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Hi Carl,
I just changed my 1080P dashcam to this VIOFO A129 Pro new 4K dashcam last trip. I can now make out license plates much better and has really good video. I also bought an extra GPS mount to move to the Smart Car and the the remote Bluetooth button which I mounted on the dash that can trigger the camera to save picture and video quickly since camera is not reachable from seating position. Since this uses a lot of data to record 4K I bought a 256Gb micro SD card. There are a lot less expensive dashcams out there but I have been happy with this one so far. The WiFi app is nice and parking mode records great video when not in truck when sensing movement.

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After trying several, all with flaws, I installed this Garmin 65w around 2 years ago. 


Major pluses:  Small, but with great video clarity.  Hard wired (if desired) Comes on when ignition is turned on. Don't have to remember to plug it in. Continues recording for set time after ignition off, also is motion sensitive, comes on even with ignition off if truck is jostled. Easy to transfer files to computer, can also see videos on app. But here is the best. It is voice activated. Just say "OK Garmin, save video" or "OK Garmin, save picture" Saves video 90 seconds before your command, continues for 90 seconds after your command. 

Only negative is the price. But after wasting $'s on cheaper units this one did it. 

This is not my video, but is worth watching.  Talk about the totally unexpected. 



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I am using the Thinkware F800 Pro.  They are HD 1080p @30fps with 128gb SD cards.  


I have them hardwired so they automatically come on when the vehicle is started.  They tuck away nice and neat behind the rearview mirror so you don't even know they are there.  They record video in 30 second chunks.  If you are hit or even a good jult like from a pothole then it will create a separate video file that has 20 seconds prior to the "trigger" and then the following 10 seconds.

I have one installed in each vehicle.  Each vehicle also has the rear facing camera installed as well in the rear window.  The only vehicle I have only a front facing camera is the RV (due to rear facing camera not weather proof for exterior mounting).

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Yes they will come on even if the ignition is off and respond to any motion of the tractor. A stiff wind would do it. The hard wired circuit goes to both +battery for full time juice and Ign on for regular needs, so it doesn't just sit there recording when the truck is parked for days, weeks, years, whatever....

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