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  1. I do have a 5r and it will be for sale if i buy the DRV, its an 2013 arctic fox 29.5t .
  2. Clay, I do lurk on other forms and that’s where I’ve seen you’ve mentioning type of rig you own. I was just guessing about the full-time. I am doing a lot of research now, seeing as I have not seen the unit and I have only seen pictures and videos sent by the owner. I do have a Arctic fox although not as heavy as the DRV I just need more refined platform if I plan on going full-time. If it works out maybe this is what would push me over the edge. I would definitely look at all the past issues what you all have stated that have gone wrong or continue to be problems. The owners of DRV‘s are the best to ask for advice. After all I am looking to find the cherry. Again thank you all
  3. Thank you members for the comments . mc60ocb you have the same unit i'm looking to purchase . Could you tell me if it a good unit to live in as i belive you do . good/bad ect, other . I lurk on the suite fourm (not member yet) and see you've had to fix/change things that pop up . At this time I am gathering information . please advise .
  4. Hello brain trust, The dw and I are thinking buying a used 2016 DRV. Supposedly lightly used. Do any of you have any ideas if there’s something I should look for specifically that may be a problem further down the road. Please advise. Thank you for your comments
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