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buying a used 2016 DRV


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Which model?  I had a Select Suites and really like the floorplan with the island kitchen that nested into the kitchen counter.  Found that it was the most counter space we had found.  What we didnt like was the Level Up.  Aluminum jacks and mounted at a slight angle, too prone to problems for my liking.  Sold it and bought a Teton.


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Check all the slide floors thoroughly! Our 2016 had a bedroom slide that had rotted out. This is a VERY common issue on the DRVs of this vintage. Keeping up on your caulking is critical.

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Welcome to the forum. Yes tell us more about the model Also the last numbers of the Serial Number as 2016 was one of the first years DRV was under Thor and changes were being made.

The Elite Suites is the most expensive unit but many Mobile Suites have many upgrades to Elite items. Both units are heavy because the DRV's have a good frame under them. With MORryde I.S. suspension the ride to the RV must be Great as we don't secure chairs and furniture  down like we did in another popular RV that conventional axles.

The caulking is the most important as mentioned earlier. My second problem is construction is mostly assembly by Glue and staples. I have had two different areas where the glue and the staples were not placed together this the glue failed to bond to any thing. My 2016 41 foot Mobile Suites was built in Oct 2015.

So the one your looking at should have the no big problems after 3-4 years use if the caulking problem was fixed in a timely manner.


Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

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I looked very hard at the DRV HOUSTON 44 model.  It came down to that and the Riverstone 39FK.  I had asked a number of owners and previous owners of DRVs.  Here's a link to the question I posted ("If there was ONE design item in a DRV that you would change...").


As you can see, many complaints about water intrusion.  That was enough to scare me away,  Good luck with your search.

Take a look at Post #24 in that thread.  He talks about testing for soft spots to see where water may have gotten in.


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23 hours ago, Babysitter said:

 Hello brain trust,

The dw and I are thinking buying a used 2016 DRV. Supposedly lightly used.  Do any of you have any ideas if there’s something I should look for specifically that may be a problem further down the road. Please advise.

Thank you for your comments  

Don't buy it....  We have had nothing but issues with our 2017 DRV Memphis.  We have had slide floor water damage like Shawn above, a slide roof rot from improper membrane installation, and 2 sections of the main roof rotten where a AC and skylight were installed.  We now have a section of main floor in the kitchen area soft and spongy.  Add to that hydraulic issues, (a Lippert thing) a Furrion microwave/convection oven that may or may not work for us today, ceiling fan that's useless, the Kant-Leak water panel that is pure Junk, and the replacement is $300 and may or may not work right.  Add to it brake lines that were not routed properly, IS suspension that is undersized, Ceiling lights that fail randomly, and molding that falls off just about every time we move.

So.... I would recommend you find a different brand.  Good Luck you have been warned.

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Friends of ours had a DRV and it was bad from the purchase on.  Trim fell off on the first trip and then it went really bad.  The water leaks never stopped, the kitchen sink fell through the counter and then the Lippert no lube axle bearing failed sending the tire and rim out the back of the trailer.   There was substantial damage.  Even the end cap was dislodged and broken. The slides often needed help to move.  The unit spent months at the dealer and DRV was not helpful.  I know not everyone has these kinds of experiences but I wouldn't buy a DRV.


2001 Volvo VNL 42 Cummins ISX Autoshift

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If you want to know more about HitchHikers they have a users forum that is not supported by the manufacturer.   nuwaowners.org       Greg

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Thank you members for the comments . 

mc60ocb you have the same unit i'm looking to purchase . 

Could you tell me if it a good unit to live in as i belive you do . good/bad ect, other . I lurk on the suite fourm (not member yet) and see you've had to fix/change things that pop up .

 At this time I am gathering information . please advise . 

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Babysitter, I'd like to add there are some of us DRV owners that haven't experienced ALL the problems mentioned above.  They are legitimate concerns for sure!!  You are buying a "lightly used" DRV, look closely at the points of others' failures to see if this unit you're interested in has similar issues.  We have a 2015 38 RSSA, we've had NO leakes, nothing falling off the ceilings or experience "under performing" braking.  Do your due diligence and check the unit out.  We're happy with our purchase.  

Has our trailer been problem free?  NO, we've had the Lippert "front jack failure" problem along with some other minor issues that were corrected under warranty.  Our experience has been, for the most part a positive one.  Good luck with your search!




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On 10/20/2019 at 5:22 PM, Babysitter said:


mc60ocb you have the same unit i'm looking to purchase . 

Could you tell me if it a good unit to live in as i belive you do . good/bad ect, other . I lurk on the suite fourm (not member yet) and see you've had to fix/change things that pop up .


I didn't see where I mentioned the model but if you been viewing past comments you would indeed know, I have a 2016 MS 38PS3 but it is Modified unit 41 feet long. The back half is the same as the PS3 but the front half is a Dallas. In our case, the difference is a smaller shower, a long bathroom vanity with sink (which is absent in the PS3). Then we have 2 pocket doors between the Bathroom and Bedroom. The remaining difference is the large closet.

I sold B&S home with acreage and barn down sizing to a small storage unit and the DRV. Since I'm near the unit most of time, I travel with a lot of stuff that is used periodically. My wife "to be" helped with the order. So for living we have the space needed in the right area. Lots of cabinet area, however on the upper panty door, DW stores can items on the door. I think the design was for potato chips thus I couldn't keep the door adjusted. I added extra hinges and so problem since. We are not full time but spend over 6 months RV each year but this year Medical problems have  kept us close to my wife's house.

The RV is about to turn 4 years old with nearly 25,000 miles weighting in at 20,000#, with maybe 20 gallons of water (12 HW Heater) I previously had a Montana with less than 5,000 mile and traded  after another 15,000 added. Comparably no problem with the DRV. Just watch the chalking and do do the maintenance as needed. I have not had the Front Jack problem many have talked about and my Pin weight is 5,000 lbs.

One thing common to the Earlier 2016 models is the 3 inch lights commonly found on the slide (4 inch on the ceiling). The failure are blinking or dim  The originals had 3 LEDs and replacements were 6 LEDs  but I had one of those fail now.

If the previous owner didn't take care of the chalking you will have problems RUN

Clay with the 55 cent version

Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

Diesel pusher and previously 2 FW and small Class C

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 Clay, I do lurk on other forms and that’s where I’ve seen you’ve mentioning type of rig you own. I was just guessing about the full-time.

 I am doing a lot of research now, seeing as I have not seen the unit and I have only seen pictures and videos sent by the owner. 

  I do have a  Arctic fox although not as heavy as the DRV I just need more refined platform if I plan on going full-time.  If it works out maybe this is what would push me over the edge. 

  I would definitely look at all the past issues what you all have stated that have gone wrong or continue to be problems.  The owners of DRV‘s are the best to ask for advice. After all I am looking to find the cherry. 

 Again thank you all 

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