretty crazy easy to take off the cloth seat covers and install new leather ones. Ordered in new seat foam for the ones that were worn. Took a weekend todo the entire project. If you can order in replacement cushion(s) and leathers its pretty easy todo the work. Worst case you could take the seat(s) and the bits into a local shop and have them do the work.
  6. In a past life did warranty work on heavy equipment for a large dealer (HDT's was within our scope of work as was ag and construction equipment). Welding happened daily in the shop on all sorts of equipment (cheap and expensive). Similar to GlennWest, we didn't disconnect batteries ever. We did ground well and near the weld. I personally have never witnessed welding damage; but I'm pretty sure one could sure cause it intentionally. For example weld on a frame but attach the welding ground to the power side of an ECU. All the load will be forced through the ECU which isn't going t
  7. 11 years on batteries without a tender being started every few weeks is doing very very well. Add a tender (solar or powered) to extend them a bit if you want; but 11 years is a good run.
  8. some ideas: https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/know-how/fix-stuff/remove-super-glue.html#:~:text=For plastic%3A Lay a damp,substance break down the glue.
  9. Depending where you are getting your analysis done they should be able to give you some color commentary as to how this sample compares to other similar engines of the same type. Example: this ISM is better/worse in this categories then other ISM's with the same mileage type of deal. A one off sample without any other samples to compare against is basically only good for seeing if their are any glaring issues (coolant in oil / super high copper (bearing failure) / etc). With the context of larger sample size you can get the color commentary.
  10. Can you trace either #12 or #27? Basically you want to follow the path and see where the circuit is pulling greater then the allotted amperage. If you do some internet searches for like "diagnosing blown fuses" you'll find some examples. good luck
  11. Nearly new (used 4 times) B&W Companion slider; attaches to the B&W Turnover Ball system (not the puck style). Located in Fargo ND $1150; call or txt 701-371-9988
  12. all good advice above Basically it's going to be a dig through the wiring harnesses and find worn insulation / pinched wire / etc exercise. Finding some intel which explains what the fuses are responsible for may give you an easier place to start, but ultimately it'll be a hunt and peck effort. Shop's will likely charge out at flat rate, cost depending upon how soon they find the issue will be the gating factor on cost. Difficult to estimate.
  13. Original Poster, If you are handy and are ok with fixing your own 'stuff' an rv might be a fun adventure for you. If this plan is centered around saving money then likely it isn't going to work out (cheap apartment will probably be a better choice). Think of an RV as getting all of the issues / maintenance of a house & vehicle; but where it doesn't do either very well. On the benefit side you get to travel about the country and see a bunch of stuff through your own kitchen window. Not trying to kill any dreams; rather trying to help you manage expectations.
  14. i've had a couple onan generators (gasers) in toyhaulers; inlaws have had a few diesel onans (about 5) across a bunch of different motorhomes All in all, we nor they have had issues with the onan generators. It was a pain to get service items (needed the serial number to get the correct filter as an example). But no issues so to speak.
  15. if you are going to drive the truck when its cold (say below 10 degrees) then get some blended fuel or #1 fuel in the tanks and run through the fuel system (don't need to be full; but enough to not gel during your target temps) don't bother with anti gel bottles; you will end up with bigger issues in the long run (reduction of lubricity, as example); #1 or blended fuel is a way better option If you are not going to drive the truck when its cold then don't bother with the fuel and don't start it; leaving it sit over winter doesn't hurt a thing (cold starts are way more damaging then n
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